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November 22, 2012

Nelson’s Complete Book of Bible Maps and Charts – review

by thoughtfulconservative

Nelson’s Complete Book of Bible Maps and Charts is a worthy addition to any one’s library. This is the third edition of this book and it’s made more useful with the addition of downloadable maps and charts.

The book contains at least one chart for every book of the Bible, and many, many maps of the geography that pertains to this book.

I found the book well laid out. The order follows that of the Protestant Scriptures. Each book has a section of Author, Date, and Theme and Literary Structure. There is an “At a Glance” chart, an outline of the book as well as time lines and maps when applicable.

Even though I have a Bible college degree and have been a Christian for 50 years and a missionary for over 35 years, I have found myself referring to the book again and again as I prepare for classes, talks, or my own personal Bible study. The charts break down the material so simply and clearly.

The only glitch I’ve had is downloading the maps and charts. Some of them are not complete.

Regardless, the book is worth the price ($12.72 or less on Amazon).

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book free from the publisher through the BookSneeze®.com book review bloggers program. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255 (PDF file) : “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”
December 7, 2009

Letter from Jesus

by thoughtfulconservative

Taken from Vibrance!:

Dear Child,

It has come to my attention that many of you are upset that people are attempting to take My name out of the Christmas season.

How I feel about this celebration may be best-understood by those of you who have been blessed with children of your own:

I don’t care what you call the day so much as I do that you get along with and love one another.

If it bothers you that the town in which you live doesn’t allow a scene depicting My birth, simply put in a small Nativity scene on your own front lawn. If all My followers did that there wouldn’t be a need for such a scene on the town square because there would be many of them all around town.

Don’t worry about people calling the tree a holiday tree instead of a Christmas tree. It was I who made all trees. You can remember Me anytime you see any tree.  I mean, you could decorate a grape vine if you chose to; I taught about one when I was on Earth, explaining who I am in relation to you and what each of our tasks are (it’s in John 15).

If you want to give Me a present in remembrance of My birth, any of these would be good choices:

1. Instead of writing protest letters objecting to the way My birthday is being celebrated, write letters of love and hope to soldiers away from home. They are terribly afraid and lonely this time of year. I know, they tell Me all the time.

2. Visit someone in a nursing home. You don’t have to know them personally. They just need to know that someone cares about them.

3. Instead of writing the President complaining about the wording on the cards his staff sent out this year, write and tell him that you’ll be praying for him and his family this year. Then follow up… It will be nice hearing from you again.

4. Instead of giving your children a lot of gifts you can’t afford and they don’t need, spend time with them. Tell them the story of My birth, and why I came to live with you down here. Hold them in your arms and remind them that I love them.

5 Pick someone that has hurt you in the past and forgive him or her.

6. Someone in your town will attempt to take their own life this season because they feel so alone and hopeless.  Since you don’t know who that person is, give everyone you meet a warm smile; it could make the difference.

7. Instead of complaining about what a retailer in your town calls the holiday, be patient with the people who work there. Give them warm smiles and kind words. Wish them a Merry Christmas even if they’re not allowed to say “Merry Christmas” in return. Then stop shopping there on Sunday. If the store has less traffic and makes less money on that day they’ll schedule fewer people, perhaps even close and let their employees spend Sunday at home with their families.

8. If you really want to make a difference, support a missionary– especially one who takes My love and Good News to those who have never heard My name.

9. There are individuals and whole families in your town who not only will have no “Christmas” tree, but neither will they have any presents to give or receive. If you don’t know them, buy some food and a few gifts and give them to the Salvation Army or some other charity which believes in Me and they will make the delivery for you.

10. Finally, if you want to make a statement about your belief in and loyalty to Me, then behave like a Christian. Don’t do things in secret that you wouldn’t do in My presence. Let people know by your actions that you are one of mine.

Don’t forget; I am God and can take care of Myself.
Focus on loving Me and doing what I have told you to do.
I’ll take care of all the rest.

Check out the list above and get to work; time is short.
I’ll help you, but the ball is now in your court.

And do have a most blessed Christmas with all those whom you love and remember :


December 24, 2008

More on Mary, the mother of Jesus

by thoughtfulconservative

Lance Burri posting at made an interesting comparison between Sarah Connors and Mary and Joseph.

It reminded me of a couple of items by pastor and author Max Lucado from “It Began in a Manger.” The first is 25 questions for Mary. The other is Mary’s Prayer.

And then I’ll share a song from the musical our church did (Two services on Christmas Eve at 4 and 6 if anyone is interested) called “Here With Us” which is similar to the thoughts above (The young lady who sings it at our church does a better version, I feel).

I don’t know how posting will go tomorrow. The two services at church and the kids coming in. Just in case, I pray for a rich and meaningful Christmas for all my readers.

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