PNG PM to step down after 40 year career

by thoughtfulconservative

I touch on this because I lived in the country off and on for 21 years.

Papua New Guinea Prime Minister Michael Somare celebrates an extraordinary career of 40 years in politics today.

Somare, who is affectionately known as the “Father of the Nation”, was PNG’s first PM at independence in September 1975, but he has also been in opposition several times throughout his career.

It is also unusual because a third world country such as Papua New Guinea rarely sees longevity such as this.

Mr. Somare was the PM when I first arrived in the country in 1978 and set the example for future politicians by peacefully leaving the government when his party was defeated in an election.


2 Comments to “PNG PM to step down after 40 year career”

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  2. Thanks, Randy. The template is one that supplies. Most of the content in the columns is mine. Just like your blog.

    So is this spam?

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