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January 2, 2011

2011 predictions

by thoughtfulconservative

I don’t think I’ve ever done this before and thought it might be fun to try. Probably won’t be anything startling here, and you won’t find anything as detailed as James Wigderson’s, but, hey, I’m new to the game.

Now where did I put that crystal ball…


  • Tensions between North and South Korea will remain high, but no hot war will break out.
  • Iran will continue to extend the middle finger to the world over its nuclear program.
  • Withdrawal from Iraq will happen as planned. The country will continue “in peace,” much to the chagrin of Republicans.
  • Afghanistan, on the other hand, will continue to struggle, as far as seeing a truce and shared government with the Taliban.


I don’t see any big legislation coming out of the next session of Congress since the House is controlled by Republicans and the Senate and presidency is still in Democratic hands. But then again who would’ve thought that the lame duck session would have passed so much?

  • First, despite all the hoopla by conservatives about repealing ObamaCare, nothing will happen.
  • On the economic front, numbers will continue to stagnate with some slight improvement; sometimes the numbers will be good, sometimes bad.
  • As the economic numbers stagnate so will Obama’s approval numbers.
  • The campaign for 2012 will begin to heat up by the end of the year. Republican candidates will start their campaigns, probably Huckabee, Palin and Romney. No one on the Democratic side, except the very dark horse will challenge Obama.


This really depends on how the Legislature and Scott Walker get along and agree on priorities. We’ve already seen some of this. Walker’s team would like to get going on job creation. The Legislature has indicated they want to do some work on Voter ID and Concealed Carry among other things.

  • The budget and how Scott Walker balances it while holding firm on tax breaks will continue to be criticized by the WHM (Walker Hate Machine).
  • Jobs will be a disappointment falling short of Walker’s goal of 250,000.
  • Scandal will continue to plague Walker’s team, not a lot of proof will come out, but there will be plenty of noise.


How hard is this? Mayor Scrima, the Common Council and the city administrator will continue to give entertainment to all who keep watch on the city’s business. Water will continue to be an issue as well as the mayor plunging through the city’s business like a bull in a china closet. Almost makes me wish I would have run for Chris Hernadez’s seat on the council…


  • Brewers. Sorry, no playoffs again. They do find the .500 mark finishing 83-79. Greinke has a great first half, may even make the All-Star squad, but fades in the second half.
  • Packers. After narrowly missing the playoffs this year, develop a running game next year and easily make the playoffs, but not the Super Bowl.
  • Bucks. Well, they will continue to be the Bucks. Up and down. And missing the playoffs.
December 19, 2008

Iran mulls financial bailout as stock market falls

by thoughtfulconservative

From the Los Angeles Times,

A key index has fallen more than 2,000 points as businesses are hit by flagging oil and commodities prices. An ailing economy could hamper President Ahmadinejad’s prospects in June elections.

Poor Ahmadinejad. NOT.

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May 9, 2008

Hey, if they don’t want it…

by thoughtfulconservative

why beg them to take it?

The WFP’s regional director, Tony Banbury, directly appealed to Myanmar’s military leaders in an interview with Associated Press Television News.

“Please, this food is going to people who need it very much. You and I, we have the same interests,” Banbury said. “Please release it.”

And why trust them to deliver it themselves, when they’ve already shown they won’t.

Myanmar’s military leaders seized aid shipments headed for cyclone survivors and told the top U.S. diplomat there Friday that they’re not ready to let in American aid workers despite warnings the country is on the verge of a medical catastrophe.

Myanmar says it will accept aid from all countries, but prohibits the entry of foreign workers who would deliver and manage the operations. The junta is not ready to change that position….

Hey, it’s their country.

March 15, 2008

PNG PM to step down after 40 year career

by thoughtfulconservative

I touch on this because I lived in the country off and on for 21 years.

Papua New Guinea Prime Minister Michael Somare celebrates an extraordinary career of 40 years in politics today.

Somare, who is affectionately known as the “Father of the Nation”, was PNG’s first PM at independence in September 1975, but he has also been in opposition several times throughout his career.

It is also unusual because a third world country such as Papua New Guinea rarely sees longevity such as this.

Mr. Somare was the PM when I first arrived in the country in 1978 and set the example for future politicians by peacefully leaving the government when his party was defeated in an election.

March 13, 2008

5 Cuban soccer players disappear

by thoughtfulconservative

Perhaps they suspect Raul will be no better than Fidel

From the St. Petersburg Times

Five Cuban soccer players went missing Tuesday night after playing the United States in an Olympic qualifier at Raymond James Stadium, a team official said Wednesday.The missing players had not yet reported to authorities late Wednesday, but speculation circulated that they had defected and were headed to Miami.

October 20, 2005

Hugo Chavez

by thoughtfulconservative

The Week Magazine takes a look at the president of Venezuela.

If he’d only been a better baseball player, ….