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December 4, 2007

A Waukesha Carnival edition 13

by thoughtfulconservative

After a Thanksgiving weekend hiatus, I’m back with another rundown of the quality Waukesha posts of the last week. You may differ. Nominate yours in the comments or send them to thoughtfulconservative [at] yahoo [dot] com.

Seems there was some football game that a lot of people wanted to watch, but couldn’t. The Asian Badger tells the whiners (one Chief Whiner in particular) to quit whining and get a dish. Dad29 noted a price rise in his basic cable package; no NFL Network, no Big10 (actually 11, don’t judge their math programs by it) and wonders how that works. Jeff at Five Points questions if its worth the extra to listen to Bryant Gumbel. So did Pete. Fox Head speculated while waiting for the game to begin,

Let the finger pointing begin, who’s to blame here? The NFL for being greedy? The cable companies for also being greedy? Or the fans who choose to whine and moan and cajole their legislators into doing something. I say all three.

James Wigderson, who seemed to be extremely interested in the above game, took time to post about a blogger (well, actually a blogger who agreed with the blogger, are you confused yet?) who objected to the Tom McMahon’s parody of some bumper sticker. Evidently, this was a big deal, too. James also managed to take a shot at public television, in between trash-talking Packer fans.

silent e live-blogged the snow storm 🙂 . Great job.

Art was a subject for a few Waukesha bloggers this week. Curt Otto informed us of a new sculpture going up at Barstow and Main. It looks like a guitar. Or a woman. Or whatever, I guess. All I can say is I’ve never seen a guitar with breasts. Spring City Chronicle gets excited about it and proposes more guitar art. Jeff at Five Points makes his second appearance of this weeks carnival by saying if the “asterisk” is art, then the Fonzie statue should be, too.

David from Carrick Bend Thoughts has a quote for those who believe Global Warming is man-made. The Asian Badger says blame everything on global warming (Well, not really). I think that includes the aforementioned football game being unavailable to many the Packers loss.

Jessica McBride noted the arrest of an Appleton man being arrested for murder because he gave his girlfriend birth control pills that caused an abortion. Tim Rock disagrees (what else is new?).

Speaking of Jessica, she has a broadcast over the Internet. She includes the phone number to call and time of her next broadcast. Her husband, Paul Bucher, joined her for the first one. There was interesting back and forth between the two. They obviously don’t agree perfectly on every issue. That’s news, right?

Yorick’s Persiflage joins the Christmas debate.

Shawn Matson at Balancing Brookfield has a modest proposal for the school board. Kyle Prast at Practically Speaking reported on the Brookfield School Board meeting that voted for continuing the4K classes.

Cindy Kilkenny comments on the Richard Roberts resignation from Oral Roberts University, something I haven’t included in my posts on televangelists spending habits.

State Senator Mary Lazich posts at least twice on PhotoID for voter verification. This was in response to a Legislative Audit Bureau report on Compliance with Election Laws.

Sancho posts at Hobo Springs about his high schooler taking online phys. ed. Yep, you read that right, online Phys. Ed. How do they do that, you ask? Well, I can’t spoil the ending.

Pete (although many others did also) noted the passing of Evel Knievel. I know some distant relatives of his (same last name) and he died in my adopted hometown of Clearwater, FL. Pete has a couple of video clips.

New Berlin continues their full contact politics this time the New Berlin Citizens for Responsible Government posts and Linda Richter at Inside New Berlin responds.

Tom Gehl at Brookfield Basics has some good thoughts about Great Lakes water.

Dad29 reflects on the budget deficit in Wisconsin and ends it with, “it’s the SPENDING, STUPID!!!”

That’s it for this week. Tune in next week for another edition. If you think there’s an omission, submit it in the comments.