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February 8, 2009

Waukesha Carnival 02/08/2009

by thoughtfulconservative

Welcome to this week’s edition. It’s gettin’ late and I have to work tomorrow, so let’s get to it.

First sad news, Darryl Enriquez at Waukesha FYI tells us about the Waukesha Freeman layoffs. One of those laid off was photographer and Waukesha blogger Byron Houlgrave, who shared the last picture he clicked for the Freeman.

Continuing in Waukesha city, Jeff reviews the fish fry at Michael’s Italian America Restaurant at Five Points Blog.

James Wigderson went to the Waukesha Common Council meeting and shares his thoughts with us at Wigderson Library & Pub.

Spiralling out a little, Linda Richter at Inside New Berlin finds the security cameras in schools unsettling and it’s not just the price tag.

At peterepublic, Pete Fanning drops by to remind us he’s still alive, just very, very very busy.

Kyle Prast at Practically Speaking reminds us that US Rep. Sensenbrenner and state Rep. Leah Vukmir will have several town halls. One is past, two are upcoming.

In posts about state news, Wisconsin Sen. Mary Lazich (chief aide Kevin Fischer?) points out at Conservatively Speaking that the Wisconsin Covenant program could be costly.

In a couple of miscellaneous posts, Curt Otto gives us the question to last week’s answer, or something like that. Any way it’s all over at Maple & Main.

Meanwhile, over at the Spring City Chronicle, Michael Phelps gets the Bonehead of the Week award. Pretty much a unanimous vote, I would say.

Then in posts on national issues, MommaBlogger takes time out to rant over that Florida case of the botched abortion at Homemakers Guide to the Galaxy.

Dan Deibert shows us how fast government can move when they want to, with pictures at The D Spot.

Alex has some thoughts about Republican votes and raises at A Little off Main.

At The Other Side of  My Mouth, Tim Rock has some thoughts on the Republican vote on the stimulus package.

Silent e tells us why Democrats are unpatriotic at silent e speaks.

Cindy Kilkenny has a two-parter over at Fairly Conservative on building our own stimulus package.

Dad29 points out that the American people seem to be understanding the ramifications of the stimulus package.

Whew, that’s it for another long one. As usual, if you have one you liked add the link in the comments below or e-mail me at thoughtfulconservative [at] yahoo [dot] com. Same for posts you’d like to nominate for next week’s carnival. It doesn’t have to be one of your own. Links to our archives and future editions can be found here.

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February 20, 2008

Dueling op-eds continue in the Waukesha Freeman

by thoughtfulconservative

The editorial board answers Mayor Nelson’s rebuttal from Tuesday’s paper to the dart in Saturday’s Freeman. And adds a political cartoon from publisher Bill Yorth.

February 11, 2008

A Waukesha Carnival 2-10-2008

by thoughtfulconservative

Time again for another edition. Listed below are those posts I found most interesting and thought provoking, or were submitted via Blog Carnival. You can read past editions here or click on Waukesha Carnival under “Categories” on the left hand side of the page. You can submit a post for future editions here or e-mail me at thoughtfulconservative [at] yahoo [dot] com.

David B. Bohl submits a post entitled, If You Don?t Do It Now, You?ll Regret It Later. David has a 262 area code and submitted a post before that I didn’t use. Here’s some of what he said,

“I’m a relatively happy guy, but sometimes I can get pretty out of sorts. Usually that is related to something I’ve been meaning to do, or always wanted to do. Something, of course, that remains on my “to do” list, and never quite makes it to my did list.”

Then we’ve got additions to the Waukesha part of the blog roll, some long overdue. First, Blog Waukesha (hat tip to Spring City Chronicle). Then courtesy of Hobo Springs blog roll we have Homemaker’s Guide to the Galaxy and silent e has started a new site Wales Wisconsin which is bloggish in character. silent e tells us it’s informational, so no bomb throwing.

Then let’s do a picture. Bryan Houlgrave, a photographer for the Waukesha Freeman, has an interesting one of a truck stuck in last week’s snow on the corner of Barstow and South.

Then let’s take care of our elected officials. Mayor Nelson posts about an event Monday, Feb. 11, with the mayor, Gov. Doyle, and officials from the Barack Obama campaign. I would love to go, but I am not undecided about the fact that I will not be voting for Barack Obama.

Sen. Mary Lazich (Kevin Fischer?) writes about keeping the estate tax dead.

Jeff wrote at Eat Wisconsin about his visit to North Star American Bistro. Then on his Five Points Blog he covers the fire at the Wisconsin House last week.

Speaking of the fire, Curt Otto, whose business is just down the street, had some pictures of the scene.

UPDATE: I overlooked DarrylEnriquez’s coverage of the fire which can be found here and here.

Fox Head opines about Global Warming, particularly the lack of practical sense.

Sancho, posting at Hobo Springs, gives us another “Hobo Sandwich,” his carnival. On La Raza de Waukesha, he shares his reasoning over not voting for John McCain.

Pete Fanning was at the Defending the American Dream conference on Saturday and gave a report in two posts at peterepublic. As a side note, Steveegg, the king of southeastern Wisconsin live blogging, live blogged the whole thing. You can find his posts here.

Kyle Prast, writing at Practically Speaking, muses about Super Tuesday and the future. Troy Fullerton at Rendezvous with Destiny also shared his thoughts about last Tuesday’s results in the presidential primaries.

Staying on the presidential race, Scott Feldstein sums up his thoughts on the upcoming race in two pictures and 11 words!

silent e posted a political cartoon he swiped from Ol’ Broad. It sums up the feelings of many of us in the Republican party toward our presumptive nominee.

And in one more post, James Wigderson gives his opinion on James Dobson’s endorsement of Mike Huckabee.

Lisa, blogging at Sequentially Speaking, shares a post with a few links to happenings in the comic book/gaming/movie world.

Spring City Chronicle dumps on the proposed smoking ban in Wisconsin.

Finally, Wiggy shares an old family recipe for ground hog. Oh, maybe it’s not. Looks tasty. Waukesha Winnie should watch her back.

Whew! That’s it for this week. As usual, you can leave your choices in the comment section or e-mail them to me at the address above.

December 16, 2007

The Waukesha Carnival – edition 15

by thoughtfulconservative

Another week of posts from Waukesha Bloggers that, when I saw them in my reader, I had to read them. If you have some of your own, feel free to e-mail them to me at thoughtfulconservative [at] yahoo [dot] com, or put them in the comments.

In no particular order, here are this week’s posts.

Jobs figured in a couple of posts with The Asian Badger fearing for future job growth under Tom BarrettShawn Matson in Balancing Brookfield found a job he wouldn’t mind having. In the school system, can you believe it? silent e, meanwhile, seems to be in Cedar Rapids. If he’s one of the guys that restores power after disasters, he earns all the money he gets and more.

But a bigger source of posts this week was Snowpacolypse 2007. Sancho, posting at Hobo Springs, says school board members should try looking at radar in making their decision to close schools. Dad29 wrote about Elmbrook schools going ahead with schools that day. Jeff at Five Points blog loved having the schools closed. We got lots of snow pictures from Pete at Peterepublic. Ooooo, I loooooove snow! I do know the reason for all that snow. Dad29 and Pundit Nation agreed on something!

Of course, conservatives and lefties, like Tim at The Other Side of My Mouth, can agree on beautiful voices, too.

Only one on the Mitchell Report made the list. Did I subconsciously think mine were better? I hope not. But Huckleberry (the blogger at Spring City Chronicle, not the guy running for president) in his daily summary of news had a good thought,

I was distressed to hear that it named players who were taking substances which were not, at the time, banned by baseball. By definition, they were doing nothing wrong. It’s like suing Coca Cola for distributing coca leaf extract prior to 1903. It wasn’t illegal.

We get two Global Warming Climate Change posts, one from David at Carrick Bend Thoughts and one from James Wigderson.

It’s the Christmas season and the red kettles are everywhere. Well, except, it seems, for Sendik’s. Kyle Prast of Practically Speaking explains. Drop some change in them when you see them.

Scott Feldstein gives his personal experience with trying to get abisinthe.

I can’t remember if I clipped this post by Fox Head because of what he said about immigration or about teaching union history in school. Both were good.

Jessica McBride correctly notes that war supporters do not like the war as Speaker Pelosi claims.

I think Bob Flessas of Public Trough likes Ron Paul. silent e is “on the ground” in Iowa.

Spring City Chronicle knows personally that it’s not just country singers (or Miss South Carolina contestants) that are dumb geographically.

Dave at Yorick’s Persiflage, who’s majoring in English, wonders where’s the creativity in newspaper writing? Well, circulation numbers are dropping; maybe that’s the reason.

Finally, I’ll welcome Bryon Houlgrave to the blogroll. Bryon is a photojournalist for the Waukesha Freeman.

That’s it for this week. Hope you enjoy it.

October 8, 2007

A Waukesha Carnival 10-7-07

by thoughtfulconservative

I missed last week because of my trip to Ohio, but here is this week’s.

Jeff from Five Points blog takes a look at downtown business closings based on this Waukesha Freeman article. Curt Otto had a humorous (?) take on it. In the interest of completeness, Spring City Chronicle had some thoughts, as did Fox Head.

Pete looks at Fred Thompson’s stand (or not?) on ethanol subsidies.

Jessica McBride calls out Gregory Sanford on his column in Sunday’s Journal Sentinel.

Among James Wigderson’s many good posts this week (this for example, where he channels Jim Rowen) is this one on Tim Schilke’s column.

Hobo Springs had a Vagrant Coalition meeting this past week. I definitely need to get in on the action here.

Dad29 had two posts on the forces at work in the Republican Party. Tim Rock has some thoughts also.

But Tim Rock’s adaptation of Knock Three Times is a must-read. WARNING!! Don’t read it before you have swallowed your drink or made a trip to the restroom

silent e voices his displeasure of an attempt to prevent citizens from accessing the Wisconsin Circuit Court Access web site.

Fletch is back at Two Heroes with a flurry of posts (sounds like a certain thoughtful conservative). I’d highlight one, but I’ll be hanged if I can figure out how! But he’s got a little bit of everything, so I’m sure you’ll find something interesting.

Jim Bouman says Go Tribe! Hey that goes without saying for any true Yankee hater.

Yorick’s Persifage raises a point on supporting good causes that support issues you don’t agree with.

I have to link to this post by Spring City on UW not winning any Ig Nobel prizes.

Did I miss something? Email me or post them in the comments.