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December 13, 2008

I’m a map geek

by thoughtfulconservative

The best way to get my attention is with a map. I explore maps; I pour over maps; I collect maps.

I just love maps.

So here are some electoral maps I’ve run across.

The Washington Independent has a group of maps which answers the question, “What would the 2008 electoral map look like if the election were decided by [Fill In the Blank]”

The Electoral Map uses the first of a series of maps from the New York Times to state that the country is turning blue, but if you use the comparison from ’92 and ’96 we’re turning red. Obviously we’ll have to see what the next couple of elections tell us.

The has a time lapse of when counties were declared one way or the other.

Frontloading HQ has a map of the 2012 projected Electoral College votes.

And last, but not least, Christopher Healey from the Computer Science department at North Carolina State university has a series of maps which subdivides each congressional district into four quadrants and visualizes

“four elections of interest: President (upper-left), U.S. Senate (upper-right), U.S. House (lower-right), and Governor (lower-left).”

In addition,

“saturation [of color] represents the winning percentage (more saturated for higher percentages); the small disc floating over the state shows aggregated state-wide results; incumbent losses are highlighted with textured X’s; the height of the state represents the number of electoral college votes it controls.”


These maps also dispel the notion of Red State-Blue State, for the most part.

April 26, 2008

Early electoral outlook

by thoughtfulconservative

UPDATE: Here’s a nice little map to summarize.

Electoral map of 2004 showing pivotal states

From the Associated Press, favors the Democrats, supposedly. In summary,

The competition to reach the 270 electoral votes needed to win is expected to play out primarily in 14 states. All but one saw the greatest action in 2004. The exception is Virginia, a longtime Republican stronghold where Democrats have made inroads. Eight of the states went for President Bush four years ago, including the crown jewels Ohio and Florida. Six, including big-prize Pennsylvania, voted for Democrat John Kerry. In the battlegrounds, far more electoral votes, 97, are up for grabs for Democrats than the 69 available for McCain to go after.

The states? Those which went Republican in 2004 with their electoral votes, Colorado (9), Nevada (5), New Mexico (5), Iowa (7), Missouri (11), Ohio (20), Florida (27), and Virginia (13).

Those that went for Kerry, Minnesota (10), Wisconsin (10), Michigan (17), New Hampshire (4), Pennsylvania (21) and Oregon (7).

The article mentioned several wild card states, Arkansas (6), West Virginia (5), North Carolina (15), Georgia (15), Louisiana (9), Mississippi (6), Montana (3), Kentucky (8), Arizona (10), Washington (11), Maine (4), and, perhaps, even New Jersey (15) and Delaware (3).

Yeah, it winds up being a lot. The reasons for each are given in the article.

November 6, 2007

The best of Waukesha blogs, edition 10

by thoughtfulconservative

OK, it’s been two weeks and even this one is a day late. My apologies. Taking a class on Mondays, attending a Creation seminar on Thursdays, and teaching a class daily has taken its toll this past month.

But enough about me, or at least my personal busyness. Let’s get to what I found interesting in the blogs around the county last month.

First of all, Dad29 favors waterboarding–of the Wisconsin Legislature for the way someone can enter spending into the state budget and remain anonymous. He might have some on both sides who may agree with him.

The Sheboygan affair was a hot topic this past week, with The Asian Badger, Dad29, Five Points Blog, Peterepublic, silent e, Jessica McBride, and Mr. Wigderson (if I missed anyone sorry) hitting it.

OK, time for some humor. We don’t want it to get too serious here. Tim Rock’s mom says this was the best joke of Ireland in 2006. It made this conservative Christian chuckle so it must be. Tim also caught my eye with Edmund Burke – 18th Century Blogger Fan.

Spring City Chronicle provided a public service by posting 133 Addresses To Avoid While Trick or Treating In Waukesha. Yep, that’s how many sex offenders are in Waukesha. Some addresses have more than one.

Pete remembers Alan Kulwicki who won a tight race for NASCAR champion 15 years ago.

Public Trough, one of the BrookfieldNOW blogs discusses the Big Ten Network and its relationship to the University of Wisconsin.

James Wigderson previews a new Living the High Life commercial from Miller/Coors.

I posted on this from Scott Feldstein earlier with the moral of “…just because your computer is secure, it doesn’t mean you can ignore security issues altogether.” Amen.

Sancho at Hobo Springs wonders what happened to Illusory Tenant, the liberal blogger who used a term injudiciously and wound up having to apologize. Sure enough his blog is now open by invitation only. Well Imus is back on the air and perhaps IT will return eventually.

Other noted posts:

Public Trough – Do Their Job? Are You Kidding?

Dad29 – WI Greenhouse Gas Reduction to 1990 Levels!, “Gun Show Loophole”? Not Likely and Why the Electoral College?

Spring City Chronicle – Up and Down Broadway Dispatches

James Wigderson –Then why keep it legal?

That’s it for this week. Again,if you’ve read something by Waukesha bloggers or about Waukesha you’d like to include, here send me an email or post it in the comments.