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November 16, 2008

Waukesha Carnival 11/16/2008

by thoughtfulconservative

Let’s jump right in to this week’s posts.

Where to begin?

OK, general stuff first. Land Savers posts on what is called a farmer’s last crop, disappearing farm land. You have to get through some messed up code to get to the post.

Tim wrote a very moving post at The Other Side of My Mouth for Veterans Day.

silent e does the public a service by giving driving lessons at silent e speaks. Here’s lesson 2.

In case you didn’t know, concernedcitizen tells us at Skeptics Anonymous that Dish Network Subscribers Get Screwed.

Nationally, we have Huckleberry Dumbell starting off Thursday Morning Coffee Time with a nice little rant about the credit crisis at Spring City Chronicle.

Alexander at A Little Off Main comments on Laura Ingraham’s interview of Rep. Paul Ryan on O’Reilly.

The Asian Badger contends that the markets are not too impressed with Obama.

Scott Feldstein gives us his suggestions for the GOP.

Closer to home, Josh has a post with pics on the Christmas tree at Bayshore Mall at his place, Blog Waukesha.

Jeff at Five Points give his thoughts on downtown Waukesha developement and apartments.

Statewide, Sen. Mary Lazich (or aide Kevin Fischer) posts at Conservatively Speaking that TABOR survived another vote in Colorado. I guess some people (Hmmm, 55%) think it’s beneficial.

Dad29 informs us that Gov. Doyle hopes to take care of the $5 billion (with a “b”) “structural” (Don’t you love political speak?) deficit by telling agencies to flat line spending. He gives some suggestions for cuts.

Cindy Kilkenny notes it’s tough to be a girl in this business of political opinion making. You can read about it at Fairly Conservative.

James Wigderson writes at Wigderson Library & Pub that the Wisconsin Government Accountability Board disenfranchises everybody.

That concludes this forty second edition of the carnival. If you’d like to have your post or someone’s else’s post included, submit using our this handy form. Or you can simply e-mail me the link at thoughtfulconservative [at] yahoo [dot] com. Past posts and future editions can be found here.

November 11, 2008

Veteran’s Day 11/11/2008

by thoughtfulconservative

A heartfelt thanks to all those vets out there for what you’ve done for this great nation.

November 11, 2007

Veterans Day 2007

by thoughtfulconservative

UPDATE: Following silent e, here are vets I honor today, my father, my brother and two nephews, my two grandfathers and several uncles. Like Kyle Prast (end of post) I pray especially for: Dan, Jeremy, Phil and John.

UPDATE II: Spring City Chronicle has pictures from the Waukesha memorial on Sunday. Pete Fanning has a post and pictures from the Milwaukee parade from Saturday. Yorick’s Persiflage had an original poem.

A salute to all veterans. Whether in peace or war, they put their butts on the line and deserve more gratitude than we could ever give them. God bless you.

Here’s a mural on the Lee County, FL Veterans Services site.


Thank you.