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September 3, 2008

Sensenbrenner only House member with primary race

by thoughtfulconservative

WKOW channel 27 in Madison, WI brings us this tidbit,

A Republican congressman representing Milwaukee’s wealthy suburbs for nearly 30 years is the only incumbent among Wisconsin’s eight US House members with a challenger in the September ninth primary election.

Jim Sensenbrenner has been in Congress a long time. So long, in fact, that there is a veritable array of groups, weak in their own stregth as far as the Fifth CD is concerned, but banding together to try and rid Wisconsin’s Fifth Congressional District incumbent. Arrayed against Sensenbrenner are the left (I’m not sure the Shepherd Express would recognize a good Republican if he dropped into their offices, but they like Burkee as the “better Republican”), Ron Paul Republicans (with a ringing endorsement from Tim Peterson) and Libertarians (Si is there really a difference?) who only see him as the face of the evil Real ID, and, it appears, many main stream Republicans, including a long list of business men. He’s also endorsed by (Yes, it’s in alphabetical order by state, so you will have to scroll WAAAY down) the Republican Liberty Caucus.

The involvement of the left would imply some kind of crossover vote in next week’s primary, but this post on Sensenbrenner Watch seems to indicate that this won’t happen, at least in large numbers because of Democratic primary races and because

many people find it very difficult to vote in the opposing party’s primary, even if there is no good reason to vote in their own. When they do, they generally vote for the candidate they like the best, not to try to do any malicious damage.

That hasn’t kept Burkee from reaching out to “progressive” Democrats.

The illusion seems to be that Burkee is tilting at windmills. The reality may be that it may be close.

I still haven’t decided, but I will be voting for one or the other next week.