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December 15, 2008

Waukesha Carnival 12-14-2008

by thoughtfulconservative

It’s been a couple of weeks since my last roundup of significant posts in this section of the Cheddarsphere. First there was Thanksgiving and then a busy weekend, but here we are.

In state politics, Wisconsin state Senator Mary Lazich (chief aide Kevin Fischer?) writing at Conservatively Speaking reminds us of the obvious consequences if the QEO is done away with.

At Fraley’s Daily Takes, Brian Fraley notes the last WisOpinion: The Show for 2008.

In national events, Dad29 finds a state with a budget surplus!

Scott Feldstein is on the other side in the “Christmas Wars.”

The Asian Badger reminds us that you really can find everything on Craig’s List.

Concernedcitizen at Skeptics Anonymous notes that online retailers will be the next to seek a federal bailout and gives anecdotal evidence.

James Wigderson at Wigderson Library & Pub has some questions for the president-elect.

Cindy Kilkenny discusses airport security and specifically the TSA at Fairly Conservative.

Closer to home, Josh at Blog Waukesha gives a personal report on last week’s snow.

Dan Diebert asks why any business would want to go where it’s not wanted and why in this economy a community would want to stop one. You can read it at The D Spot.

In miscellaneous posts, at Spring City Chronicle, Huckleberry Dumbell remembers his Uncle Kelly, who spent his early time in the Navy recovering bodies at Pearl Harbor.

Tom Gehl, writing at Brookfield Basics, recommends a book for getting healthy.

Kyle Prast highly recommends Penzeys. So do I. She has her reasons and some pics at Practically Speaking.

That does it for this week. Tune in again next week for more of the best of Waukesha blogs.

November 16, 2008

Waukesha Carnival 11/16/2008

by thoughtfulconservative

Let’s jump right in to this week’s posts.

Where to begin?

OK, general stuff first. Land Savers posts on what is called a farmer’s last crop, disappearing farm land. You have to get through some messed up code to get to the post.

Tim wrote a very moving post at The Other Side of My Mouth for Veterans Day.

silent e does the public a service by giving driving lessons at silent e speaks. Here’s lesson 2.

In case you didn’t know, concernedcitizen tells us at Skeptics Anonymous that Dish Network Subscribers Get Screwed.

Nationally, we have Huckleberry Dumbell starting off Thursday Morning Coffee Time with a nice little rant about the credit crisis at Spring City Chronicle.

Alexander at A Little Off Main comments on Laura Ingraham’s interview of Rep. Paul Ryan on O’Reilly.

The Asian Badger contends that the markets are not too impressed with Obama.

Scott Feldstein gives us his suggestions for the GOP.

Closer to home, Josh has a post with pics on the Christmas tree at Bayshore Mall at his place, Blog Waukesha.

Jeff at Five Points give his thoughts on downtown Waukesha developement and apartments.

Statewide, Sen. Mary Lazich (or aide Kevin Fischer) posts at Conservatively Speaking that TABOR survived another vote in Colorado. I guess some people (Hmmm, 55%) think it’s beneficial.

Dad29 informs us that Gov. Doyle hopes to take care of the $5 billion (with a “b”) “structural” (Don’t you love political speak?) deficit by telling agencies to flat line spending. He gives some suggestions for cuts.

Cindy Kilkenny notes it’s tough to be a girl in this business of political opinion making. You can read about it at Fairly Conservative.

James Wigderson writes at Wigderson Library & Pub that the Wisconsin Government Accountability Board disenfranchises everybody.

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May 21, 2008

“The Sensenbrenner Tax”

by thoughtfulconservative

This is the clever title (well, maybe not so clever since Cato wrote it first) of the latest post by Wisconsin 5th CD candidate, Republican Jim Burkee posted at the Small Business Times and on his Community NOW blog Responsibility Now (which has footnotes where the SBT post doesn’t. BTW, if anyone can figure out how the footnotes work, I would appreciate it. I can’t.).

His basis is that Sensenbrenner was the sponsor of the Real ID Act of 2005 which was responsible for an unfunded mandate that caused the Wisconsin Legislature to raise driver license fees $10 — the Sensenbrenner Tax.

This fee/tax was also involved in the recent budget repair “deal” and a tongue lashing by Sensenbrenner of Wisconsin Assembly Majority leader Mike Huebsch.

Burkee is correct when he says,

With Real ID, Jim Sensenbrenner has managed to unite left and right in opposition.

Of course, Sensenbrenner was just the sponsor. All but 12 Republicans in the House voted for the measure in February 2005 before it was attached as a rider to the military appropriations bill, eight voted “No” and 5 didn’t vote. All three of Wisconsin Republicans voted for the measure, so I’m not sure if Burkee is condemning the entire Republican Party and aligning himself with Ron Paul, who was one of the eight nay votes.

Instead of Real ID, Burkee touts Rep. Paul Ryan’s Employee Verification Act, which seems to have promise, but has not been passed and I doubt it will in the current climate.

I’m not a big fan of Real ID myself, but it seems we need to get something on track. And as Owen has pointed out, the Wisconsin Legislature has already passed the $10 fee and are not rescinding it.

This looks like a spending cut, but it really isn’t.  It cuts $21,989,300 for implementing the Real ID Act and transfers the money to the general fund.  But implementing the Real ID act is de-facto mandatory unless Wisconsinites are cool with their drivers’ licenses being invalid for federal purposes.  So while this looks like a spending cut, it is actually just delaying this spending into the next budget.

Also notice that this was the excuse for the increased vehicle registration fee that was passed in the budget.  So now there is a fee that is being collected to implement the Real ID act, but the money is being taken used in the general fund instead.  Bait and switch, anyone?

Does this mean it’s no longer Sensenbrenner’s tax?

May 18, 2008

Let’s do the carnival

by thoughtfulconservative

In case you’ve lost track, this is the May 18, 2008 edition of the Waukesha Carnival. Welcome.

Well, most folks were exercised this week over the budget “repair” (Can you call them cuts when not much was cut?) and “veto” (Can you call it a veto when you re-write it and find more cuts?).

But let’s start a little closer to home. The Asian Badger fumes over the fact that technical colleges (among others) are exempt from the tax cap.

Josh at Blog Waukesha sounds the alarm about the Waukesha Referendum.

I see they’re talking about a baseball field at Frame Park again. Spring City Chronicle tells us again why this is not feasible. I remember saying that also, but that post is lost in cyber space and Google says they can’t find it.

James Wigderson updates on Wisconsin Assembly district 97 happenings.

School’s out and Yorick’s Persiflage is blogging again. He reflects on what it’s like to be a conservative student when your teacher and most of your class mates are liberal.

Bryon Houlgrave has some new pics, but the amazing fact is he put 1068 miles on his car over the weekend. Yowza! That’s a round trip to Ohio.

Linda Richter questions Matt Thomas quitting blogging. You just can’t win with some folks.

Kyle Prast reports on an HG&D (Human Growth and Development = Sex Education) work session at Practically Speaking.

OK. OK. Here are the posts from the budget “deal” (Can it be a deal when the governor rewrote the bill?).

Sen. Mary Lazich notes what the governor’s “vetos” resulted in.

Dad29 has a warning label that every legislator who voted for the “budget repair” should have on their forehead. I say we include every legislator, period. And include the US House and Senate members while we’re at it.

Fox Head wonders who kidnapped Gov. Doyle and replaced him with one who cut out the foolish parts of the deal made some real cuts?

The Daily Scoff’s jj gravelle was also surprised that Franken-veto (called Zombie Franken-veto by steveegg in the comments) was alive and well. Cindy Kilkenny was flummoxed as well.

OK, enough of that. If you want to read more, just about every one had at least one, and often more, posts.

Jeff at his Eat Wisconsin blog has comments on the first edition of Wisconsin Foodie.

On the national scene, Dean Culver at Common Sense Waukesha says he realizes that McCain is not a “true conservative” but conservatives have such a screwed up reputation that maybe it’s a good thing.

Sancho also posts some thoughts on this at La Raza de Waukesha.

Troy Fullerton points out the roadmap for the GOP future that he cleaned from Ryan and Sensenbrenner speeches at the state Republican convention.

On the Democratic side, Scott Feldstein linked to a DKos discussion of Obama’s possible VP choices. From January. A stronger field than the Republicans have, IMO. Read it and realize this will be a tough race for the presidency.

silent e muses if this is the best the American system can come up with.

That’s a wrap for this week. If you have a favorite you can link in the comments or send the link to me at thoughtfulconservative [at] yahoo [dot] com. If you have one for next week, you can submit using this submission form. Past posts and dates of future editions can be found on here.

March 16, 2008

Waukesha carnival time – March 16, 2008

by thoughtfulconservative

Welcome to this, the March 16, 2008 edition of The Waukesha Carnival. Let’s get to it.

David B. Bohl starts us off this week with the post Where is the Love? Tips for Getting Back that Old Spark posted at Slow Down Fast Today!,

Healthy, committed relationships can sometimes lose their luster because we get too comfortable and fall into old routines. We take each other for granted and put our partners on the Low Priority list. But it doesn’t have to be that way!

Tom Gehl posting at Brookfield Basics informs us that he will be going on hiatus and blogging infrequently.

Let’s move to the budget.

Fox Head tells us why both sides need to work to fix Wisconsin’s budget.

Sen. Mary Lazich (Kevin Fischer?) tells us that the Democrats have the wrong solution for our budget shortfall It’s posted at Conservatively Speaking.

Dad29 links us to Boots and Sabers where Owen shows that the numbers in Governor Jim Doyle’s budget “rescue package” does not add up. Surprise, surprise.

Okay, let’s move to, let’s see, photography which The Asian Badger discusses at The Asian Badger Kultural Korner.

In Waukesha County politics, Linda Richter, who posts at Inside New Berlin, insists that a post at New Berlin Citizens for Responsible Government has spin & blunders .

Kyle Prast compares two different referendums and two different tour themes from her blog Practically Speaking.

James Wigderson tells why he’s going to need more hose at Wigderson Library & Pub. It was picked up by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s “Best of the Blogs” feature.

Jeff, posting at his Five Points blog shares the answers to his downtown survey.

More photography is next as Spring City Chronicle has some interesting old pictures from previous Circus Parades.

In national news, Jessica McBride has not blogged often recently but she does have a regular column in the Waukesha Freeman and Saturday she discussed the Spitzer double standard.

Bryon Houlgrave opines that Daylight Savings Time is costly. You’ll have to click on the link to find out why.

Pete Fanning talks about a recent trip to Giggles Comedy Pub at his blog

That concludes this edition. I may skip next week as we’ll be in Ohio next week. It depends on if I can get an Internet connection.

You can always submit a post to the next edition using the helpful carnival submission form. If it I don’t post next week, I’ll include it in two weeks.

Past posts and future hosts can be found on the archive page.

November 6, 2007

The best of Waukesha blogs, edition 10

by thoughtfulconservative

OK, it’s been two weeks and even this one is a day late. My apologies. Taking a class on Mondays, attending a Creation seminar on Thursdays, and teaching a class daily has taken its toll this past month.

But enough about me, or at least my personal busyness. Let’s get to what I found interesting in the blogs around the county last month.

First of all, Dad29 favors waterboarding–of the Wisconsin Legislature for the way someone can enter spending into the state budget and remain anonymous. He might have some on both sides who may agree with him.

The Sheboygan affair was a hot topic this past week, with The Asian Badger, Dad29, Five Points Blog, Peterepublic, silent e, Jessica McBride, and Mr. Wigderson (if I missed anyone sorry) hitting it.

OK, time for some humor. We don’t want it to get too serious here. Tim Rock’s mom says this was the best joke of Ireland in 2006. It made this conservative Christian chuckle so it must be. Tim also caught my eye with Edmund Burke – 18th Century Blogger Fan.

Spring City Chronicle provided a public service by posting 133 Addresses To Avoid While Trick or Treating In Waukesha. Yep, that’s how many sex offenders are in Waukesha. Some addresses have more than one.

Pete remembers Alan Kulwicki who won a tight race for NASCAR champion 15 years ago.

Public Trough, one of the BrookfieldNOW blogs discusses the Big Ten Network and its relationship to the University of Wisconsin.

James Wigderson previews a new Living the High Life commercial from Miller/Coors.

I posted on this from Scott Feldstein earlier with the moral of “…just because your computer is secure, it doesn’t mean you can ignore security issues altogether.” Amen.

Sancho at Hobo Springs wonders what happened to Illusory Tenant, the liberal blogger who used a term injudiciously and wound up having to apologize. Sure enough his blog is now open by invitation only. Well Imus is back on the air and perhaps IT will return eventually.

Other noted posts:

Public Trough – Do Their Job? Are You Kidding?

Dad29 – WI Greenhouse Gas Reduction to 1990 Levels!, “Gun Show Loophole”? Not Likely and Why the Electoral College?

Spring City Chronicle – Up and Down Broadway Dispatches

James Wigderson –Then why keep it legal?

That’s it for this week. Again,if you’ve read something by Waukesha bloggers or about Waukesha you’d like to include, here send me an email or post it in the comments.