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June 16, 2011

This is the price of apathy?

by thoughtfulconservative

I usually don’t take on Community Columnists at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. I was one once. But the one in Thursday’s paper is useful for a point, because it reflects what I see in liberal thought toward conservatives.

The 2010 election saw a full 50% of the electorate sit on their hands and do nothing. Among those who did vote, one has to wonder just how much effort was put into understanding the issues, the proposed solutions and the historical performance of the candidates.

via This is the price of apathy – JSOnline.

I’ve written about apathy before, even as a member of the Community Columnists. However, Mr. Bell is not really writing about apathy.

The Republicans got elected promising jobs and have pulled a fast one on all of us. Behind the foible of “budget,” they used the issue to drive home every bit of longed for right-wing goodies – and now, some who voted for them feel duped.

Yes, this is another screed about those no good Republicans.

What was that whole brown bag lunch that the liberals liked to ridicule so much, all about anyway?

That’s right. The budget.

How soon they forget.

But that seems to be the liberal tactic, that somehow the Republicans pulled a bait and switch on the people of Wisconsin.

“Jobs was what the Republicans promised.”

Well, yeah and the brown bag lunch. Living within your means.

Hmmm, I wonder if Mr. Bell was truly “duped?” Because the article sure didn’t give the feel of one who had been duped.

So who’s doing the duping?

As usual, what it comes down to is that the GOP lied and stupid people voted for them.

Same ol’ same ol’.

May 10, 2010

Quote of the day 05-10-2010

by thoughtfulconservative

Raising progressive taxes is a better move than budget cuts. It gets money moving through the economy again, jump-starting the economic recovery that is the principal engine of state fiscal health.



April 28, 2010

Milwaukee finishes year with $20 million surplus

by thoughtfulconservative

Via JSOnline.

Barrett credited the surplus to his administration’s efforts to hold down spending by imposing employee furloughs, holding positions vacant, raising the snow-and-ice fee and limiting overtime, as well as lower energy prices. He praised the Common Council and city employee unions for cooperating in those moves, which were driven by the need to contribute $49 million to the city pension fund, as a result of stock market losses in late 2008.

Aren’t these the kinds of thing Scott Walker is being blasted for by the left? Funny I haven’t seen anyone criticizing Barrett.

I’m not holding my breath either.

November 10, 2007

Waukesha’s growing presence in the nation

by thoughtfulconservative

Alderman Paul Furrer said it in defending Mayor Larry Nelson’s budget for travel (a tip of the conservative cap to Spring City Chronicle),

We have a growing presence in the nation and I think our chief executive is entitled to that travel to get our name out there.

And what do you know, there it is. Well, it’s only Government Computing News (11/05/2007) (What? You don’t get it?), but still.

“Our claim to fame was our springs,” said Mayor Larry Nelson. “A guy who drank the water was miraculously healed.” People came from all over to drink the water and take healing mud baths.

Now, a century later, the people of Waukesha are the ones healing the Earth by taking the lead on some energy conservation projects.

The Midwest city has put energy efficiency projects in all its city buildings. “We’ll save taxpayers at least about $2 million,” Nelson said.

There you have it. Coverage in a national, albeit unheard of, periodical. Alderman Furrer is vindicated as is Mayor Larry.

October 27, 2007

Wisconsin has a budget

by thoughtfulconservative

Yeah, it’s not what I would like. But I guess the Democrats aren’t pleased either, so maybe it’s what they call a compromise. Steve Egg and dad29 have the conservative rundown. Owen questions Doyle vetoing items in a budget he negotiated.

And yes, the Frankenstein veto made it’s biennial appearance. Very creative. I wonder how much staff time is taken up finding these things?

October 21, 2007

A Waukesha Carnival edition 9

by thoughtfulconservative

The rally at the capitol was the big news and was covered by the following Waukesha-based blogs (there are others also):

Dad29 (and here), silent e had several posts, many with pictures, as did the Asian Badger who flew in (imagine beating all that traffic!).

David at Carrick Bend Thoughts had a post which caused me to think about how much those who favor a
federalization of Iraq are giving Turkey the idea that they could make their excursion into Iraq against the Kurds.

Jeff at Five Points Blog looks at religious buildings and zoning, especially in relationship to the proposed mosque in Pewaukee.

Sancho rants at Hobo Springs about band competition judging.

Jessica McBride gives her good, bad and very bad on the state budget.

Pete Fanning informs us about what is happening in Tennessee since their rise in the cigarette tax.

Lisa at Sequentially Speaking tells us about some cool upcoming stuff.

The Spring City Chronicle fisked the piece in the Waukesha Freeman on regional transit.

Scott Feldstein shares a video and tells us why he doesn’t follow politicians around.

Fox Head has a long post on schools. Yes, it’s long. Yes, it’s important.

Tim at The Other Side of My Mouth gives us a delightful three act play, his version of Harvey.

You can catch up with Fletch at Two Heroes.

Jim Bouman at Water Blogged in Waukesha writes an letter to Laura Walker of the Journal Sentinel over her opinions on the Pabst Farm interchange.

James Wigderson gives the Waukesha School Board ideas for saving money.

Yorick’s Persiflage opines that Social Security will not be around when he needs it. His post also includes thoughts on Carroll University College and morning people.

The MyCommunityNOW blogs have been updated to allow comments and they now have feeds. Here are some pertinent ones: The Right Side of New Berlin (Matt Thomas), Conservatively Speaking  (State Sen. Mary Lazich), New Berlin Citizens for Responsible Government, Brookfield City News (Cindy Kilkenny), Thinking Out Loud, Common Ground, Takin’ the Blog for a Walk, Wake Up! Waukesha, Maple & Main, Inside New Berlin, Environmental Stewards, As I See It (New Berlin alderman Joe Poshepny), Pauls’ Falls, Public Trough, Balancing Brookfield, Practically Speaking, and Land Savers. Some of these post periodically, some once a week, some several times a week, others rarely. More are added periodically.

Well, that’s it again for this week. Again if you have a suggestion, know a Waukesha County blogger not on my blog roll, or have read a blogger’s take on happenings in Waukesha (usually the water problem and sprawl issues are most likely), let me know, either by email at thoughtfulconservative [at] yahoo [dot] com or in the comments.