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January 5, 2013

Ninety-eighth Wisconsin assembly district special election web sites

by thoughtfulconservative

Here are the people running for the 98th assembly district seat with their web sites:

First the Democrat Eric Prudent:  Eric Prudent for District 98.

Then the Republicans:

Ed Baumann

Todd Greenwald For Wisconsin State Assembly

Matt Morzy for State Assembly

Adam Neylon

Taxpayers For Tarantino

Patch has done a short story focusing on Baumann and a look at the rest of the candidates and Blogging Blue has written supporting Prudent.

Here’s a map of the district (PDF file). I’m close to being in it but I’m just outside still in the 97th. And here’s where you can find out if you live in the district.

The primary is February 19 and the election coincides with the Spring Elections on April 2.

It’s a highly Republican district that the Republican nominee should win.

July 29, 2011

Representative Sandy Pasch and Citizen Action of Wisconsin

by thoughtfulconservative

UPDATE 2: Via Blogging Blue. The campaign treasurer for Sandy Pasch campaign is also treasurer for Citizen Action of Wisconsin.

UPDATE: GOP files complaint into Pasch-Citizen Action tie

Via a couple of tweets from Charlie Sykes:

Sandy Pasch is on brd of directors of group spending big $ backing her campaign. Coordination between candidate and indy groups illegal


Dem Sandy Pasch is listed as a member of the Board of Directors of Citizen Action: the group that organized this protest

That Sandy Pasch is on the board can be seen here. All the way near the bottom of the page is:

Sandy Pasch
State Representative

Sandy Pasch is a concerned citizen, right? Great.

Well, except for Wisconsin statute 11.06 (7)(a):

Every committee, other than a personal campaign committee, which and every individual, other than a candidate who desires to make disbursements during any calendar year, which are to be used to advocate the election or defeat of any clearly identified candidate or candidates in any election shall before making any disbursement, except within the amount authorized under s. 11.05 (1) or(2), file with the registration statement under s. 11.05 a statement under oath affirming that the committee or individual does not act in cooperation or consultation with any candidate or agent or authorized committee of a candidate who is supported, that the committee or individual does not act in concert with, or at the request or suggestion of, any candidate or any agent or authorized committee of a candidate who is supported, that the committee or individual does not act in cooperation or consultation with any candidate or agent or authorized committee of a candidate who benefits from a disbursement made in opposition to a candidate, and that the committee or individual does not act in concert with, or at the request or suggestion of, any candidate or agent or authorized committee of a candidate who benefits from a disbursement made in opposition to a candidate. A committee which or individual who acts independently of one or more candidates or agents or authorized committees of candidates and also in cooperation or upon consultation with, in concert with, or at the request or suggestion of one or more candidates or agents or authorized committees of candidates shall indicate in the oath the names of the candidate or candidates to which it applies.

A lot of legalese to say that an organization who makes an oath of independent disbursements is not acting in cooperation or consultation with the candidate or committees connected with the candidate.

See, Citizen Action of Wisconsin has made such an oath. For Sandy Pasch. And Sandy Pasch is on the board. And they stage demonstrations like this.

Independent? Hmmmm…

I’ll let the legal eagles take over from here, cuz I’m not a lawyer, or anything…

July 11, 2011

Recall elections begin.

by thoughtfulconservative

Well, the next six weeks will be exciting. Or maybe not.

The first round of recall election process begin Tuesday. Here’s the schedule from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

Tuesday [July 12] is election day for Democratic primaries in six Republican-held Senate districts.

July 19 is the general election in the district of Sen. Dave Hansen D-Green Bay, and Republican primary day in two other Democrat-held districts.

Aug. 9 is the general election in the Republican districts.

Aug. 16 is the general election in the two Democratic districts.

In this round, the fake Democrats (Everyone knows they’re fake now right? We don’t have to hide any longer? And we do know the Democrats have done something very similar in the past, don’t we?) will be in a primary with the real Democrats (just to keep it simple for everyone, especially me).

Oh, speak of keeping it simple here’s a nice little graphic (PDF file):

Now if it was my preference, the fake Democrats (far right column in above graphic) would win the primary and then the general election. But my preferences rarely come to pass.

Now one more thing, which everyone knows, is that there is going to be a boatload of money spent by both sides, a lot of coming from outside the state.

I actually think this is good because I believe people should be able to spend their money the way they want to. Democrats will spend just as much as Republicans even though they pretend to not want to do it. They just have to protect us from evil Republicans.

I used to agree with what the Editorial Board said about recall elections:

But that doesn’t mean these elections are a good idea. In fact, they are a very bad idea – an extreme overreaction born from a long season of overreaction.


Recalls should be used to punish gross malfeasance or corruption – something that cannot wait for the normal election cycle – not to overturn the results of an election or to dispute policy differences.

But this money helps the economy maybe even creating some jobs, which is good for the state. Maybe other states will put recall elections in place in other states to boost their employment rates. #sarcasm

Because Wisconsin’s job market, though not as robust as we would like, and slipping a bit last month (PDF file), is still the envy of many states and certainly the federal government.

June 13, 2011

In which I give my thoughts on this whole #wiunion thing

by thoughtfulconservative

Probably no one will be completely happy with this post. That’s OK.

There’s been a great political division in Wisconsin since Gov. Scott Walker announced plans to do away with collective bargaining for state employees. Most of my readers are well acquainted with what’s been going on in protests, court cases and legislative shenanigans.

On the whole I agree with Walker’s budget (and other) plans including some of the things that the union’s are protesting so vigorously. But I also disagree with some of the things the GOP is trying to accomplish.

I used to be radically anti-union. My father died during a strike at the place he worked. No doubt the stress of not working was part, part not all, of the trigger. He also smoked and was slightly overweight which were probably the main causes.

But in seeing the way some, some, not all, employers work, and the government is an employer in this situation, I find that I cannot be totally anti-union. Unions do good work for workers. Safety, wages, etc., are the result of union advocacy. And in spite of what you’ve heard, employers are not really looking out for the best interests of their employees.

But I do think that benefits should not be part of a collective bargaining arrangement. Oh, I know why it’s happened; benefits are a way to “sweeten the pot,” to help make a bargaining agreement palatable.

And I think one should have an option about whether to join a union or not. Yeah, I know that unions are why the wage benefit package is available to an employee; I guess I just don’t like the idea of being forced to do something. That should provide fodder for discussion.

I realize my poor little blog is going to have much influence on the public debate long since enjoined. But I do wish Walker and the GOP had done things a little bit differently.

Oh, and “union thugs” or other derogatory terms will not make it into my writings on the subject.

Well, I guess that’s it for now. Unless something else comes up…

June 4, 2010

Wisconsin political stories 2010-06-04

by thoughtfulconservative

Former North Prairie trustee to challenge Kramer; Waukesha County Dems also announce 6 other candidates

“Former North Prairie Village Board Trustee Dawn Caruss officially announced Wednesday she will challenge state Rep. Bill Kramer, R-Waukesha, for the 97th Assembly District seat.

Caruss’ announcement came with six others by the Waukesha County Democratic Party on Wednesday, which ensures at least 11 of the 14 state Legislature seats will be challenged in the November general election.”

Tea party endorses no candidates “A coalition of Wisconsin tea party groups tried to distance itself Thursday from Republican candidates who have appeared at their rallies and identified themselves with the movement.”

Physicians endorse Reid Ribble for 8th Congressional District seat “A group of physicians from the Green Bay and Appleton area have endorsed Kaukauna area roofing contractor Reid Ribble, a Republican candidate for the 8th Congressional District.

The group, called Physicians for Responsible Government, has a number of physicians from Green Bay and Appleton on its provisional board.”

GOP Bites the Hand that Feeds “It is my fear that by the time the GOP finally understands that short-term gains of inciting their base are not worth the long-term setbacks of making the Hispanic community a permanent foe, it might be too late.”

May 27, 2010

Election 2010 update 05-27-2010

by thoughtfulconservative

[UPDATE II: Wiggy tells us that Bill Kramer has a Democratic opponent.]

[UPDATE: To show that capper wrote about Wall and not Newcomer.] Well, things are hopping and we’re still several months away from the primary in September.

Newcomer drops out of race for 33rd Assembly district. This was not a surprise and capper heard the first rumors I heard [Ed. note-Not Newcomer, but Wall]. Mr. Newcomer has had more than his share of controversy since being elected to replace Waukesha county executive Paul Vrakas. He had several challengers. The Journal Sentinel link has a list of 22 legislators who are not seeking re-election. Before I even finished this post the MJS had Pedro Colon also not seeking re-election so make that 23.

Ron Johnson stopped by Brian Dorow’s fundraiser at Crites Field in Waukesha Wednesday. Dorow is one of the candidates in the 33rd Assembly district (link via The Spring City Chronicle).

Yes, folks that’s how fast things are changing!

Don Pridemore is getting plenty of challenges for the Republican nomination in the 93rd. (h/t The Spring City Chronicle).

Terrance Wall has dropped out of the Republican race for the right to face Russ Feingold in November. [Capper was the first I saw with the news.] He’s the second within the last ten days, Dick Leinenkugel having dropped out earlier and endorsing Ron Johnson about whom George Will wrote.