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June 19, 2010

Mitch Daniels’ truce

by thoughtfulconservative

This is what I really wanted to talk about when I wrote this post.

At first, I thought about being snarky. I could have taken this quote from Neil Pickett, a Daniels booster who said,

“If Republicans want a social conservative agenda to dominate their choice for president, then Mitch Daniels is not their candidate.”

and replied, “Hey, social conservatives don’t want to dominate the agenda; just throw us the meaningless platform platitudes you usually do.”

But I won’t. Cuz this is serious stuff.

As I’ve noted, unlike some of my fellow conservatives, I’m not one to throw someone under the bus because I disagree with them on a few things. I’d rather see something accomplished than nothing.

But there was no surprise when Mitch Daniels spoke of a truce on social issues and folks started taking sides.

It all started with a profile on Mitch Daniels, governor of Indiana, in The Weekly Standard. Tucked way toward the end of that feature was this:

And then, he says, the next president, whoever he is, “would have to call a truce on the so-called social issues. We’re going to just have to agree to get along for a little while,” until the economic issues are resolved. Daniels is pro-life himself, and he gets high marks from conservative religious groups in his state.

And the phrase “truce on the so-called social issue” caused a small stir and showed how fragile the coalition is between social and fiscal conservatives. Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council wrote (via Reid Wilson at Hotline OnCall),

“Not only is he noncommittal about his role as a pro-life leader, but the Governor wouldn’t even agree to a modest step like banning taxpayer-funded promotion of abortion overseas. I support the Governor 100% on the call for fiscal responsibility, but nothing is more fiscally responsible than ending the taxpayer funding of abortion and abortion promotion.”

Mike Huckabee posted a couple of time about it. First in a post called The Heartbreaking Truce,

Let me be clear though, the issue of life and traditional marriage are not bargaining chips nor are they political issues. They are moral issues. I didn’t get involved in politics just to lower taxes and cut spending though I believe in both and have done it as a Governor. But I want to stay true to the basic premises of our civilization.

Then a couple of days later, he made this excellent point,

Poverty and crime are the direct results of broken families and broken values of responsibility, work, marriage, and respect of others. Prisons are overflowing and government “relief” programs get traction often because of the breakdown of our social structure. If we don’t respect the value of each individual life whether in the womb or the classroom or the living room, we devalue property and intangible qualities of life. It gets expensive. [Emphasis his]

Mr. Huckabee would probably be bolstered by this recent research found on,

A wedding ring, it turns out, is the ultimate anti-poverty weapon. That conclusion from The Heritage Foundation is both encouragement and warning this Father’s Day.

Research shows that a child raised in a home where Dad is married to Mom is much less likely to live in poverty, get arrested as a juvenile. be suspended or expelled from school, be treated for emotional or behavioral problems or drop out before completing high school.


But I think, social conservatives are too harsh on Mr. Daniels. As Dan Riehl pointed out at Riehl World View, truce is different than surrender. He thinks Daniels is saying to focus on one area not to neglect the other.

At The American Spectator blog, Joseph Lawler asked, “What exactly did Bush do on the social issues that President Daniels would have to forgo?”

I think the answer is evident. Erick Erickson at Red State had a different criticism for Daniels,

“Daniels, without prompting, chose to pick an unneeded fight with social conservatives. That is not leadership.”

But if you read The Weekly Standard article, Daniels is kinda like that.

And read it all, because I kinda like the guy. Wish more politicians were like him.

April 18, 2008

Is Huckabee Already Preparing for Another Prez Run?

by thoughtfulconservative

That’s what Matt Lewis asks on

I hope he waits until after John McCain’s second term.

In 2016.

February 14, 2008

Mike Huckabee rally in Pewaukee

by thoughtfulconservative

UPDATE: Welcome readers. I have not yet decided who I’m going to vote for on Tuesday.

Bryon Houlgrave shot a video of speech excerpts posted on the Conley Publishing website. He also posted some of his own (with tips to photography) at his blog (it has a self-portrait).

And two more to note, the Marquette Tribune (NOTE: video purported to be from this rally is not.) Jessica McBride had an op-ed in the Waukesha Freeman. Her thoughts parallel mine in many ways.

Donning my black Tampa Bay Buccaneers cap, I braved the cold and ventured out to the Country Springs Hotel to catch a glimpse of the Republican candidate for president Mike Huckabee. (NOTE: Barack Obama had a rally at the Waukesha Exp, but work requirements prevented me from going there. FOX 6 coverage, TMJ4, Cindy Kilkenny with multiple posts (h/t to Owen) [a comment-it looks as though the Obama crowd went through a security check–I just walked right in the Hotel, no dogs, no wand])

Huckabee insists that he’s in it to win and that no one has the required delegates to sew up the nomination, but John King on Larry King Live did the math and even if Huckabee wins the remaining contests, McCain still gets enough delegates to win (Based on Huckabee 50%, McCain 40%, Paul 10%).

To the rally itself, I’m no good at estimating crowds, so I’ll take WTMJ’s word at 500.


Tim Michels introduced Huckabee and he began his speech. Formerly a pastor, Huckabee is very comfortable speaking to a crowd.

Huckabee hit all his main points and then some; his experience as governor and contrasting that with the other candidates who have only been legislators, security issues, especially our borders, fair tax and doing away with the IRS, free trade without “handicaps,” energy independence, protecting the unborn, treating our veterans right and giving them the benefits they deserved, and a strong national defense.

He pounded the fact that Washington has not fixed these problems.

He was folksy at time telling stories of singing the National Anthem at Lambeau Field.


He spoke for about 25 minutes and then shook hands and signed his autograph.

More pictures can be found here.

NOTE: I still haven’t decided how I’m going to vote on Tuesday. I picked up two “I like Mike” signs because you never can tell when they might be of use (perhaps if this guy’s alter ego runs for office)

Other coverage of Mike Huckabee’s visit:

Steven Sheets, an area minister, also blogged the event and has pictures.

Jessica McBride was there.

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February 12, 2008

Where’s the Huckabee gathering?

by thoughtfulconservative

Well, obviously, since he’s Republican, it must be at Country Springs Hotel.

February 11, 2008

A Waukesha Carnival 2-10-2008

by thoughtfulconservative

Time again for another edition. Listed below are those posts I found most interesting and thought provoking, or were submitted via Blog Carnival. You can read past editions here or click on Waukesha Carnival under “Categories” on the left hand side of the page. You can submit a post for future editions here or e-mail me at thoughtfulconservative [at] yahoo [dot] com.

David B. Bohl submits a post entitled, If You Don?t Do It Now, You?ll Regret It Later. David has a 262 area code and submitted a post before that I didn’t use. Here’s some of what he said,

“I’m a relatively happy guy, but sometimes I can get pretty out of sorts. Usually that is related to something I’ve been meaning to do, or always wanted to do. Something, of course, that remains on my “to do” list, and never quite makes it to my did list.”

Then we’ve got additions to the Waukesha part of the blog roll, some long overdue. First, Blog Waukesha (hat tip to Spring City Chronicle). Then courtesy of Hobo Springs blog roll we have Homemaker’s Guide to the Galaxy and silent e has started a new site Wales Wisconsin which is bloggish in character. silent e tells us it’s informational, so no bomb throwing.

Then let’s do a picture. Bryan Houlgrave, a photographer for the Waukesha Freeman, has an interesting one of a truck stuck in last week’s snow on the corner of Barstow and South.

Then let’s take care of our elected officials. Mayor Nelson posts about an event Monday, Feb. 11, with the mayor, Gov. Doyle, and officials from the Barack Obama campaign. I would love to go, but I am not undecided about the fact that I will not be voting for Barack Obama.

Sen. Mary Lazich (Kevin Fischer?) writes about keeping the estate tax dead.

Jeff wrote at Eat Wisconsin about his visit to North Star American Bistro. Then on his Five Points Blog he covers the fire at the Wisconsin House last week.

Speaking of the fire, Curt Otto, whose business is just down the street, had some pictures of the scene.

UPDATE: I overlooked DarrylEnriquez’s coverage of the fire which can be found here and here.

Fox Head opines about Global Warming, particularly the lack of practical sense.

Sancho, posting at Hobo Springs, gives us another “Hobo Sandwich,” his carnival. On La Raza de Waukesha, he shares his reasoning over not voting for John McCain.

Pete Fanning was at the Defending the American Dream conference on Saturday and gave a report in two posts at peterepublic. As a side note, Steveegg, the king of southeastern Wisconsin live blogging, live blogged the whole thing. You can find his posts here.

Kyle Prast, writing at Practically Speaking, muses about Super Tuesday and the future. Troy Fullerton at Rendezvous with Destiny also shared his thoughts about last Tuesday’s results in the presidential primaries.

Staying on the presidential race, Scott Feldstein sums up his thoughts on the upcoming race in two pictures and 11 words!

silent e posted a political cartoon he swiped from Ol’ Broad. It sums up the feelings of many of us in the Republican party toward our presumptive nominee.

And in one more post, James Wigderson gives his opinion on James Dobson’s endorsement of Mike Huckabee.

Lisa, blogging at Sequentially Speaking, shares a post with a few links to happenings in the comic book/gaming/movie world.

Spring City Chronicle dumps on the proposed smoking ban in Wisconsin.

Finally, Wiggy shares an old family recipe for ground hog. Oh, maybe it’s not. Looks tasty. Waukesha Winnie should watch her back.

Whew! That’s it for this week. As usual, you can leave your choices in the comment section or e-mail them to me at the address above.

February 7, 2008

Romney ends his campaign

by thoughtfulconservative

UPDATE: And now it’s official. The transcript of his speech is here and video is here. Fraley gives a good review here.

From Yahoo! News,

Mitt Romney will either suspend his presidential campaign or withdraw completely from the presidential race, The Associated Press has learned.

This would effectively give the nomination to John McCain, spin from the Huckabee and Paul camps notwithstanding.

According to the delegate count at, McCain has 720, Romney 279, Huckabee 194 and Paul 14.