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June 21, 2011

Texas is now the US’s second-largest economy

by thoughtfulconservative
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Texas became the USA’s second-largest economy during the past decade — displacing New York and perhaps heading one day toward challenging California — in one of the biggest economic shifts in the past half-century.

The dramatic realignment of the nation’s economy was illustrated by North Carolina, Virginia and Georgia all overtaking one-time industrial powerhouse Michigan in economic size from 2000 to 2010. The economic winners of the last decade are states that focus on raw materials, government and senior citizens. The big losers are places that make things — industrial states and even California.



December 23, 2008

Trust the people? Nah

by thoughtfulconservative

Two under this topic.

First from the Chicago Tribune via the Waukesha Freeman.

So much for trusting voters. Illinois Democrats want nothing to do with that now.

Amid the ugliness of the arrest last week of Gov. Rod Blagojevich, the political class in Illinois seemed to share one noble sentiment: The choice of a U.S. Senate successor to Barack Obama should be handed to voters. The choice should not be left to the governor, not in light of the charges that Blagojevich tried to sell the seat to the highest bidder.

But then Democratic leaders had a revelation: They could lose that election!

Whoa! Trust the voters? That would be dangerous.

So Democratic leaders have backed away from holding a special election. The Illinois House buried the idea Monday and left Springfield until next month.

Yes, the oft named “party of the people.”

Next from the Los Angeles Times.

Reporting from San Francisco and Los Angeles — California Atty. Gen. Jerry Brown asked the state Supreme Court on Friday to invalidate the voter-approved ban on gay marriage, declaring that “the amendment process cannot be used to extinguish fundamental constitutional rights without compelling justification.”

“Government of the people, by the people, for the people?”

Bah, humbug.

October 8, 2008

The Waukesha Carnival 10/5/2008

by thoughtfulconservative

Welcome to edition 42 of the carnival. For the newbies, a carnival is a round-up of blog posts usually with a theme. A list of carnivals can be found at the blog carnival web site. Blog carnivals usually have posts around a thematic or geographic basis.

This one will have to be quick and dirty, because this post is late and it’s getting late.

Scott Berg has a post on Brookfield’s 2009 budget.

The Asian Badger looks at the Senate version (that eventually became law) of the Bailout Recovery Plan.

State Senator Mary Lazich informs us that the state can’t collect on the breaches of privacy in the Social Security mess.

Dad29 gives us more good news (NOT!) on the likelihood of higher electric bills.

Cindy Kilkenny steps aside and lets Son Number 2 speak.

Alexander reported on the last Blog n Grog. I learned more in that short evening than I had in my whole life previously, it seems.

Kyle Prast keys on Democrats charitable donations and their view of the rich paying more taxes.

Along those lines, silent e has some advice for the governator.

Spring City Chronicle has an exclusive drawing of the proposed baseball park at Frame Park. We find that the proposed name is Larry Nelson Stadium.

Yorick’s Persiflage had a look at the Biden-Palin event.

That’s it for this week. Sorry for the bare bones look.

You can always submit something here. or send it to me at thoughtfulconservative [at] yahoo [dot] com. Past posts can be found here.

January 18, 2008

Governor says he made mistakes

by thoughtfulconservative

From the Los Angeles Times

Reflecting on four years as the state’s chief executive, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger said Thursday that he now regrets a number of the policies he championed in his early days in office and acknowledges his own rhetoric was at times overheated and naive.

“I have learned a lot of things where I felt one way before I went into office, and all of a sudden you learn things are not quite this way and you change,” he said. “People call it flip-flopping. I would rather flip-flop when I see something is a wrong idea than get stuck with it and stay with it and [keep making] the same mistake.”

So, has the governor grown? Or is this another example of being captured by bureaucracy?