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June 19, 2010

Todd Kolosso is running against Jim Sensenbrenner

by thoughtfulconservative

Yeah, it took me awhile to quit giggling also. Democrats have been throwing themselves on their swords ever since I moved here (and probably before that) trying to unseat the long serving Republican congressman. You’d think they’d learn.

Mr. Kolosso put out a press release recently (h/t which declared,

“When the people of the 5th Congressional District vote for me in November,” said Kolosso, “they can be confident that I will honor my pledge to conduct myself according to the highest ethical standards and that I will not put personal profits over the interests of my constituents or my fellow citizens.”

I don’t want to tell Democrats how to campaign, but the last few challengers have tried to nail Sensenbrenner because of his stock holdings and it hasn’t taken.

Come to think of it, pretty much any thing any challenger has thrown at him has managed to unseat him.

Oh, well.

Now Nick Schweitzer says he would vote for Kolosso over Sensenbrenner, and Nick’s a very smart guy, but I don’t see the majority in the 5th CD doing it.

Kolosso for Congress site.

Sensenbrenner for Congress site.

September 9, 2008

Primary voting tomorrow, Sept. 9

by thoughtfulconservative

Not much to vote on in my ward. Register of Deeds primary. Why do we vote for this again? Is this something people should be deciding? What does a Register of Deeds do?

Then there’s the Fifth Congressional District Republican Primary. Jim Burkee is challenging long time representative Jim Sensenbrenner. I’ve written about it some.

Many of my thoughts parallel Owen’s. I like some of Burkee’s stated positions. And I disagree with some. I agree with some positions Sensenbrenner has taken and disagree with others.

Then I look at who’s supporting Burkee. He has courted moderates, liberals and libertarians. John Torinus likes him and calls him a moderate. The Journal Sentinel and Sheherd Express have both endorsed him.

It’s just too much to cut through. He talks a good talk, but …

And I don’t think the deficit is as big a problem as Burkee contends.

I’ll stick with Sensenbrenner.

September 5, 2008

Journal Sentinel endorses Burkee for Congress

by thoughtfulconservative

It probably didn’t surprise Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner. The Journal Sentinel endorsed opponent Bryan Kennedy two years ago. And today they endorsed Sensenbrenner’s Republican opponent, Prof. Jim Burkee to become the Wisconsin Fifth Congressional District representative.

This is a mixed blessing for Burkee. A Journal Sentinel endorsement against a proven conservative usually doesn’t win one any brownie points with the right.

Here are their main points:

Burkee is a fiscal hawk.

He feels tax cuts should follow spending cuts, not the reverse.

Burkee also has talked of a “comprehensive” approach to energy rather than the sort of grandstanding of many who simply call for drilling for oil.

Burkee also favors a third way between protectionism and a no-holds-barred approach which he refers to as “balanced trade.”

Their objection to Sensenbrenner is the same as 2 years earlier: too often he is a roadblock in Congress, especially on immigration. But in a statement one might look at with a jaundiced eye the “editorial board” says,

But our support for Burkee has more to do with the strength of his ideas than with our past disagreements with the incumbent.

The Journal Sentinel’s disagreements with Sensenbrenner are many and varied.

So will the endorsement help or hinder Burkee. Or does anyone care?

(Cross posted at Fairly Conservative).

UPDATE: Blogs that have endorsed Burkee include Nick Schweitzer (implied), Josh Schoeder (who was a student of Burkee, if I remember right).

Those who are not impressed include Spring City Chronicle and Asian Badger. Owen will be voting for Sensenbrenner and elliot seems to be leaning that way. Kyle Prast will also vote for Sensenbrenner.

I’ve already noted Shepherd Express’s endorsement, but include it here for completeness.

Other endorsements will be added as I encounter them.

August 28, 2008

Fifth Congressional district forum notes

by thoughtfulconservative

(Updated post to link to bloggers’ posts)

I attended the Fifth congressional district Republican forum featuring Rep. James Sensenbrenner and challenger Jim Burkee. Question: Why is it that I have only one chance to hear these two “debate” and why did I have to drive over a half hour to do so?

I saw steveegg (who also has audio) as I walked into the hall and Nick afterwards (a nice summary with some visual clues I couldn’t see from my obstructed position). I’ll update when they post. Jack Lohman was also there as shown by his comments here and I assume the West Bend Citizen Advocate was, too (yes, he has a couple of posts with pics). 8-29, 13:35 – Owen has audio and video posted also. Patrick McIlheran links and has some thoughts also. Thanks to all those who linked.

It was an overflow crowd I saw as I stepped into the room where the forum was held. Owen Robinson, the moderator and blogger at Boots and Sabers sat between Burkee and Sensenbrenner. Wisconsin Eye videoed the event (it’s posted) as did someone who appeared to be a supporter of Mr. Burkee. I didn’t see others though there might have been–my vantage point wasn’t ideal.

Each man was allowed an opening statement then Owen asked questions and allowed both men to answer alternately. He questioned them on an array of subjects and then asked questions submitted by the audience. He was only able to get through a few of the many questions submitted but the ones I heard were excellent.

Topics included controlling energy costs, illegal immigration, extending the Bush tax cuts, our heavy tax burden, the size of our Armed Forces, Russia-Georgia situation, and Iran. Audience questions delved into their core values, what they would target in budget cuts, eliminating the IRS, the Kyoto treaty, what they would do about trade and federal deficits, change in Pakistani leadership, and some I missed because I needed to field a phone call (it was on vibrate so it wasn’t THAT one). Then the men made their closing statements.

That’s it. No fisticuffs, no yelling and talking over (that I heard anyway)–just what a debate/forum is supposed to be.

It was only marred at the end when Mr. Burkee challenge Mr. Sensenbrenner to continue the forum. I felt that this was a cheap trick designed to only embarrass his opponent. I share his frustration somewhat, but that was the wrong place to broach the subject.

I came away agreeing with both men on some subjects and disagreeing with them on some. That’s normal. I just have to decide which is more important and vote that way.

August 27, 2008

Burkee says deck is stacked to protect incumbents

by thoughtfulconservative

On the eve of the only forum taking place in Wisconsin’s Fifth Congressional District, Steve Jagler writing in  Milwaukee’s Small Business Times’ Biz Blog, gives time to challenger Jim Burkee who complains about incumbent advantages. To wit,

  1. Burkee was not allowed to walk in many Independence Day parades. As an office holder, Sensenbrenner was.
  2. Sensenbrenner has agreed to only one forum–tonight’s forum in Germantown. At least three others were turned down by Sensenbrenner and since he didn’t show, the forums’ sponsors dropped them.
  3. “Individual supporters of a challenger’s campaign cannot compete with the war chest of thousands of dollars that the Sensenbrenner campaign has collected over the years from political action committees (PACs), many of whom represent out-of-state interests.”
  4. Sensenbrenner’s district was gerrymandered to virtually ensure his perpetual re-election.
  5. Burkee said he’s having trouble getting any acknowledgement whatsoever from the conservative talk show hosts in town.

Sensenbrenner’s campaign manager predictably dismissed these complaints as “whining.”

Well, maybe. There’s no doubt incumbents have advantages. And we could argue all day about whether the founding fathers intended lifetime legislators.

No Democrats are running. Robert R. Raymond of Shorewood is running as an independent. Haven’t heard much from him or about him, so the winner of the Republican primary will most likely be elected in November.

After being largely in the Sensenbrenner camp, I’m pretty much undecided right now. I don’t agree with either man fully (Do I ever?).

Maybe tonight’s forum will get me off the fence.

August 26, 2008

WI-5 congressional district Republican forum

by thoughtfulconservative

Owen of Boots & Sabers fame will be moderating.

I’m going to make the trip to Germantown, I think, just in case there are fireworks. Jim Burkee is challenging James Sensenbrenner.