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October 26, 2008

Waukesha Carnival 10-26-2008

by thoughtfulconservative

Where to begin? How about where we’re all hit–the wallet.

Dad29 exposes the Democrats plans for 401(k)s.

The Asian Badger links to a Wall Street Journal article that shows

that high tax rates on the “producers” cause dis-incentives on those who are the payors of those tax rates. At some point, they either stop producing or, move out of the country.

At Waukesha FYI, Darryl Enriquez notes that a local lady got her letter about the bailout printed in TIME magazine.

Politics are always on the mind. Kyle Prast wonders at Practically Speaking why Powell’s endorsement of Barack Obama matters.

JJ Gravelle muses in his own inimitable way about Colin Powell’s endorsement of Obama at The Daily Scoff.

Alex has a nice poll over at Hobo Springs. Go vote.

Locally, Wiggy gives us a short rant on yard signs at Wigderson’s Library & Pub.

Cindy Kilkenny at Fairly Conservative takes a critical look at Brookfield’s Vision 2035.

Meanwhile, Mayor Larry Nelson continues his steady stream of mayor memos. He’s a busy guy, I guess.

In miscellaneous posts, Bryon Houlgrave has some high school football “hits.”

MommaBlogger wonders what so secret about the 10 secrets of the effortlessly thin. You can read her thoughts at Homemaker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

At Inside New Berlin, Linda Richter informs about a year-round costume company. In New Berlin.

Find a tree? Curt Otto has reported one missing. A replacement is in the works. See Maple & Main for details.

Huckberry Dumbell adds a touch to his Ghost Blogging and Sunday Scan features. Go to Spring City Chronicle to find out.

That’s it for this week. If you see an interesting post, drop the link in a comment and I’ll add it to next week’s carnival.

March 30, 2008

Waukesha Carnival time!

by thoughtfulconservative

After missing last week due to another trek to north central Ohio (where we got but a dusting from the storm that left 10+” here), we have another rather large edition of the carnival. We better jump right into it.

David B. Bohl starts us off with How to Maintain Professional Boundaries posted at Slow Down Fast Today!

Kyle Prast from Practically Speaking posts some statistics crimes at the Brookfield High Schools.

Dad29, who is in favor of the Elmbrook referendum, wonders if the Wisconsin Government Accountability Board will be speech cops.

Cindy Kilkenny is against the Elmbrook school district referendum.

Linda Richter wants us to hold Alderman Ken Harenda accountable.

The New Berlin Citizens for Responsible Government shares their April 1 Ballot recommendations.

Curt Otto has some pictures of Harley Fest.

Spring City Chronicle recommends Christopher Hernandez For Alderman in Waukesha District 3.

James Wigderson clarifies things in Which candidate is he [not James but Charles Betker] not endorsing?

I included this post from Jeff entitled Sweeping The Streets: March 27, 2008 because he touched on Mayor Nelson being unfairly blamed for downtown vacancies and because once again we are shown how much the public doesn’t understand TIFs.

Bryon Houlgrave posted a funny picture. While this shot is humorous, this post tells some of the trials of trying to get those pictures.

Josh presents some good thoughts on sex offenders posted at Blog Waukesha.

Pete Fanning gives us a truly disturbing political video.

Wisconsin State Senator Mary Lazich (aide Kevin Fischer?)informs us about taxes in her post, Tax Freedom Day in Wisconsin is April 24 posted at Conservatively Speaking.

Shawn Matson has made some adjustments to his blog now entitled The Case for Milwaukee to his blog. You can now also get to it via this link.

The Asian Badger has a post showing us that not all liberals are completely brain dead.

That concludes this edition, but by no means exhausted all the fine posts this time. It is election time, after all.

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