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February 2, 2009

Democratic scandal round-up

by thoughtfulconservative

UPDATE III: Daschle is out.

UPDATE II: And the hits keep coming,

Tom Daschle backed the patron who paid him a million-dollar salary and supplied him with a free car and driver for a job inside the Obama administration, two Democrats said Monday.

Leo Hindery, whose InterMedia Partners employed the former Senate majority leader, had been mentioned as a possible secretary of commerce or U.S. trade representative.

“Tom was pushing for him,” said one Democratic source.

To Obama’s credit,

Obama’s aides rejected Daschle’s suggestion that a top job go to Hindery, for whose private equity fund Daschle had served as a rainmaker and adviser.

UPDATE: And another one bites the dust

Nancy Killefer, who failed for a year and a half to pay employment taxes on household help, has withdrawn her candidacy to be the first chief performance officer for the federal government, the White House said Tuesday.

Killefer was the second major Obama administration nominee to withdraw and the third to have tax problems complicate their nomination after President Barack Obama announced their selection.

And Michelle Malkin has another tax problem for Daschle.

We’re gonna need a scorecard pretty soon.

Amanda Carpenter has a collection which includes the recent newsmakers, Daschle, Geithner and Rangel and reminds us the Al Franken still has some tax problems.

Franken, who is still fighting incumbent GOP Sen. Norm Coleman for Minnesota’s Senate seat, failed to pay at least $70,000 in taxes to 17 states prior to running for office.

Michelle Malkin reports on the White House’s opinion on Daschle’s troubles. If only the Democrats had been as understanding the last eight years.

Via Here’s what Gibbs said

It’s a serious mistake, but laying that mistake next to a three-decade career in public service, the president believes that Sen. Daschle is still the best suited to shepherd healthcare reform through Congress and get something to the president’s desk that will save the American people money and make the quality of healthcare better.

Can you imagine this being said about a Republican? Yeah, me either.

And now via the Instapundit and The Corner, we hear that Chris Dodd is refinancing his mortgage.

Sen. Dodd, whose committee has oversight over the mortgage and banking industries, faced heavy criticism in his home state for not releasing details of his mortgages when the controversy erupted last year.

Sen. Dodd said Monday he received a $275,000 30-year, adjustable rate loan at 4.5% interest for his East Haddam home. The Washington home was financed with a 30-year adjustable loan of $506,000 with a 4.25% rate.

The terms of the mortgages are under investigation by the Senate Ethics Committee.

The TaxProf has more on Daschle than you will want to read (H/t Instapundit).

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January 6, 2008

2008’s first Waukesha Carnival

by thoughtfulconservative

This is number 18 in my weekly (more or less) looks at blogging in Waukesha county. With more bloggers per capita than any Wisconsin county (by my completely objective estimate), here is a look at this week’s most interesting posts to me.

First off, we’re losing two political bloggers. Cindy Kilkenny is suspending posts to her blog, Brookfield City News. But she went out with this gem,

When I checked in with the candidate line up just now I nearly lost my biscuits. The thought of outgoing school board candidate Patrick Murphy backing Brookfield pyromaniac and adolescent tail bone cracker Dave Marcello is more revolting than I could have ever imagined. With any luck Marcello will lose, but it’s still pretty disgusting.

Politics, it’s not for the faint of heart.

The other blogger is Tim Rock, who is not giving up blogging at The Other Side of My Mouth, but is switching to baseball, specifically Strat-o-Matic baseball. The name of the blog is now BRASS (Bloomington Rotisserie and Strat-O-Matic Society) League. Tim and I have our disagreements politically, but any one who is into baseball, especially the Strat-0-Matic game, can’t be all bad.

David at Carrick Bend Thoughts posts on the pork of three other Democratic candidates for president, Biden, Kucinich and Dodd.

Jessica McBride shared her Thoughts on Iowa. A couple of points from her post,

Note to the MSM: When you trash a Republican candidate, Republican voters like that person more. While you were laughing at Huckabee for playing a negative ad to reporters, he was thinking: “Please keep laughing at me. Thanks!”

One could add some commenters on the Right to that. Another point,

The Huckabee candidacy is all wrong for the general election. He’s right on all of the issues that won’t play to independents and conservative Democrats (the social ones), and he’s wrong on all of the issues that do. The opposite is true of Giuliani.

In another post on the presidential election, Troy Fullerton of Rendezvous with Destiny asks, Who Benefits from McRomabee Battle? I’ll have more on Fred’s chances in a future post.

Moving on to other things, Dad29 points out more government cost over-runs, this time Wisconsin’s collection lawyers. Are you surprised?

Pete Fanning shares information at his blog on those new energy saving light bulbs that we’ll soon all be using. They may cause migraines.

Lisa at Sequentially Speaking links to the 2007 Darwin Awards. You gotta read it.

Huckleberry Dumbbell at the Spring City Chronicle, always looking for a good retirement state, eliminates New Hampshire.

Yorick’s Persiflage had a couple things on my radar but the one that interested me was a post he linked to about college.

It is a witty little piece about how we pay too much money to go to schools where education seems to be the least of the university’s concerns. A college education has become some sort of bourgeoisie ideal for all of middle-America. It’s about status and not education.

That’s it for this week. As usual, if you have a post you’d like to include, you can e-mail it to me or post it in the comments.

January 3, 2008

Huckabee wins Iowa caucus

by thoughtfulconservative

UPDATE III: CNN is reporting both Dodd and Biden will drop out.

At least that’s the way the news organizations seem to be calling it. They are attributing it to a wave of evangelical support.

If you thought the criticism was bad before, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

UPDATE: CNN is calling Obama on the Democratic side. Ron Paul is polling 10%, an impressive result for him, I believe. I predict Duncan Hunter will call it quits before New Hampshire.

UPDATE II: CNN reports that Chris Dodd will suspend campaigning.

A sampling of reaction to Huckabee’s win (from CNN’s post, unless linked),

this guy is real scarey.

This is good news for Democrats, because it shows how messed up Republicans are.

Yeah! Now we can get prayer into schools.

I do NOT believe that the Republican voters of Iowa are THAT damned stupid…

Great. now we have him viable. Oh fantastic. Doesn’t believe in evolution, since he thinks he knows how long a day is for G-d, ( I guess only 24 hours, right?) thinks right to life is more important than the mess we have in the world right now, you know all the really important issues: G-d, Jesus, creationism, right to life. Ok, so we will just be the dumbest nation on the face of the Earth, along with the most dangerous. And for those of us NOT born again? I guess we have lost our place in line.

I believe he is, while well-intentioned, nonetheless, a real danger to our democratic society and would usher in a Christianized version of the Taliban.

If a preacher wins the White House this year….there is no telling what kind of divine messages we will all be forced to endure.

Anybody but that goob.

That’s just a sampling and it will get worse. Obama is probably in for some rough waters also.