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October 8, 2010

Wisconsin Senate Debate 10-08-2010

by thoughtfulconservative

I watched the Senate “debate” tonight between Ron Johnson and incumbent Russ Feingold.

Like the governor’s “debate,” a couple of weeks back, this was not a debate like one we might have witnessed or participated in in school.

Again the candidates were asked questions and responded to them.

Also as in the governor’s debate, the Democrat trails the Republican in most polls and came out swinging.

As in the governor’s debate, the Republican didn’t make any mistakes and nothing that was not already known came out.  Consequently, as in the governor’s debate, there will be no change in the polls.

September 9, 2010

Consequently I’m voting Walker, Johnson and Kleefisch

by thoughtfulconservative

[UPDATE (09/12/10) Brian Fraley…]

Leave it up to liberals to entice me to blog again.

Thanks, guys, for making up my mind for me.

Deke Rivers, [Barry Orton at ]Paul Soglin[‘s blog], mal, and best of all Jay Bullock.

Your support for their opponents shows me how much you fear these three.

Could you show me which other Republicans you’re afraid of?


Scott Walker

Ron Johnson

Rebecca Kleefisch

[I can add Sheriff Trawicki and Kurt Schuller to the above list.]

August 4, 2010

Does this bode ill for Ron Johnson, etc.?

by thoughtfulconservative

Between 2000 and 2009, just more than one in 10 11 percent of self-funding candidates — defined as those for whom half or more of total money raised came from themselves — seeking state offices won. That dismal percentage came even though the approximately 6,000 self-financing candidates donated nearly $1 billion of their own money — or 12 percent of all money raised by all candidates during that 10-year period.

via Chris Cillizza – The Fix: For rich candidates who invest in themselves, no reliable returns.

May 27, 2010

Election 2010 update 05-27-2010

by thoughtfulconservative

[UPDATE II: Wiggy tells us that Bill Kramer has a Democratic opponent.]

[UPDATE: To show that capper wrote about Wall and not Newcomer.] Well, things are hopping and we’re still several months away from the primary in September.

Newcomer drops out of race for 33rd Assembly district. This was not a surprise and capper heard the first rumors I heard [Ed. note-Not Newcomer, but Wall]. Mr. Newcomer has had more than his share of controversy since being elected to replace Waukesha county executive Paul Vrakas. He had several challengers. The Journal Sentinel link has a list of 22 legislators who are not seeking re-election. Before I even finished this post the MJS had Pedro Colon also not seeking re-election so make that 23.

Ron Johnson stopped by Brian Dorow’s fundraiser at Crites Field in Waukesha Wednesday. Dorow is one of the candidates in the 33rd Assembly district (link via The Spring City Chronicle).

Yes, folks that’s how fast things are changing!

Don Pridemore is getting plenty of challenges for the Republican nomination in the 93rd. (h/t The Spring City Chronicle).

Terrance Wall has dropped out of the Republican race for the right to face Russ Feingold in November. [Capper was the first I saw with the news.] He’s the second within the last ten days, Dick Leinenkugel having dropped out earlier and endorsing Ron Johnson about whom George Will wrote.