Hurray, Wisconsin!

by thoughtfulconservative


Because as a state, you feel like this.

What a place this U.S. of A. is. People getting to the polls in zero-degree weather – because they can. And no soldier standing outside with a machine gun. We are very, very fortunate folks.

Practically every candidate I heard, (OK, Huckabee and Obama did) expressed appreciation that bordered on wonder at how Wisconsinites went to rallys and to the polls in the numbers they did.

Whether Democrat or Republican, we showed the country in more ways than one, that we take our civic duty seriously.

Thanks to the poll workers who served. Thanks to the folks who made sure we could make it to our polling place without slipping on the ice.


2 Responses to “Hurray, Wisconsin!”

  1. It wasn’t THAT cold. Bunch of wimps. 😉


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