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August 27, 2008

Burkee says deck is stacked to protect incumbents

by thoughtfulconservative

On the eve of the only forum taking place in Wisconsin’s Fifth Congressional District, Steve Jagler writing in  Milwaukee’s Small Business Times’ Biz Blog, gives time to challenger Jim Burkee who complains about incumbent advantages. To wit,

  1. Burkee was not allowed to walk in many Independence Day parades. As an office holder, Sensenbrenner was.
  2. Sensenbrenner has agreed to only one forum–tonight’s forum in Germantown. At least three others were turned down by Sensenbrenner and since he didn’t show, the forums’ sponsors dropped them.
  3. “Individual supporters of a challenger’s campaign cannot compete with the war chest of thousands of dollars that the Sensenbrenner campaign has collected over the years from political action committees (PACs), many of whom represent out-of-state interests.”
  4. Sensenbrenner’s district was gerrymandered to virtually ensure his perpetual re-election.
  5. Burkee said he’s having trouble getting any acknowledgement whatsoever from the conservative talk show hosts in town.

Sensenbrenner’s campaign manager predictably dismissed these complaints as “whining.”

Well, maybe. There’s no doubt incumbents have advantages. And we could argue all day about whether the founding fathers intended lifetime legislators.

No Democrats are running. Robert R. Raymond of Shorewood is running as an independent. Haven’t heard much from him or about him, so the winner of the Republican primary will most likely be elected in November.

After being largely in the Sensenbrenner camp, I’m pretty much undecided right now. I don’t agree with either man fully (Do I ever?).

Maybe tonight’s forum will get me off the fence.