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November 15, 2008

A Day in the Life of a Web 2.0 Hacker

by thoughtfulconservative

Here’s an article in PC Magazine that deserves wide reading. For example,

10 a.m. It’s time to unleash my new Facebook app, a cute game about putting kittens in the microwave that’s really designed to harvest your personal information. By running my app you agree to share your entire profile with me, and if you’ve posted anything even remotely useful to me (like a credit card number), then I figure you deserve to have me steal it. Here’s an similar bit of trickery I wish I’d thought of: In March 2008, the Aurigma ActiveX image uploader was used to cause buffer overflow attacks that planted malware on users’ PCs.

Read the rest of the day. Then protect yourself.

My computer savvy friends no doubt already know all this stuff. I know I’ve become very leary of Facebook aps.

March 10, 2008

Vice presidential candidates and the web

by thoughtfulconservative

TechPresident is keeping track of Technocrati mentions of candidates on blogs.

Here is the chart of Democratic vice presidential candidates. Here is the one for potential Republican vice president. (Well, those links are supposed to go to each chart, but it just goes to the main page, so you’ll have to scroll down to the end.)

They also have charts on MySpace friends, Facebook, YouTube views, and others.