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March 10, 2008

These can’t wait till Sunday

by thoughtfulconservative

James Wigderson names his political idiot of the week.

I go to two posts of Jeff over at Five Points. On voter ID he gives some doable common sense ways to avoid disenfrancising voters and says, if these were put in place,

The only people it would disenfranchise are the lazy people who refuse to get their ass down to the DMV to get a state-issued ID.

I agree that what he suggests should be put in place before we even think about instituting voter ID.

Jeff also gives his thoughts on the Great Lakes Compact. Good points here also, for example,

I think that Michigan is going to be the state that is going to be a thorn in everyone’s side because they have nothing to lose. The entire state falls within the Great Lakes Basin so they need permission from nobody. Illinois is also a concern because they have an exemption in place that allows them a very large daily diversion via the Chicago River.

I’m looking forward to John Schoenknecht’s column’s in the Freeman. I, too, have his Spring’s book and history fascinates me.