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December 15, 2008

Waukesha Carnival 12-14-2008

by thoughtfulconservative

It’s been a couple of weeks since my last roundup of significant posts in this section of the Cheddarsphere. First there was Thanksgiving and then a busy weekend, but here we are.

In state politics, Wisconsin state Senator Mary Lazich (chief aide Kevin Fischer?) writing at Conservatively Speaking reminds us of the obvious consequences if the QEO is done away with.

At Fraley’s Daily Takes, Brian Fraley notes the last WisOpinion: The Show for 2008.

In national events, Dad29 finds a state with a budget surplus!

Scott Feldstein is on the other side in the “Christmas Wars.”

The Asian Badger reminds us that you really can find everything on Craig’s List.

Concernedcitizen at Skeptics Anonymous notes that online retailers will be the next to seek a federal bailout and gives anecdotal evidence.

James Wigderson at Wigderson Library & Pub has some questions for the president-elect.

Cindy Kilkenny discusses airport security and specifically the TSA at Fairly Conservative.

Closer to home, Josh at Blog Waukesha gives a personal report on last week’s snow.

Dan Diebert asks why any business would want to go where it’s not wanted and why in this economy a community would want to stop one. You can read it at The D Spot.

In miscellaneous posts, at Spring City Chronicle, Huckleberry Dumbell remembers his Uncle Kelly, who spent his early time in the Navy recovering bodies at Pearl Harbor.

Tom Gehl, writing at Brookfield Basics, recommends a book for getting healthy.

Kyle Prast highly recommends Penzeys. So do I. She has her reasons and some pics at Practically Speaking.

That does it for this week. Tune in again next week for more of the best of Waukesha blogs.

November 10, 2008

Waukesha Carnival 11/10/2008

by thoughtfulconservative

Here we go!

Let’s start with something light. Bryon Houlgrave has some photos from a recent excursion to Wirth Park (skateboarding for those unfamiliar).

Locally, Mayor Larry Nelson‘s blog is still just posting the mayor’s memos detailing his activities. Of interest may be point 5 the upcoming schedule of meetings through the beginning of the year.

Alexander is closing Hobo Springs. Don’t despair. He’s still posting at A Little Off Main.

Curt Otto at Maple & Main gives us the conclusion of the missing tree saga.

Kyle Prast attended the Republican “Victory” party at the Country Springs Hotel and has posted pictures and thoughts at Practically Speaking.

In cooking, MommaBlogger has found a recipe for lasagna humbly named The Best Lasagna Ever. You can see pictures of it at Homemaker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

In state news, Senator Mary Lazich (chief aide Kevin Fischer?), writing at Conservatively Speaking, spotlights an initiative that would put a data base of state government spending on the web.

Huckleberry Dumbell at The Spring City Chronicle disagreed with Jessica McBride’s article in Milwaukee Monthly on the deaths of several college students in La Crosse.

Of interest to bloggers, Cindy Kilkenny shares a tool at Fairly Conservative for editing those YouTube clips that all the cool kids are posting.

Then on national items, The Asian Badger links to an article in Forbes magazine on the financial mess.

Dad29 had a couple of items on the recent campaign that could use attention.

The Family Guy looks at Obama’s challenges in Nation United? Hardly.

JJ Gravelle, newly appointed community columnist for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, posts about “big food” over at The Daily Scoff.

Scott Feldstein has some suggestions for the GOP.

silent e thinks Gov. Sarah Palin scares the Left.

Finally, James WIgderson mirrors many of my own thoughts in this post at Wigderson Library & Pub.

That’s it for this week’s carnival. Tune in next week for another edition of the best of Waukesha bloggers.

November 2, 2008

Waukesha carnival 11-2-2008

by thoughtfulconservative

This is the fortieth edition. Let’s get to it.

Election day is Tuesday so let’s start locally.

Senator Mary Lazich (aide Kevin Fischer?) posts at Conservatively Speaking that this might be a very tough winter. Why? Salt shortage.

Why the shortage? In a nutshell, demand is high, supplies are down, and costs are up. The Post- Crescent reports, “Road salt prices now range as high as $250 per ton in the upper Midwest, and some would-be buyers are finding it hard to come by at any price.” It could have been worse, but Wisconsin, unlike some other states, put in bids for road salt early.

I say let’s go after Big Salt. Call for hearings, questions them in the glare of public and tax their windfall profits. That’ll teach them.

Jeff at Five Points Blog notes the end of the season at Waukesha Farmer’s Market. He notes increased attendance and speculates on the reasons.

JJ Gravelle insists (sort of, his blog is The Daily Scoff, after all.) that there is no bias at Milwaukee’s paper.

Concernedcitizen gives us his thoughts on the Waukesha School District budget at Skeptics Anonymous. BTW, did you know that all but a couple of the school board members have endorsed Ruth Page Jones? I thought it was interesting.

Brian Fraley at Fraley’s Daily Takes notes another edition of WisPolitics: The Show.

Now to the national stage.

Assuming McCain loses (which I don’t, yet), Dad29 nixes the idea that Mitt Romney might be the savior of the Republican Party. I second that.

Cindy Kilkenny had an e-mail exchange with Cory the Well Driller. You can read it all at Fairly Conservative.

Alexander calls the election at Hobo Springs. Well, for president and the 97th Wisconsin. Scott Feldstein makes his presidential prediction also.

Posting at Practically Speaking, Kyle Prast says that the ads and mailings implies the presidential race is closer than we think.

On the subject of mailings, James Wigderson wonders at Wigderson’s Library & Pub why the Wisconsin GOP is mailing so many pieces on behalf of McCain. Me, too. My wife has gotten like 8 or 9 in the last couple of weeks; five in one day.

Silent E speaks posts another video that shows you shouldn’t try to spin your way past Megyn Kelly at FOXNews.

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October 26, 2008

Waukesha Carnival 10-26-2008

by thoughtfulconservative

Where to begin? How about where we’re all hit–the wallet.

Dad29 exposes the Democrats plans for 401(k)s.

The Asian Badger links to a Wall Street Journal article that shows

that high tax rates on the “producers” cause dis-incentives on those who are the payors of those tax rates. At some point, they either stop producing or, move out of the country.

At Waukesha FYI, Darryl Enriquez notes that a local lady got her letter about the bailout printed in TIME magazine.

Politics are always on the mind. Kyle Prast wonders at Practically Speaking why Powell’s endorsement of Barack Obama matters.

JJ Gravelle muses in his own inimitable way about Colin Powell’s endorsement of Obama at The Daily Scoff.

Alex has a nice poll over at Hobo Springs. Go vote.

Locally, Wiggy gives us a short rant on yard signs at Wigderson’s Library & Pub.

Cindy Kilkenny at Fairly Conservative takes a critical look at Brookfield’s Vision 2035.

Meanwhile, Mayor Larry Nelson continues his steady stream of mayor memos. He’s a busy guy, I guess.

In miscellaneous posts, Bryon Houlgrave has some high school football “hits.”

MommaBlogger wonders what so secret about the 10 secrets of the effortlessly thin. You can read her thoughts at Homemaker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

At Inside New Berlin, Linda Richter informs about a year-round costume company. In New Berlin.

Find a tree? Curt Otto has reported one missing. A replacement is in the works. See Maple & Main for details.

Huckberry Dumbell adds a touch to his Ghost Blogging and Sunday Scan features. Go to Spring City Chronicle to find out.

That’s it for this week. If you see an interesting post, drop the link in a comment and I’ll add it to next week’s carnival.

October 8, 2008

The Waukesha Carnival 10/5/2008

by thoughtfulconservative

Welcome to edition 42 of the carnival. For the newbies, a carnival is a round-up of blog posts usually with a theme. A list of carnivals can be found at the blog carnival web site. Blog carnivals usually have posts around a thematic or geographic basis.

This one will have to be quick and dirty, because this post is late and it’s getting late.

Scott Berg has a post on Brookfield’s 2009 budget.

The Asian Badger looks at the Senate version (that eventually became law) of the Bailout Recovery Plan.

State Senator Mary Lazich informs us that the state can’t collect on the breaches of privacy in the Social Security mess.

Dad29 gives us more good news (NOT!) on the likelihood of higher electric bills.

Cindy Kilkenny steps aside and lets Son Number 2 speak.

Alexander reported on the last Blog n Grog. I learned more in that short evening than I had in my whole life previously, it seems.

Kyle Prast keys on Democrats charitable donations and their view of the rich paying more taxes.

Along those lines, silent e has some advice for the governator.

Spring City Chronicle has an exclusive drawing of the proposed baseball park at Frame Park. We find that the proposed name is Larry Nelson Stadium.

Yorick’s Persiflage had a look at the Biden-Palin event.

That’s it for this week. Sorry for the bare bones look.

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September 29, 2008

Waukesha Carnival 09-28-2008

by thoughtfulconservative

Welcome to this week’s edition.

After this past week’s ups and downs, we could all use some humor. Tim at The Other Side of My Mouth asks “What is a Liberal?” No, you have to go find the answer yourself. Go ahead, I’ll wait.

Welcome back. What? Well, I thought it was funny, but I have a strange sense of humor.

A poke at the right, a poke at the left, fair and balanced this week. So would Obama do anything to get elected? silent e says “Yes,” and provides a picture. Of course, now that even Republicans are saying Palin is not qualified, Obama might not go for that look. I have become convinced that Republicans don’t deserve to rule because they don’t know how. Do you think the Democrats would be doing this stuff?

Well, I better stop that rant and get back to the carnival.

The bailout was big news nationally and it engendered many posts locally. The Asian Badger shared his thoughts about what he thinks the agreement should look like.

Tom Gehl at Brookfield Basics wrote about what he felt were even more basic causes of the financial crisis.

Dad29 considers Rep. Paul Ryan’s plan and sees stuff he likes. He also gives us some things to consider as we consider the bailout.

Huckleberry Dumbell at Spring City Chronicle gives us a segue between the bailout and the first debate when he says,

Two senators more or less will have no effect on the success or failure of the bailout plan. All they do is talk anyway. It is more important that the person who will be the next POTUS be at the debate. If the vote, for some reason, looks like it will go down to two votes (the final vote count is almost always known well before the vote is taken) then they can be in Washington in two hours. I don’t like this move at all, you don’t suspend your campaign less than eight weeks from the finish line.

Speaking of the debate, James Wigderson of Wigderson’s Library & Pub was on UPFRONT with Mike Gousha on Sunday with Renee Crawford of Crawford’s Takes. James shares some behind the scenes stuff. You can see the video here.

Posts concerning Wisconsin news included Linda Richter’s post on Van Hollen’s suit being voter suppression posted at Inside New Berlin and how the issue affects voters in Brookfield as reported by Cindy Kilkenny at Fairly Conservative and The Asian Badger.

Locally, Bryon Houlgrave gives us some photos of local high school girls volleyball and discusses some photo related issues he had to solve to get those shots.

Jeff at Five Points sweeps the streets of Waukesha and gives us his views of local topics.

Fox Head is ceasing posting at his blog although he will still post at Hobo Springs.

And speaking of the Springs, Alexander gives us a heads-up about the Blog ‘n’ Grog coming up at The House of Guiness on September 30. That’s Tuesday. See you there. Bloggers and readers of blogs no matter what their persuasion are welcome.

Curt Otto informs us that “no snakes were harmed” in this post at Maple & Main about the new Wal-Mart that was approved for the corner of Hwy. 59 and west Avenue.

Back to Brookfield, Kyle Prast at Practically Speaking thanked the school board for their action on 4K.

A little bit further afield, JJ Gravelle writes at The Daily Scoff about public school math.

In general topics, Dave at Yorick’s Persiflage ponders politics and the workplace.

Finally, Lisa at Sequentially Speaking updates us on what DC comics is doing to prevent further occurrences of profanity making its way into their comic books.

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