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June 15, 2011

Wait, GOP has a gay presidential candidate?

by thoughtfulconservative

Openly gay candidate Fred Karger will not be on the stage next Monday night when CNN broadcasts the first major debate of the 2012 presidential campaign.

via Gay presidential candidate left out, again | Keen News Service.

Those Republicans. So narrow minded.

…ironically, GOProud, a gay conservative group, has being speaking out in support of allowing Johnson into the debate while saying nothing about Karger, who served as an adviser to President Reagan.

Hold it! A gay conservative group is not speaking out about this? It’s getting more confusing.

A CNN poll conducted last month did include Karger, but zero percent of 473 Republicans or Republican-leaning voters surveyed chose him. Fox News included Karger in April, but only one percent of 322 Republican registered voters supported him.

I suppose you need some kind of criteria or else the stage might get a little crowded. As it was, they barely had time to answer all the questions. Limit of 1 minute per question and 30 seconds for followups? Puhleeze.

Anyway back to the item at hand. I thought those Republicans were homophobes. Have the Democrats ever had a gay candidate?

June 15, 2011

‘Traditional values’ take a slip in the polls

by thoughtfulconservative

“Traditional values” didn’t do too well in the latest CNN poll of American adults. For the first time in 18 years since the question has been asked, the percentage of adults thinking that the government should “promote traditional values” dropped below 50 percent.

via ‘Traditional values’ take a slip in the polls | Keen News Service.

What the heck are “traditional values?”

CNN did not explain what it meant by “traditional values,” but in political discourse, it emerged as code for “anti-gay.” The right-wing Traditional Values Coalition defines traditional values as including the view that homosexuality is an abomination, but also includes views that are anti-abortion, pro-death penalty, and pro-religion.

And of course, these folks are usually conservative and therefore Republican. I’ve got it now.

But since the question was first asked, in 1993, responses have fluctuated dramatically.

Might they fluctuate so much because CNN doesn’t tell them what they mean by traditional values so folks have to guess. What kind of polling is this? Could this low point be just another fluctuation? What will the author say if it’s back up to say 56 per cent next time?

Notice Question 21 page 7 in the PDF file. Sixty-three per cent feel the government is trying to do too much to try and solve our problems. Maybe people are starting to figure out that government cannot promote traditional values.

October 19, 2008

Waukesha Carnival

by thoughtfulconservative

Welcome to this week’s edition, the thirty-eighth dating back to September 16 of last year. This is where I share the links of noteworthy posts of the preceding week. Feel free to share other posts in the comments.

Let’s see what we have locally.

OK, this has nothing to do with the free mug I got at Drinking Right, but those of you who have met or read JJ Gravelle at The Daily Scoff, just knew that he would deal with the New Berlin-Pewaukee urination bruhaha in a tasteful and sensitive way.

Continuing in the sports vein, Dan at Skeptics Anonymous thinks last season was a pretty good one for the Brewers.

Scott Berg at his blog 359 Degrees talks about the Brookfield city Finance Committee meeting.

Josh at Blog Waukesha wonders Is there competition to Kramer? as he blogs on the race for the 97th district of the Wisconsin Assembly.

If you don’t go to Spring City Chronicle for Huckleberry Dumbell’s daily news summaries or his Sunday Scans, you should at least go for his ghost blogging and poetry which he combines here. And it’s annotated!

James Wigderson blogs at Wigderson Library & Pub about his weekly column in the Waukesha Freeman (always worth the 50 cents) where he blogs about free speech.

silent E speaks about a great piece by Michelle Malkin he read concerning Joe the plumber.

Cindy Kilkenny at Fairly Conservative fact checks the factcheckers in her post Why you should never trust CNN.

Alex at Hobo Springs is relieved McCain is finally saying he’s not George Bush.

And Kyle Prast maintains at Practically Speaking that the presidential election is not over yet.

MommaBlogger shares a recipe for Apple Grilled Cheese at Homemaker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

State Sen. Mary Lazich (aide Kevin Fischer?) compares abortion to light bulbs in this post, Pro-choice, but not about light bulbs at Conservatively Speaking.

Similarly, at Common Sense Waukesha, Dean Culver posts his thoughts on Liberal Hypocrites.

Finally, to post only on gloom is just not right. Dad29 cures that with some bank humor.

That concludes this week’s edition. You can always submit your favorite post of the week using this submission form. Or you can e-mail it directly to me at thoughtfulconsevative [at] yahoo [dot] com. Or put it in the comments of this post.

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December 1, 2007

More reaction on the Republican You-Tube Debate

by thoughtfulconservative

Eric at THE TYGRRRR EXPRESS had a good summary, I thought. This is but one small example,

One person asked what 3 programs or entities would be killed. Thompson mentioned social security and medicare but then backtracked if they were the top 3. He mentioned the OMB list of 100. Rupaul mentioned the department of education, energy, and homeland security. He may be nuts, but he at least answered the question. [Ed. – And not badly, IMO] Huckabee pandered by mentioning the IRS.

The Recess Supervisor criticized the question selection, something I and quite a few others have done. This section was especially good,

Congratulations America, you are filled with idiots. It’s like CNN picked a bunch of questions to deliberately make the GOP look bad. Why is it that we never ask Democrats about the Bible, or what federal programs, if any, they might act? CNN has a debate for them and it’s filled with a bunch of people asking “will you give me a handout too?” Gosh, that’s tough for a Democrat to answer.

He also has five entertaining questions for Democrats next time. They are entertaining.

And Christian Schneider at Atomic Trousers had his own view of things, as always,

Under normal circumstances, I’d rather staple my lips to a zamboni machine than watch another GOP debate.

That pretty well gives the tenor of his post.

November 28, 2007

Gay General member of Hillary’s campaign

by thoughtfulconservative

UPDATE II: I’ve put quotation marks around “plants.” I’m not sure the campaigns had anything to do with these folks asking questions, which “plants” implies. I still think, at the least, CNN did a sloppy job of previewing and vetting the questions submitted. I use “plants” here, then, as a shorthand for people CNN didn’t identify as being connected to other campaigns. CNN asked for questions, I don’t blame these people for submitting them.

Then there are the questions themselves. As noted on the CNN I-Reporter section, no question about health care, stem cell research, the economy other than taxes, the environment and global warming, the sub-prime crisis, I’m sure my readers could think of dozens more. Instead, we got a guy asking about the Confederate flag, three, yes three, questions on guns, space research, if Ron Paul was going to bolt after he loses, and whether the candidates believe the Bible. Please! No doubt these are important questions to the questioners, but with a limited number of questions why were these chosen, if not to show Republicans as unhinged.

UPDATE: Sean Hackbarth at The American Mind has more with several links and more “plants,”

It gets better (worse if you’re CNN). A woman who asked an abortion question is a John Edwards supporter. And the man who asked about support from the Log Cabin Republicans is an Obama backer.

In the various links at Sean’s place, especially Michelle Malkin, we see that these folks identify themselves as supporters in their profiles.

Steveegg at No Runny Eggs has more also and a couple of more “plants.”

That these people asked questions or even wanted to ask questions bothers me not a bit. They were fair questions. That CNN failed to let the public know who they were bothers me. That they had William Bennett on with 5 left of center folks plus Cooper bothers me. That they followed that up with a special emphasizing right of center attack ads and characterizing them as lies when they have not been proven that they are lies yet (since Kerry refuses to let his military record become public) bothers me. That CNN is now trying to scrub the debate video bothers me.

And Democrats avoided Fox because they thought they wouldn’t get a fair shake? If I were a Republican candidate, I would not go to another CNN sponsored debate.

Via Newsbusters,

CNN, as part of its Republican debate with YouTube, failed to mention that retired general Keith Kerr, who announced he was gay after his retirement from the Army, is a member of Hillary Clinton’s “LGBT Americans For Hillary Steering Committee.” Not only did General Kerr ask the question via a YouTube video, but he was also present in the audience, and got to ask the candidates for a “straight answer” (pardon the pun).

CNN at the end of the “talking heads” segment, acknowledged this and said if they had know they would have certainly noted it. No mention was made of why it took them so long to verify it.

I guess Hillary sets up other candidates with questions, too.