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October 9, 2008

McCain/Palin Waukesha rally

by thoughtfulconservative

Mary from Freedom Eden was there.

As was the Dave Casper Experience.

And James T. Harris.

Oh, and Wendy.

There was also HeatherRadish from Hasenpfeffer Incorporated.

Mrs. Headless Blogger went also and there are pics.

UPDATE: Kyle Prast of Practically Conservative was also there.

UPDATE II: Alex was there, too.

October 9, 2008

The swiftboating of John McCain continues

by thoughtfulconservative

Major Generals, fellow Senators say McCain’s rage makes him unfit to serve.

But, boy, they sure do hate it when it’s done to their guy.

October 9, 2008

Who’s fact checking the fact checkers?

by thoughtfulconservative

I lifted the following and posted it in the comments at Fairly Conservative, but I just had to post it here also.

During Tuesday’s debate, John McCain repeated an assertion he had made before:

In Lebanon, I stood up to President Reagan, my hero, and said, if we send Marines in there, how can we possibly beneficially affect this situation? And said we shouldn’t.

Unfortunately, almost 300 brave young Marines were killed.

The finest minds in American journalism set out to check McCain’s claim and discovered it to be true.

The finest minds in American journalism set out to check McCain’s claim and discovered it to be false.

Heh. So if the fact checkers can’t agree, what recourse do we have?

October 9, 2008

I can’t figure it out

by thoughtfulconservative

The polls indicate Obama is running away with the race. Democrats won’t admit that (Well, some will), thinking somehow that they will jinx the race and give it to McCain. But I think Obama is going to win.

So why is the Left acting so panicky? One thinks McCain moves like a some strange robot, characterizing him as creepy. Well, if memory serves he was tortured in a Vietnamese prison–might have something to do with it.

Another thinks McCain is suffering from ancient form of blindness.

Another is promoting a “documentary” by the Obama camp.

Even nationally known columnists seem to be hallucinating, besides ignoring documentation otherwise (I thought it was the conservatives who ignored facts) Stolen elections? Does ACORN favor McCain?

And not so real journalists swiftboating McCain (Kane calls it “well-written and well-researched.” Why? ‘Cuz it’s long? Memo to Kane [Update–and Rowen]: If it includes the debunked 5 crashed planes meme and the one where he sang for his captors, how can I believe it’s “well-researched?”)

You’d think McCain was leading.

Maybe they’re just trying to make sure. But they sound almost as desperate as they accuse McCain of being.

October 6, 2008

Is McCain done?

by thoughtfulconservative

If you’ve been watching the electoral map from Election Projection on the right side of my blog the last few days, you’ll notice that today things took a sharp turn upward for Obama. I’ll let the Blogging Caesar explain,

Did you hear that swoosh sound coming from Election Projection last week? No, it wasn’t the mortgage crisis. That noise was the bottom falling out for John McCain. The GOP nominee trailed Barack Obama by just 8 electoral votes in last week’s update. During the week however, state after state shed its redness in favor of a more azure shade. On Tuesday, Florida and Nevada switched from red to blue. On Wednesday, Virginia slid into Obama’s column, followed by Ohio on Thursday and North Carolina on Friday. And Missouri rounds out McCain’s collapse by bolting this morning.

Missouri! Missouri!! What in the world is going on? If you check out the “No Toss-up States” map at the numbers are about the same. has Obama winning before tallying the toss-up states.

Well, the economy. No matter how much McCain and Palin paint themselves as mavericks, people connect the economic downturn (and no, I’m not afraid to call it a recession) to the Republicans.

With the withdrawal from Michigan, things are not looking good. It appears that Nebraska may be in doubt. Nebraska! Obama is spending time in Indiana, North Carolina and Virginia and hasn’t been in Ohio in almost a month.

The WEEK magazine’s daily update had a compendium wondering if the race is over.

Man, I’m sure glad I don’t put much faith in polls.

But it doesn’t look good right now.

September 29, 2008

Cartoon time

by thoughtfulconservative

To fulfill the search requests of many who visit my site, I submit these:

In case of fire