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October 8, 2010

Wisconsin Senate Debate 10-08-2010

by thoughtfulconservative

I watched the Senate “debate” tonight between Ron Johnson and incumbent Russ Feingold.

Like the governor’s “debate,” a couple of weeks back, this was not a debate like one we might have witnessed or participated in in school.

Again the candidates were asked questions and responded to them.

Also as in the governor’s debate, the Democrat trails the Republican in most polls and came out swinging.

As in the governor’s debate, the Republican didn’t make any mistakes and nothing that was not already known came out.  Consequently, as in the governor’s debate, there will be no change in the polls.

August 16, 2010

Russ Feingold – 2nd amendment advocate?

by thoughtfulconservative

That’s right. Look at how this Craig Gilbert article in Sunday’s Milwaukee Journal Sentinel starts:

You won’t find too many Democrats these days attacking their conservative opponents for being soft on gun rights.

But that’s exactly what Sen. Russ Feingold did last week in a radio ad, trading fire with GOP challenger Ron Johnson over who’s a better friend of the Second Amendment.

“I have been one of the true leaders in fighting for a greater right to bear arms,” Feingold said in an interview last week.

My conservative friends are guffawing about now, and although Feingold doesn’t get good marks from the NRA, neither does he seem to get good marks from the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence.

It seems mixed enough. he even seems to support concealed carry.

Not good enough for either side.

A maverick?

At least on guns.

Look, I’ll never vote for Feingold.

But he does seem to be a moderate on gun control.

A moderate? A DINO?


April 15, 2010

Quote of the day 4-15-2010

by thoughtfulconservative

I still argue Republicans are too diverted in their message to actually win against Feingold. We know the problem. Fix it and they stand a chance.

via Cindy Kilkenny  Nothing new under the sun.

January 21, 2009

Waukesha Carnival – Inauguration Edition

by thoughtfulconservative

Welcome to this weeks edition of the carnival. Yes, I’m late. Apologies. It’s tax time and unlike Tim Geithner, I know what I need to do, so the process has started. Oh, and I think there was an inauguration or something today.

Let’s start off with national politics. Huckleberry Dumbell at his post at the Spring City Chronicle shares his thoughts on Global Warming Climate Change.

Dad29 notes a Russ Feingold question of Hillary Clinton. What did that have to do with foreign affairs?

Tim at The Other Side of My Mouth notes some Bush bloopers. I love the dude but he could mess up the English language.

At Practically Speaking, Kyle Prast  wondered how Dixon Elementary was saving so much on natural gas usage. Kyle blogs plenty about Elmbrook School District stuff, if you live in the area.

Cindy Kilkenny published Elmbrook Schools’ superindendent Matt Gibson’s email on school consolidation at Fairly Conservative.

A little further west, James Wigderson says its time to end the Pabst Farms fantasy in a post at Wigderson Library & Pub. If liberals and conservatives agree, can it last very long?

In general stuff, Tom Gehl at Brookfield Basics gives us a tribute to retired Indianapolis Colts coach, Tony Dungy. He is an example to us all.

Dan Diebert is a 24 junkie also. He discusses the season thus far (before last Monday’s episode) and Jack’s kill count thus far at The D Spot.

MommaBlogger at Homemaker’s Guide to the Galaxy shares her experience at Iron Cupcake Milwaukee. Oh, and a nice little recipe for Apple Pancake Cupcakes.

Scott Feldstein had a post on morality and how those who don’t believe in God look at it. Some great comments. I disagree with Scott, but not on the fact that morality is a common problem, even if we don’t come to the same conclusion.

Blogs on the move. Bryon Houlgrave has moved his blog to WordPress. He posts some fine pictures.

Brian Fraley announced at Daily Takes that he was going on hiatus. We found out why.

Finally, Curt Otto has a question for us at Maple & Main. Well, an answer first, Two Thousand Five Hundred Forty Six. Here’s the story:

But last week, a student came to me and shared the most remarkable fact ever. And what made it even more spectacular was that she figured it out on her own.

It was an answer to an age old question- a question that has been asked for as long as I have been alive.

That’s it for this edition. If you have a post you liked, put it in the comments. Do the same for a post you’d like to submit for next week’s carnival. Or use this handy form. Past posts are archived here.

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June 9, 2008

A Waukesha Carnival 06/08/08

by thoughtfulconservative

Well, it’s been a couple of weeks and there may be a couple of more before I do another one, but let’s go ahead and pop a carnival in here.

An Inexact Science is back and calling all readers.

Nationally, The Asian Badger discusses Russia offering to help us build a gas pipeline.

Josh at Blog Waukesha goes political and expresses many of the conservative hesitations about McCain.

Dad29 educates us on the preamble to World War II and a prime topic the last couple of weeks — appeasement.

If you have the stomach to get through them Kyle Prast has posted the letters she received from Wisconsin’s Senators at Brookfield7 concerning the cap and trade bill.

silent e goes on a fine rant on gas.

Locally, Bryon Houlgrave posts some pics of Milwaukee.

Most folks who read this will know that David at Carrick Bend Thoughts tipped Mark Belling about Wiggy’s post on the local Dems misadventures, but what got me thinking this week was his post on politically correct language.

Dean Culver, on the other hand, finds it hard to listen to conservative talk radio anymore, because there’re trashing [my word, not his] John McCain.

The Daily Scoff notes how a UW Madison study promotes drinking and what might be a future finding, if we can dream of such.

Tom Gehl at Brookfield Basics brings one of the good guys into the spotlight.

Spring City Chronicle takes us on a photographic tour of the proposed ball park in Waukesha. More thoughts can be found here.

James Wigderson posts on the new superintendent of the Waukesha School District and the meeting to appoint him.

Cindy Kilkenny notes a problem with the Brookfield East plans.

As usual, if you have a favorite you can link in the comments or send the link to me at thoughtfulconservative [at] yahoo [dot] com. If you have one for next week, you can submit using this submission form. Past posts can be found on here. I don’t know right now when the next edition will be.

October 14, 2007

A Waukesha Carnival, edition 8

by thoughtfulconservative


Without further ado, let me give you the most thought provoking articles I read from Waukesha bloggers this week. If you have some either by Waukesha bloggers or about anything Waukesha, add them in the comments or send an email to thoughtfulconservative [at] yahoo [dot] com.

Three area bloggers give summaries of local news with brief comments on each topic just about every day. One is Jeff at Five Points blog. His Wednesday summary had excellent suggestions for streamlining Planning Commission meetings.

The second is Fox Head. His Saturday post had a good paragraph on Waukesha’s budget and the slosing of bus route 9.

Third is The Spring City Chronicle. He dealt with Waukesha budget matters also, concentrating on big increases in a couple of items. He had a good discussion on a post concerning the Crandon tragedy. He also did some ghost blogging.

The Asian Badger gives kudos to Sens. Kohl and Feingold. Yes, you read that right.

Tim at The Other Side of My Mouth and I don’t agree too often. But this post about recent calls in Congress about and Rush Limbaugh is right on.

The folks at Hobo Springs are into their Biggest Loser “competition.”

Jessica McBride has some PR advice for the authorities dealing with the Crandon tragedy.

Yorick’s Persiflage adds his thoughts on Christians and politics.

Scott Feldstein asks about our favorite mint or gum. Those Altoids boxes are nifty.

Fletch at Two Heroes has some interesting thoughts. I’d link to them directly, but I still can’t figure out how to. I think he just updates one post for each day he writes for as long as he wants the post to be.

At, Pete gives his opinion of the proposed changes to Wisconsin license plates for vets.

Silent e speaks about the fact that crude oil was above $83 yet gas was at its lowest level in 6 months.

Lisa at Sequentially Speaking disappoints all male comic book readers everywhere.

MommaBlogger at Homemaker’s Guide to the Galaxy posts about kids saying the darndest things at the darndest times.

Sancho at La Raza de Waukesha takes exception to the title of Wiggy’s post.

James at Wigderson Library & Post gives us the entire conversation between Ann Coulter and Donny Deutsch that has everyone in an uproar for some reason.

Dad29 has a novel way of determining how much to contribute to a campaign.

Well, I think that’s it for this week. If I’ve left something out, let me know. As usual nominate your own in the comments.