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February 17, 2008

Waukesha Carnival 02/17/2008

by thoughtfulconservative

Well, I had 21 posts marked for this week’s carnival. I don’t think I’m going to include them all. You can submit an post via Blog Carnival, or send them to me at thoughtfulconservative [at] yahoo [dot] com.

Ok, let’s see how many we can get to.

Shawn Matson at his new digs on WordPress, Cooler Near the Lake, has started a series on Senate candidates and has speculation concerning Wisconsin’s senator Herb Kohl.

I included this one from Asian Badger on migration patterns between the states because he and Dad29 have discussion in the comments.

Josh at Blog Waukesha posts on city employees, taxes and shoveling the sidewalks in front of your house.

In the interest of variety,

I include Bryon Houlgrave’s series on photography, The good, the bad and the ugly.

I had to include this one from Dad29 because we don’t often get to praise the work of the Wisconsin DPI.

Cindy Kilkenny gives good advice for giving to any charitable organization.

Jeff at Five Points has initiated a new series also, Five Questions @ Five Points. His first interview is with the owner of The Nice Ash Cigar Bar, Jeff Barta.

Sancho gives us another Hobo sandwich, his own collection of posts from the area.

Fox Head opines on an article suggesting Waukesha’s Super Wal-Mart may be in trouble.

James Wigderson gets criticized twice, from the right! Whoda thunk it?

Spring City Chronicle helps us get to the origin of the derivation of the city, county, town’s name.

Pete Fanning shows a popular Lincoln quote to be not really from Lincoln.

And we can’t go without touching presidential election politics (I think there must be a primary somewhere this week that I should do something about). Scott Feldstein has advice for Texans when they go to vote (Hey, don’t ask me; it’s his blog). Family Guy says, essentially (OK I may be taking some liberties here), I knew JFK and Obama is no JFK.

Whew! That’s all for this week. What? Isn’t that enough? Anyway, y’all keep writing and I’ll keep linking.

January 29, 2008

A Waukesha Carnival 01-29-2008

by thoughtfulconservative

I apologize for not posting over the weekend. Just wiped out from work, I guess.

Anyway, following are those posts in the Waukesha County portion of the Cheddarsphere that I found most interesting. They appear in no particular order.

Mayor Nelson posted his memo that he usually posts before a Common Council meeting.

James Wigderson had some advice on picking the new school superintendent.

The Asian Badger posted his thoughts about a piece that was printed in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel last Sunday concerning the business climate in Milwaukee.

Jessica McBride wants folks to stop “disrespecting social conservatives” not that many folks will listen, but I agree.

Troy Fullerton ponders whether a conservative of conscience could vote for John McCain. I say yes, since McCain’s conservative rating matches closely with Fred Thompson’s rating among other well-known conservatives.

Kyle Prast at Practically Speaking tells about the trials of going green.

Scott Feldstein asks, “If there were a magic button which would make it so that no sexually active couple ever became pregnant unless they explicitly wanted to, would you push it?” As he says, as a group, pro-lifers would say no, but I’m one of those who would say yes.

If you haven’t followed the Kevin Fischer brouhaha, you’ve missed a doosie. Cindy Kilkenny, now blogging at Fairly Conservative, was involved and even James Wigderson got pulled into it. Be ready to do some reading and clicking if you hope to follow this.[ed. – For those surfing over here, please note, I have no horse in this race. Some of the posts and comments have been removed and I have not followed it from the beginning, nor do I particularly want to. My interest is the amount of bandwidth that has been expended in this endeavor.]

Yorick’s Persiflage reports on a health care forum held at Carroll College.

Jeff, whose posts at Five Points Blog are usually found here, has another blog, Eat Wisconsin, which is going under some reconstruction. Keep your eye on it.

Spring City Chronicle proposes something called the Larry Nelson Memorial Auditorium. I just give his warning,

This post advocates public spending on what some might call a grand scale. This may cause my more sensitive conservative and libertarian readers to suffer the vapors or have a conniption.

Ya gotta love it when anyone uses the word conniption.

Finally, Lisa at Sequentially Speaking has a list of the Marvel comic books that have “Lost” easter eggs in them.

That’s all there is this week. If you have some you’d like to suggest for this week or next week, let me know, either in the comments or e-mail to thoughtfulconservative [at] yahoo [dot] com .

December 31, 2007

The last Waukesha Carnival of 2007 (edition 17)

by thoughtfulconservative

It’s time for the linky love known as the Waukesha Carnival. This is where I gather the posts from that part of the Cheddarsphere residing in Waukesha county. Or posts by folks outside of the county, but who write about the county. Was that clear? Anyway, here is this week’s posts.

For some folks, pork is a traditional New Year’s Day meal. OK, it’s ham, but it’s the same animal. Anyway, David at Carrick Bend Thoughts brings us some pork on Hillary and Barack. I wonder which special interest is pleased? Anyone else?

Speaking of New Year’s Day, Senator Mary Lazich posts law changes that are coming New Year’s Day.

The Asian Badger posted a picture taken after the recent snow. Spring City Chronicle had some also.

James Wigderson made a list of predictions at the beginning of the year. He reviewed that list this week to see how he did.

Dad29 dissects one story theme in the media and one popular movie. silent e takes a whack at a column, also.

Jeff at Five Points Blog makes public his survey results. He also gives us a TIF lesson. I haven’t had the chance to read it, but it looks detailed and he’s got some links for further reading.

Tom Gehl at Brookfield Basics posts on The Abolition of Consequence. It’s libertarian in outlook.

Jessica McBride posts on the twisted logic of Barack Obama and Mitt Romney.

We welcome back Troy Fullerton at Rendezvous with Destiny after an absence of three months. He provides a nice summary of the conservative credentials of the Republican candidates for president in Will the True Conservative Please Stand Up? We hope it won’t be three months till the next one.

Finally, Lisa at Sequentially Speaking, posts on Will the Internet Change the World? She discusses it from the viewpoint of the comic book industry, but what she talks about has implications for many industries.