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December 19, 2008

Mayors’ infrastructure request full of pork

by thoughtfulconservative

Not surprising,

The U.S. Conference of Mayors went to Capitol Hill earlier this month with a report listing 11,391 infrastructure projects proposed by 427 cities. The mayors claimed the proposal would create 847,641 jobs in 2009 and 2010. [Emphasis mine]

Although one man’s pork may be another’s essential spending, some of these might be debatable. The requests include

plans for a polar bear exhibit, an anti-prostitution program, a water park ride, zoos, museums and aquatic centers, CNN has found.

The polar bear exhibit? It’s to increase attendance at the zoo which “will stimulate the economy in Providence.”

The water park ride? Parks are part of infrastructure.

A $1.5 million program to reduce prostitution in Dayton, Ohio?

“People make judgments about the safety of a community by the level of social disorder. Street-level prostitution is clearly a social disorder,” said Dayton Police Chief Richard Biehl.

Museums? “There are plenty of museums that I think people would argue that are part of a fabric of a city,” [Miami, Florida, Mayor Manny] Diaz said.

Maybe Waukesha County Historical Museum should apply for some money so they can finally finish that Les Paul exhibit.

I’m sorry. When I think of infrastructure, I think of roads, bridges, cargo rail and, yes, even mass transit. [UPDATE: For example more  along the lines of Milwaukee mayor Tom Barrett’s list.]

July 16, 2007

In Nashville

by thoughtfulconservative

Just a couple of observations.

Traffic is terrific. Think Chicago without toll booths and 70mph speed limits. Avoid freeways like the plague at rush hours. And accidents like this one can back up traffic at any time.

Of interest to many Wisconsinites, Nashville is also home to the Sounds, the Brewers AAA farm team. I went to the Saturday night game. Pictures are here.

 Today’s Tennessean had an article on the Brewers farm system. The Sounds are currently ahead of the Iowa Cubs (!!) in their division and have the best record in AAA baseball.

Two years ago, the opening day lineup for the Sounds’ first game as a member of the Brewers farm system featured Rickie Weeks, Prince Fielder and Corey Hart as the Nos. 2, 3 and 4 hitters, respectively, in the batting order. That team went on to win the 2005 Pacific Coast League championship.

In fact, the Brewers farm system has the best winning percentage of all major league farm systems.

The Brewer farmhands have won and won big. Nashville is on pace for an 87-win season after winning 75 and 76 games the past two years. The Sounds haven’t posted three straight 70-win campaigns since the 1988-90 seasons, when they were Cincinnati’s Triple-A affiliate.

Meanwhile, Huntsville won the first-half Southern League Northern Division title. At the Class A level, Brevard County (Florida State) and West Virginia (South Atlantic) wrapped up first-half division crowns as well.