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January 3, 2009

2008 Tampa Bay Rays year in review

by thoughtfulconservative

Rays Index takes a look at 2008, the year in which Tampa Bay not only reached the .500 mark but won the AL East and AL crowns.

Might as well enjoy it, the way the Yankees are loading up.

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January 2, 2009

Mid-Pinellas site in mix for new Rays stadium

by thoughtfulconservative

Via the St. Petersburg Times

A vacant block in the Gateway area of St. Petersburg is emerging as a potential new home for the Tampa Bay Rays.

The site, 15 acres in the Carillon office complex, would be closer to Tampa and north Pinellas County than either Tropicana Field or the failed proposal for Al Lang Field.

The Carillon location also has twice as many people within a 30-minute drive than either downtown St. Petersburg site, according to an internal report released by the Rays.

The other sites in the mix for the new stadium in addition to the Carillon property are

Al Lang Field, Tropicana Field, St. Petersburg-Clearwater Airport, the Toytown landfill, the former sod farm property south of Valpak off Interstate 275, and Derby Lane.

I’ve got a Google map of the sites here.

The report by the ABC (A Baseball Committee) is here (part one and part two, both PDF files). These reports take an in-depth look at all the sites. It states at the outset,

By 2012, Tropicana Field will be the 5th oldest stadium in all of MLB, behind Fenway Park (1912) in Boston, Wrigley Field (1914) in Chicago, Dodger Stadium (1962) in Los Angeles, and the Rogers Centre (1989) in Toronto.

Wow. Of course, the stadium was part of the Tampa Bay Area’s “Build it and they will come” effort in the early 90’s, before finally landing the Devil Rays in 98.

The Times reports in a separate blog that the Rays stadium site, The web site now directs traffic to the Rays’ official web site,

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October 29, 2008

The Dream has ended

by thoughtfulconservative

Philadelphia Phillies win the World Series.

Thanks to the Rays for a great ride.

I guess I won’t be subscribing to Sports Illustrated this year.

October 27, 2008

What’s happened to the Rays?

by thoughtfulconservative

I think someone’s substituted the past 10 years Devil Rays for this years Rays.

Gary Shelton summed it up,

It is a team that has been defined by the way it has beaten the odds against it. It is a team that will be remembered for the way it has overcome the obstacles in front of it.

Never, however, has the deck been stacked so severely against the Tampa Bay Rays.

The Rays are in trouble.

It reminds me of the 1966 series. Everyone bragged on the Dodgers pitching and it was the Orioles who outpitched them.

No hitting (since they lost game 5 of the ALCS, the Rays have averaged less than 3 runs per game and are 2-4), spotty pitching, and defensive lapses have led the Rays to the brink of losing the Series.

And they face Hamels tonight.

And can I just add that RISP (hits when runners are in scoring position) is overrated?

Oo, boy.

But even if they lose tonight, the Rays and their fans should be proud of the team. Two hundred to one longshots at the beginning of the year, every major league team now takes this young team seriously.

Here’s the lineup for tonight:

Iwamura, 2b
Crawford, lf
Upton, cf
Pena, 1b
Longoria, 3b
Navarro, c
Baldelli, rf
Bartlett, ss
Kazmir, p

Baldelli in for Zobrist and moving Crawford up in the order are the major changes.

Here are some interesting links:

Top 10 Rays victories

10 moves that turned it around

Rays trivia quiz

Phillies ties land Clearwater in hot water with Tampa Bay Rays fans (Note: Clearwater is where I grew up and where the Phillies have had Spring Training for 60 years. They have an A-ball team in the Florida State League at Clearwater–the Threshers.)

October 22, 2008

Live blogging the World Series

by thoughtfulconservative

I gave it a thought, but, one, I have too much to do while it’s on and, two, I didn’t want to subject my Milwaukee readers to it.

October 19, 2008

A great day for Tampa Bay

by thoughtfulconservative

Tampa Bay Buccaneers defeated Seattle 20-10 Sunday night, a night on which they honored retired fullback Mike Alstott.

And more importantly, the Devil Rays defeated Boston 3-1 to win the American League pennant. They will face the Phillies beginning Wednesday in St. Petersburg.

I have a soft spot for the Phillies, since they have spring training in my home town along with a Florida State League team. I watched Jimmy Rollins (and others) at an FSL game I attended in Clearwater several years back. But my heart will be with the Rays.