Think your Mac makes you immune?

by thoughtfulconservative

Learn the lesson Scott Feldstein learned.

So I’m thinking to myself, hey, I’m a Mac user. Both my laptop and my web server are running Mac OS X. There aren’t any malicious botnet-style malware for us.. is there? Then I start to think maybe the email itself is a scam. So I call the number in the message.

Turns out it’s for reals. I talk to a security guy and he confirms: spam email has been coming from my connection. I say I think that’s pretty unlikely because I’m a (smug) Mac user. He agrees that it would in fact be odd. Then he asks me the million dollar question: do I have a wireless network at home?


4 Comments to “Think your Mac makes you immune?”

  1. The implication is unfair, Dean.

    It wasn’t his computer at all.

    It was his neighbor’s infected PC using his unsecured wireless network.

    The Mac was a completely innocent bystander.

  2. His neighbor’s PC wasn’t infected; I sent the spam emails on purpose.

    Oh, maybe I shouldn’t say that. 🙂

  3. You know, scott, even though I am sorry for your problem, it sorta goes to show how complicated things are technology wise these days, how much we have to beware, like Sandi’s post linked to below also. There’s just so much to comprehend that sometimes we miss the little things.

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