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October 22, 2008

Ron Paul endorses Charles Baldwin for president

by thoughtfulconservative

This happened back in late September. Was I asleep? Or does no one care? And who is Charles Baldwin?

He’s running on the Constitution Party ticket. Yeah, they’re on the ballot.

Ron Paul, Libertarian Party member, Republican congressman from Texas, endorser of the Constitution Party candidate.

Sorry about that, Bob Barr.

February 7, 2008

Romney ends his campaign

by thoughtfulconservative

UPDATE: And now it’s official. The transcript of his speech is here and video is here. Fraley gives a good review here.

From Yahoo! News,

Mitt Romney will either suspend his presidential campaign or withdraw completely from the presidential race, The Associated Press has learned.

This would effectively give the nomination to John McCain, spin from the Huckabee and Paul camps notwithstanding.

According to the delegate count at, McCain has 720, Romney 279, Huckabee 194 and Paul 14.

January 14, 2008

Waukesha Carnival edition 19

by thoughtfulconservative

A little late this week. Too much football and work. The list is strictly my own. If you’ve seen something you liked, you may add it in the commnets.

Here, for what it’s worth, is my list of “must” reads from last weeks blog posts.

The Asian Badger, a professional pilot, was also surprised that Midwest wasn’t training their pilots for Cat II and Cat III approaches.

Dad29 gives us an interesting headline (Oh, I love this stuff!).

A few posted about the NFL’s letters to theaters asking them to stop broadcasting NFL games in their theaters. Dad29, Linda Richter at Inside New Berlin, and all posted on this.

Bob Flessas at Public Trough explains why he likes Ron Paul.

silent e gives us the election team that would overwhelmingly win Wisconsin.

Fox Head has several delightful rants in one post.

Kyle Prast has a question for Brookfield mayor Speaker.

James Wigderson has a few suggestions to help Waukesha mayor Larry Nelson get started with his blog.

Meteorologists take a lot of heat. Sancho, posting at Hobo Springs, gives them credit for their work during the tornado weather last week.

That’s it for this week. Again if you have some suggestions, link to them in the comments or send them to thoughtfulconservative [at] yahoo [dot] com.

January 11, 2008

Ron Paul to open campaign office in Nashville

by thoughtfulconservative

From the Nashville City Paper

The campaign of Congressman and Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul will open its official Tennessee headquarters in Nashville Tuesday.

The headquarters will be located at 9 Music Square West. An open house will be held from 12 to 7 p.m. Tuesday.

Paul (R-Texas), a strict Constitutionalist with Libertarian leanings, has a strong fund-raising basis from a vocal group of supporters.

It doesn’t sound like Paul is about to drop out anytime soon.

January 3, 2008

Huckabee wins Iowa caucus

by thoughtfulconservative

UPDATE III: CNN is reporting both Dodd and Biden will drop out.

At least that’s the way the news organizations seem to be calling it. They are attributing it to a wave of evangelical support.

If you thought the criticism was bad before, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

UPDATE: CNN is calling Obama on the Democratic side. Ron Paul is polling 10%, an impressive result for him, I believe. I predict Duncan Hunter will call it quits before New Hampshire.

UPDATE II: CNN reports that Chris Dodd will suspend campaigning.

A sampling of reaction to Huckabee’s win (from CNN’s post, unless linked),

this guy is real scarey.

This is good news for Democrats, because it shows how messed up Republicans are.

Yeah! Now we can get prayer into schools.

I do NOT believe that the Republican voters of Iowa are THAT damned stupid…

Great. now we have him viable. Oh fantastic. Doesn’t believe in evolution, since he thinks he knows how long a day is for G-d, ( I guess only 24 hours, right?) thinks right to life is more important than the mess we have in the world right now, you know all the really important issues: G-d, Jesus, creationism, right to life. Ok, so we will just be the dumbest nation on the face of the Earth, along with the most dangerous. And for those of us NOT born again? I guess we have lost our place in line.

I believe he is, while well-intentioned, nonetheless, a real danger to our democratic society and would usher in a Christianized version of the Taliban.

If a preacher wins the White House this year….there is no telling what kind of divine messages we will all be forced to endure.

Anybody but that goob.

That’s just a sampling and it will get worse. Obama is probably in for some rough waters also.

January 1, 2008

Whom should I pick for president?

by thoughtfulconservative

Well, it’s now the election year. I know, you thought it had already past, but no, the election is the first Tuesday in November, 2008. So I think I should start thinking about my choice for president.

First, any hope of the Democrats for my support is misplaced. None of them says anything that comes close to what I believe.  I read one of our left of center friends say something like the Democrats like all their choices; Republicans like none of theirs.

No wonder the Democrats like all their guys. They all say the same thing. Just watch Hillary’s Christmas commercial. Government programs right and left and how will they pay for them. Any Democratic candidate could have made that commercial.

Republicans have a choice; several choices, in fact.

There is no shortage of information. I get their emails, I have their web addresses, I watch TV, I read the blogs.

I still can’t decide. I had high hopes for Huckabee. He’s a social conservative. He’s folksy and communicates well. He likes the Fair Tax, even though I know that, practically, there is no chance of ever getting it enacted.

But then came the foreign policy “missteps” (at least they were in my opinion). Criticizing your president may be a good way to make points somewhere, but without a plan of your own, it’s pretty pathetic. But I agree we have to do better with our Middle East policy. For too long it’s been about propping up someone who is favorable to us.

But this is not a foreign policy post.

I like Fred. I want to be for Fred. I think Fred would make a good president. All my conservative blogging buddies like Fred.

But Fred doesn’t seem to want it. I can see his point that he is not consumed by this run and it may all be part of his formula for winning, but it makes me wonder. He’s also laid back and that may be part of it. But the question still nags at me, will he stick through the next month? The next week?

I like Rudi’s dynamism. I like his feelings on security. I like that he’s taking the Republican base into account and promising to appoint conservative justices. I’m not worried about the “scandal.” I think he explained it well.

I like John McCain because he doesn’t tell me what I want to hear. Yeah, there’s that campaign finance thing and I keep wondering when someone is going to spring that banking scandal from several years back. And if a guy who was tortured calls waterboarding torture, it’s good enough for me.

Duncan Hunter wouldn’t be a bad choice (nor Tom Tancredo before he dropped out). I just feel he’s a one issue candidate. Take away immigration and what do you have? Anyone? I thought so.

Mitt has not yet convinced me that he’s not that liberal governor of Massachusetts we saw so often. Besides he’s rich and I hate rich guys. OK, I’m kidding on that one.

Since I lean libertarian myself, Ron Paul does not sound that wacky to me. I disagree with his position on getting the troops out of Iraq immediately, but he may be right on everything else. I just don’t know how he’d get his program through Congress.

And has anyone heard of John Cox? Does anyone care?

Do I like any of my choices? No. Will I vote for any of them? In the general election, yes. In the primary? I’m just not sure yet. Yeah, I know. I’ve only got a month.