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September 25, 2010

Wisconsin governor’s debate 09-24-2010

by thoughtfulconservative

The first “debate” for Wisconsin governor between Scott Walker and Tom Barrett was held tonight. The next will be Oct. 8 and one will follow Oct. 15. There’s video here if you want to see it.

Here are my impressions.

First of all, it was not a debate. Opening statements were made by both candidates and then a panel of three took turns asking questions. There was little room or time for rebuttal. The debate ended with closing statements by both candidates.

Both seemed well-prepared. I didn’t notice any slip-ups although I’m sure some one will find some.

Nor did I hear any new ground. Most of the talking points I’d heard before. The themes for Walker were tax cuts and getting government to work for people again. Barrett’s themes were that Wisconsin needs adult leadership and we have serious problems that need serious answers.

Barrett was more often on the attack. Walker was content, for the most part, to present his program, although he attacked as well.

The winner? Each side will claim victory, although the format precludes determining a clear winner.

August 17, 2010

Scott Walker, college dropouts, and media coverage

by thoughtfulconservative

Two friends (at least online friends) posted recently on remarks Scott Walker made to reporters after the debate in Oconomowoc. They based their posts on this article in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel which “quoted” Scott Walker as saying,

Walker said he didn’t graduate because he got a job and he suggested that in the current economy college students close to graduating might consider doing the same.

Pretty plain and they drew their conclusions.

Might not be as simple.

At least when you look at the report on WITI channel 6  locally, which seems to have the entire quote. Here’s what Walker said,

“Bottom line is, I was offered a job. Like any person going into their senior year, right now particularly in this economy, if they were offered a job their senior year of college, I think most people these days would take it. That’s what I did at the American Red Cross.”

Kinda different to me. And I don’t necessarily blame the Journal Sentinel reporter although I would encourage him to work on that. But the quote in the Journal Sentinel, if read alone, is misleading.

Therefore my conclusions would be different from Chris and Cindy (although I don’t presume to think I’m changing anyone’s mind here).

Here’s my paraphrase of what Walker said:

In this economy, any senior who got a good job offer like I did at the Red Cross, might consider leaving school, since their prospects are dim even if they stay in school.

It goes without saying that it’s up to interpretation.

The Left’s other concern is voiced by Xoff,

Scott Walker, the degree-less candidate for governor, continues to describe his college career in ways that are terribly misleading if not outright fibs.

Xoff, in a magnanimous moment, says something I’ve been thinking about since this issue came up,

I don’t care whether he has a degree or not. Many dropouts, from Bill Gates to Lady Gaga to your truly (who falls somewhere in between those two) have had some success.

I don’t look at a candidate’s educational qualifications that much when deciding on a candidate. Certainly Mark Neumann and Tom Barrett are very well educated. Scott Walker does have experience running a government with a legislative body of the opposite persuasion. He’s won elections in a county that usually votes overwhelmingly Democratic.

I haven’t decided between the two yet, but I certainly wouldn’t rule out Walker because he didn’t finish college.

August 5, 2010

Barrett, Neumann, Walker agree!

by thoughtfulconservative

The three major candidates for governor in Wisconsin are united in their opposition to toll roads for all drivers.

via Today’s TMJ4.

Refreshing, isn’t it?

June 25, 2010

Mark Neumann needs to take a chill pill

by thoughtfulconservative

Last week, I criticized Christian Slater Schneider (I promise I was sober when I wrote this post. Thanks Badger Blogger) for being too harsh on Mark Neumann, now I’ll agree with him.

Most of my readers have heard of the unfortunate accident of a section of the O’Donnell parking garage falling and killing a teen and injuring two others. Playground Politics posted about it and noted,

After giving family and friends time to mourn, it’ll be interesting to see how and when Mark Neumann and Tom Barrett approach this, and more importantly, how the Walker campaign addresses what could become a very thorny issue.

Well, it seems Mark Neumann couldn’t even wait till Monday. Today Christian tweeted, “Boy, I’m totally fooled by Mark Neumann’s attempt to make look like he isn’t blaming @ScottKWalker for killing people. He referenced this press release, which said,

“First and foremost, our thoughts and prayers are with the families of the victims.

“Government’s legitimate functions include providing safe infrastructure for its citizens. This concern must be paramount.

“It is clear that along with this latest tragedy, the county courthouse, the Zoo Interchange, and the Hoan Bridge, a number of structures in Milwaukee County are in various stages of disrepair. A full investigation and safety review is absolutely warranted, particularly for structures and facilities that have already been flagged for critical problems.

“This is heartbreaking. Sue and I are deeply sorry to hear of this terrible loss and the families are in our prayers.”

This press release could have been done just as effectively without paragraphs 2 and 3 and should have been. There is plenty of time for recriminations after the investigation. It’s extremely callous and in poor taste to use this so early for political gain.

Interestingly, Mayor Tom Barrett has not released anything yet, perhaps proving once again that Democrats are more compassionate than Republicans (No, I don’t believe that so no nasty comments please).

I’m pretty much neutral at the moment, but, Mr. Neumann, your desperation is showing. Yes, it has to be frustrating that you lost the endorsement by such a wide margin, but chill. Really. You’re not gaining yourself any friends by such displays of overeagerness.

June 8, 2010

Democrats don’t like Barrett’s proposed “diet”

by thoughtfulconservative

At least one Democrat anyway:

State Treasurer candidate Dan Bohrod today said that he was disappointed in Milwaukee Mayor and Democratic gubernatorial candidate Tom Barrett’s proposal to eliminate the Office of the State Treasurer, ostensibly to save state tax monies.

via Bohrod Campaign: Bohrod disappointed in Barrett proposal.

Yes, disappointed because he’s running for the office and wants some job security.

Oh, did I read too much into that?

“I’ve been working hard over the last 8 ½ months trying to make the case that the State Treasurer is an important office, but has for many years lacked the appropriate leadership to provide a meaningful contribution to the public discourse as regards important state financial issues,” said Bohrod. “Apparently, I have more work to do.”

You bet you have more work to do! So we really need “ a meaningful contribution to the public discourse as regards important state financial issues” from a position that gets paid $62,000 and change? Don’t we have enough of people already making public discourse?

Look at the lieutenant governor candidates’ websites, those that have them. All of them want to bring jobs to Wisconsin and fix the budget. What’s the trouble? None of them can do a thing about it. The duties of the LG are basically to wait until the governor needs them for something, kinda like a vice-president.

Same with the state treasurer. Candidates can talk all they want about their “two decades of public budgeting experience” but basically they do squat. Yeah, I know their duties. I could probably do that from here in Waukesha on my laptop.

There’s more. Ah, but you knew there was, didn’t you?

“I think any time one Constitutional officer proposes elimination of another, folks should be wary….  Eliminating the Treasurer results only in the stifling of a voice of the people, a duly elected, Constitutional Officer”

Wow. Feelings of patriotism are welling up in my breast. “Stifling a voice of the people!” It must not be! Rally to its defense!

Did the sarcasm drip a little too much there? Sorry. But really, we’re not talking about eliminating an important office, like lieutenant governor or anything like that.

But really, I have never seen three more useless elected offices than lieutenant governor, secretary of state and state treasurer.

June 7, 2010

Tom Barrett thinks Scott Walker has the right idea

by thoughtfulconservative

Here’s part of his plan to “put Madison on a diet” and the projected savings:

Cutting Waste

•Work to combine state and local government employees’ purchasing power statewide: $339 million.

•Create incentives for BadgerCare Plus enrollees to select low-cost plans: $200 million.

•Cut prisoner health care costs: $9.5 million.

•Improve financial administration and control overpriced contracts: $76 million. Eliminate Unneeded Bureaucracy

•Implement comprehensive Sunset Review system of all regulatory program, commissions and boards. Texas realized a $37 return for each $1 invested in this initiative.

•Right-size state workforce, reduce middle management and limit high-priced contractors: $34 million.

•Eliminate the offices of Secretary of State and State Treasurer: $1 million. Improving Efficiency

•Move Wisconsin state government into the 21st Century with technological upgrades: $175 million.


It looks like he agrees with the Republican candidate for State Treasurer Kurt Schuller who favors an amendment to abolish both offices.

The Journal Sentinel has called for abolition of the office of Secretary of State in the past.

Anytime we can cut waste and improve efficiency, I’m all for it, even if a Democrat is proposing it.

Then again maybe mayor Barrett is a Sheriff David Clarke kind of Democrat.