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January 5, 2009

Springsteen Super Bowl Halftime show

by thoughtfulconservative

Via the St. Petersburg Times web site, Springsteen Fans, Super Bowl Needs You For Halftime

How would you like to see Bruce Springsteen’s Super Bowl halftime show up close and free?

Producers of the Feb. 1 halftime show need about 2,000 “excited fans” to be on the field during the concert by Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band.

If you have rich friends and are planning to be in Tampa and like Bruce Springsteen, here’s your chance.

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December 22, 2008

Weird story of the day

by thoughtfulconservative

Today’s story comes to us from my old stomping grounds via the St. Petersburg (FL) Times.

Police say that allegations of sex in the women’s restroom at Sidebern’s, one of Tampa’s priciest restaurants, prompted a rolling fistfight and, later in the parking lot, the arrest of a lawyer who tried too hard to get involved.

According to the police report, around 11 p.m. Saturday Aimee Marie Dias, 35, said she walked into the women’s restroom at SideBern’s, 2208 Morrison Ave., and saw two people having “sexual relations.”

According to Dias’ account, she verbally confronted the pair before she was assaulted. “Ms. Dias said she and Ms. Jacolow went to the floor rolling around exchanging punches, pushes, etc.,” the report states.

Hochschwender told police there was no sex, but that he “was upset and Ms. Jacolow was calming him as a result of a poor relationship.”

From Ms. Dias’s allegations, one can only assume what this “calming” entailed.

Oh, it gets better.

Hochschwender told police that Dias threw a punch at him, then the ensuing fight between the two women spilled out to the main bar floor.

Saturday night fights. Ms. Dias is a spunky lady.

Oh, there’s just a bit more.

Enter Brent Warren Yessin, 45, of Tampa.

According to the police report, Yessin was waiting for a valet to return his car outside the restaurant. He persistently offered his services and even misrepresented himself to officers as an attorney for those involved.

Heh. Classy place with classy clietele.

Desperado, Steve Buscemi: … I was up a few towns away- you know Saragosa? … Now this bar, it’s full of real low-lives. I mean, not like this place here.

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