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January 1, 2013

In which I write the obligatory Year in Review

by thoughtfulconservative

Was it my imagination, or did 2012 suck? Of course, for Democrats it sucked less than it did for Republicans because at least Obama got reelected. That was probably the big story.

Another story was (and continues to be) the shootings at Sandy Hook School in Connecticut. These kinds of things have the ability to shake one to the core. In Wisconsin, we also had the shooting at the Sikh temple and the one at the Azana Spa in Brookfield. On Christmas Eve, we were greeted with another shooting of the on-duty police officer, Jennifer Sebina, in Wauwatosa by her husband.

And of course, politics dominated here in Wisconsin and nationally with the recall elections and the presidential contest.

The conflicts in the Middle East continued to dominate the news. From the continuing conflict in Afghanistan to the uprisings in many countries in that area, people continued to die.

And then there’s the #fiscalcliff.

Many are glad to see 2012 in the rear view mirror.

October 13, 2008

Waukesha carnival 10/13/2008

by thoughtfulconservative

Let’s start this edition with local news.

Brookfield Alderman Scott Berg has several links concerning the city’s 2009 budget at 359 Degrees.

Darryl Enriquez at Waukesha FYI informs us on the testy public comments sessions at recent Waukesha common council meetings.

Fairly Conservative‘s Cindy Kilkenny wonders at Elmbrook Schools superintendent Matt Gibson’s thought processes.

Alexander at Hobo Springs posts about the anger at the Waukesha McCain/Palin rally that’s gained so much attention and notes that if we’re angry, it’s about the issues, not the personal stuff.

Curt Otto blogs at Maple and Main about a new store coming to downtown Waukesha.

Kyle Prast takes a break from political stuff at Practically Speaking to give us a glimpse of an outing to the Anaba Tea Room.

James Wigderson catches us up on the 97th Wisconsin Assembly district race at Wigderson Library & Pub.

Take this opportunity to check out Homemaker’s Guide to the Galaxy where MommaBlogger has a recipe for S’mores. The pictures will make your mouth water.

In national news, JJGravelle at The Daily Scoff expounds on what the international supporters of Obama say about him.

And we can’t forget the turmoil in the financial markets.

Dad29 points out derivitive cheerleaders Alan Greenspan and Robert Rubin, Secretary of the Treasury under Bill Clinton. Hmmm.

Well, I can predict the stock market won’t fall tomorrow. [UPDATE: Never try to read a financial post late at night.] The Asian Badger in this general post on the mess notes that tomorrow is Columbus Day, a federal holiday.

A couple of miscellaneous items.

Dan at Skeptics Anonymous reflects on a 2006 trip to Philadelphia to see the Brewers play.

Huckleberry Dumbell at The Spring City Chronicle just doesn’t give fine news summaries and nice poems, but also great pictures he has been acanning.

That’s it for this week’s edition. Each week I peruse local bloggers and select the ones I think are the best. It’s hard sometimes and you may not agree. So submit your own thoughts whether you’re a blogger or a reader. You can do so using this form. Or you can e-mail them to me. Or put them in the comments of this post.

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October 8, 2008

The Waukesha Carnival 10/5/2008

by thoughtfulconservative

Welcome to edition 42 of the carnival. For the newbies, a carnival is a round-up of blog posts usually with a theme. A list of carnivals can be found at the blog carnival web site. Blog carnivals usually have posts around a thematic or geographic basis.

This one will have to be quick and dirty, because this post is late and it’s getting late.

Scott Berg has a post on Brookfield’s 2009 budget.

The Asian Badger looks at the Senate version (that eventually became law) of the Bailout Recovery Plan.

State Senator Mary Lazich informs us that the state can’t collect on the breaches of privacy in the Social Security mess.

Dad29 gives us more good news (NOT!) on the likelihood of higher electric bills.

Cindy Kilkenny steps aside and lets Son Number 2 speak.

Alexander reported on the last Blog n Grog. I learned more in that short evening than I had in my whole life previously, it seems.

Kyle Prast keys on Democrats charitable donations and their view of the rich paying more taxes.

Along those lines, silent e has some advice for the governator.

Spring City Chronicle has an exclusive drawing of the proposed baseball park at Frame Park. We find that the proposed name is Larry Nelson Stadium.

Yorick’s Persiflage had a look at the Biden-Palin event.

That’s it for this week. Sorry for the bare bones look.

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September 15, 2008

Waukesha Carnival 9-15-2008

by thoughtfulconservative

Welcome to this week’s carnival highlighting post from or about Waukesha that I found interesting.

In news around the county, Mr. Gravelle at The Daily Scoff tells us the key to a successful library.

Scott Berg at 359 Degrees invites input into Brookfield city’s 2035 Comprehensive Plan.

Bryon Houlgrave has photos from the New Berlin firefighters’ remembrance services on 9/11.

Fox Head took a look at a couple of local items, traffic lights at Waukesha West, and obtaining a building permit and taxes.

Darryl Enriquez at Waukesha FYI has a pic documenting the tree cutting next to John’s Root Beer on Accordion Arcadian Avenue.

James noted an e-mail from the Journal Sentinel’s Steven Walters that belies the notion of journalistic integrity or neutrality.

State-wide, Dad29 uses Patrick McIlheran’s column as a jumping off point to make more points of his own on Van Hollen’s suit against the GAB.

silent e takes apart a recent Journal Sentinel op/ed on Van Hollen.

On the subject of national politics, things continued hot and heavy at Fairly Conservative with Cindy’s continuation post on Anne Kilkenny’s e-mail.

Kyle Prast confesses the same ignorance of the Bush Doctrine that I had. I guess we’re not qualified to be vice-president.

Dave at Yorick’s Persiflage recounts an encounter with an Obama backer going door-to-door.

In general topics, The Asian Badger links to a post on a pilot landing on the fringes of Hurricane Hanna.

The Family Guy gives us a post on The New Face of Feminism.

Linda Richter may employ some hyperbole, but she has some points on surveillance.

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April 27, 2008

Waukesha Carnival

by thoughtfulconservative

Welcome to the on-time-for-a-change edition of the Waukesha Carnival. Let’s see what’s in our bag of posts from the Waukesha portion of the Cheddarsphere this week.

The Asian Badger gives Wesley Snipes some practical tax advice, Use someone who knows what they’re doing. That he takes a swipe at our lovely tax code is just a bonus.

J Gravelle at The Daily Scoff shares some hypocrisy that took place last week in Colorado.

In the government waste department, Josh at Blog Waukesha is taking on an admirable task; identifying government waste. Some of us might say, “Just ditch the whole thing and start over,” but Josh will be learning about getting information from the government via the Freedom of Information Act.

Dad29 goes tongue-in-cheek to question some transportation projects, which if cut would clear some of that $600 million debt the state is trying to address. Of course, one man’s earmark is someone else’s essential spending.

Corruption? Or something else? Cindy Kilkenny closes the books on her investigation of Kevin Fischer’s vacation time at Fairly Conservative.

Locally, Kyle Prast posts upcoming events of interest to Brookfield (and others) at Brookfield7. At her other blog (how do people find time for two blogs?) she reviews Expelled favorably. I hope to see it within the next couple of weeks.

In Waukesha, Jeff from Five Points blog posts about the vision that is transforming downtown Waukesha. He has some very good thoughts and pictures of the areas under discussion or construction.

Spring City Chronicle has a suggestion for replacing the Waukesha Expo Center with a new multi-purpose facility downtown.

Ever wonder who you can really trust for your weather? El Gato, a new blogger posting at Relatively Conservative, compares weather forecasts of our local TV stations.

Turning to national news, in checking out Rendezvous with Destiny, Troy Fullerton, who once believed Obama to be a formidable candidate for the Democrats, now thinks Clinton, after Pennsylvania, has shown how tough she can be.

James Wigderson looks at the Pennsylvainia results and a New York Times op/ed and wonders if they are new to politics.

silent e posts the ad run by the North Carolina GOP and asks what’s wrong with it. I wonder too.

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February 26, 2008

Whatever happened to reading, writing and ‘rithmatic?

by thoughtfulconservative

Elmbrook now dealing with teaching gender roles

Having already updated crucial sex education lessons, the Elmbrook School District’s human growth and development committee is now dealing with another critical issue: gender roles.

The committee was established to revisit and rewrite the human growth and development curriculum for the Elmbrook School District. The group will need to present a proposal to the school board, who would need to approve it before the curriculum is implemented.

Last month the committee dealt with the appropriate grade level at which students should be taught about oral sex.

Things have definitely changed since I went to school.