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December 15, 2008

Waukesha Carnival 12-14-2008

by thoughtfulconservative

It’s been a couple of weeks since my last roundup of significant posts in this section of the Cheddarsphere. First there was Thanksgiving and then a busy weekend, but here we are.

In state politics, Wisconsin state Senator Mary Lazich (chief aide Kevin Fischer?) writing at Conservatively Speaking reminds us of the obvious consequences if the QEO is done away with.

At Fraley’s Daily Takes, Brian Fraley notes the last WisOpinion: The Show for 2008.

In national events, Dad29 finds a state with a budget surplus!

Scott Feldstein is on the other side in the “Christmas Wars.”

The Asian Badger reminds us that you really can find everything on Craig’s List.

Concernedcitizen at Skeptics Anonymous notes that online retailers will be the next to seek a federal bailout and gives anecdotal evidence.

James Wigderson at Wigderson Library & Pub has some questions for the president-elect.

Cindy Kilkenny discusses airport security and specifically the TSA at Fairly Conservative.

Closer to home, Josh at Blog Waukesha gives a personal report on last week’s snow.

Dan Diebert asks why any business would want to go where it’s not wanted and why in this economy a community would want to stop one. You can read it at The D Spot.

In miscellaneous posts, at Spring City Chronicle, Huckleberry Dumbell remembers his Uncle Kelly, who spent his early time in the Navy recovering bodies at Pearl Harbor.

Tom Gehl, writing at Brookfield Basics, recommends a book for getting healthy.

Kyle Prast highly recommends Penzeys. So do I. She has her reasons and some pics at Practically Speaking.

That does it for this week. Tune in again next week for more of the best of Waukesha blogs.

August 27, 2008

Burkee says deck is stacked to protect incumbents

by thoughtfulconservative

On the eve of the only forum taking place in Wisconsin’s Fifth Congressional District, Steve Jagler writing in  Milwaukee’s Small Business Times’ Biz Blog, gives time to challenger Jim Burkee who complains about incumbent advantages. To wit,

  1. Burkee was not allowed to walk in many Independence Day parades. As an office holder, Sensenbrenner was.
  2. Sensenbrenner has agreed to only one forum–tonight’s forum in Germantown. At least three others were turned down by Sensenbrenner and since he didn’t show, the forums’ sponsors dropped them.
  3. “Individual supporters of a challenger’s campaign cannot compete with the war chest of thousands of dollars that the Sensenbrenner campaign has collected over the years from political action committees (PACs), many of whom represent out-of-state interests.”
  4. Sensenbrenner’s district was gerrymandered to virtually ensure his perpetual re-election.
  5. Burkee said he’s having trouble getting any acknowledgement whatsoever from the conservative talk show hosts in town.

Sensenbrenner’s campaign manager predictably dismissed these complaints as “whining.”

Well, maybe. There’s no doubt incumbents have advantages. And we could argue all day about whether the founding fathers intended lifetime legislators.

No Democrats are running. Robert R. Raymond of Shorewood is running as an independent. Haven’t heard much from him or about him, so the winner of the Republican primary will most likely be elected in November.

After being largely in the Sensenbrenner camp, I’m pretty much undecided right now. I don’t agree with either man fully (Do I ever?).

Maybe tonight’s forum will get me off the fence.

October 8, 2007

A Waukesha Carnival 10-7-07

by thoughtfulconservative

I missed last week because of my trip to Ohio, but here is this week’s.

Jeff from Five Points blog takes a look at downtown business closings based on this Waukesha Freeman article. Curt Otto had a humorous (?) take on it. In the interest of completeness, Spring City Chronicle had some thoughts, as did Fox Head.

Pete looks at Fred Thompson’s stand (or not?) on ethanol subsidies.

Jessica McBride calls out Gregory Sanford on his column in Sunday’s Journal Sentinel.

Among James Wigderson’s many good posts this week (this for example, where he channels Jim Rowen) is this one on Tim Schilke’s column.

Hobo Springs had a Vagrant Coalition meeting this past week. I definitely need to get in on the action here.

Dad29 had two posts on the forces at work in the Republican Party. Tim Rock has some thoughts also.

But Tim Rock’s adaptation of Knock Three Times is a must-read. WARNING!! Don’t read it before you have swallowed your drink or made a trip to the restroom

silent e voices his displeasure of an attempt to prevent citizens from accessing the Wisconsin Circuit Court Access web site.

Fletch is back at Two Heroes with a flurry of posts (sounds like a certain thoughtful conservative). I’d highlight one, but I’ll be hanged if I can figure out how! But he’s got a little bit of everything, so I’m sure you’ll find something interesting.

Jim Bouman says Go Tribe! Hey that goes without saying for any true Yankee hater.

Yorick’s Persifage raises a point on supporting good causes that support issues you don’t agree with.

I have to link to this post by Spring City on UW not winning any Ig Nobel prizes.

Did I miss something? Email me or post them in the comments.