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January 6, 2008

2008’s first Waukesha Carnival

by thoughtfulconservative

This is number 18 in my weekly (more or less) looks at blogging in Waukesha county. With more bloggers per capita than any Wisconsin county (by my completely objective estimate), here is a look at this week’s most interesting posts to me.

First off, we’re losing two political bloggers. Cindy Kilkenny is suspending posts to her blog, Brookfield City News. But she went out with this gem,

When I checked in with the candidate line up just now I nearly lost my biscuits. The thought of outgoing school board candidate Patrick Murphy backing Brookfield pyromaniac and adolescent tail bone cracker Dave Marcello is more revolting than I could have ever imagined. With any luck Marcello will lose, but it’s still pretty disgusting.

Politics, it’s not for the faint of heart.

The other blogger is Tim Rock, who is not giving up blogging at The Other Side of My Mouth, but is switching to baseball, specifically Strat-o-Matic baseball. The name of the blog is now BRASS (Bloomington Rotisserie and Strat-O-Matic Society) League. Tim and I have our disagreements politically, but any one who is into baseball, especially the Strat-0-Matic game, can’t be all bad.

David at Carrick Bend Thoughts posts on the pork of three other Democratic candidates for president, Biden, Kucinich and Dodd.

Jessica McBride shared her Thoughts on Iowa. A couple of points from her post,

Note to the MSM: When you trash a Republican candidate, Republican voters like that person more. While you were laughing at Huckabee for playing a negative ad to reporters, he was thinking: “Please keep laughing at me. Thanks!”

One could add some commenters on the Right to that. Another point,

The Huckabee candidacy is all wrong for the general election. He’s right on all of the issues that won’t play to independents and conservative Democrats (the social ones), and he’s wrong on all of the issues that do. The opposite is true of Giuliani.

In another post on the presidential election, Troy Fullerton of Rendezvous with Destiny asks, Who Benefits from McRomabee Battle? I’ll have more on Fred’s chances in a future post.

Moving on to other things, Dad29 points out more government cost over-runs, this time Wisconsin’s collection lawyers. Are you surprised?

Pete Fanning shares information at his blog on those new energy saving light bulbs that we’ll soon all be using. They may cause migraines.

Lisa at Sequentially Speaking links to the 2007 Darwin Awards. You gotta read it.

Huckleberry Dumbbell at the Spring City Chronicle, always looking for a good retirement state, eliminates New Hampshire.

Yorick’s Persiflage had a couple things on my radar but the one that interested me was a post he linked to about college.

It is a witty little piece about how we pay too much money to go to schools where education seems to be the least of the university’s concerns. A college education has become some sort of bourgeoisie ideal for all of middle-America. It’s about status and not education.

That’s it for this week. As usual, if you have a post you’d like to include, you can e-mail it to me or post it in the comments.

December 13, 2007

If you suffer from insomnia

by thoughtfulconservative

I present to you the Democratic Debate transcript from today.

Also noted is Why Dennis Kucinich was not invited (as well as Mike Gravel).

Neither Dennis Kucinich nor Mike Gravel had a campaign office in Iowa by the Oct. 1 deadline, according to reports filed with the Federal Election Commission. Gravel also did not have any paid staff in the state by the deadline.

Presumably Alan Keyes met these requirements, a remarkable feat of organization?

December 12, 2007

I learned something watching the Republican debate

by thoughtfulconservative

I didn’t know Alan Keyes was running for president. Maybe he never stopped. Apparently he announced September 14 on the Janet Parshall radio program (audio, transcript here).

So why was Alan Keyes at the debate? Especially since Kucinich and Gravel will not be at tomorrow’s debate. Ostensibly it’s based on the criteria (thanks also to steveegg who noted this in the comments) which

include: 1) an FEC statement of candidacy; 2) having an Iowa campaign staffer and Iowa campaign office as of October 1; and 3) registering at least at 1% in the October Des Moines Register poll.

As to #1, since he’s announced, he’s probably filed papers.

As to #3, Keyes got 2% in the October poll. Why October and not November? Beats me. Kucinich got 1% but maybe that’s rounded up?

As to #2, who knows? Would one staffer and a storefront lease qualify? Probably. However he does not appear on the Iowa Politics page. Nor does he appear on the Des Moines Register Iowa Caucus pages. But he does appear on the On the Issues presidential page.

So why was he there? Most likely only the Des Moines Register and Iowa Public Radio know for sure.