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October 26, 2008

Waukesha Carnival 10-26-2008

by thoughtfulconservative

Where to begin? How about where we’re all hit–the wallet.

Dad29 exposes the Democrats plans for 401(k)s.

The Asian Badger links to a Wall Street Journal article that shows

that high tax rates on the “producers” cause dis-incentives on those who are the payors of those tax rates. At some point, they either stop producing or, move out of the country.

At Waukesha FYI, Darryl Enriquez notes that a local lady got her letter about the bailout printed in TIME magazine.

Politics are always on the mind. Kyle Prast wonders at Practically Speaking why Powell’s endorsement of Barack Obama matters.

JJ Gravelle muses in his own inimitable way about Colin Powell’s endorsement of Obama at The Daily Scoff.

Alex has a nice poll over at Hobo Springs. Go vote.

Locally, Wiggy gives us a short rant on yard signs at Wigderson’s Library & Pub.

Cindy Kilkenny at Fairly Conservative takes a critical look at Brookfield’s Vision 2035.

Meanwhile, Mayor Larry Nelson continues his steady stream of mayor memos. He’s a busy guy, I guess.

In miscellaneous posts, Bryon Houlgrave has some high school football “hits.”

MommaBlogger wonders what so secret about the 10 secrets of the effortlessly thin. You can read her thoughts at Homemaker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

At Inside New Berlin, Linda Richter informs about a year-round costume company. In New Berlin.

Find a tree? Curt Otto has reported one missing. A replacement is in the works. See Maple & Main for details.

Huckberry Dumbell adds a touch to his Ghost Blogging and Sunday Scan features. Go to Spring City Chronicle to find out.

That’s it for this week. If you see an interesting post, drop the link in a comment and I’ll add it to next week’s carnival.

November 19, 2007

A Waukesha Carnival edition 12

by thoughtfulconservative

These are posts that I read this past week that I thought were “good” for some reason. Your opinions, as always, may vary. If you have others, either by Waukesha bloggers, or about Waukesha, you can e-mail them to me at thoughtfulconservative [at] yahoo [dot] com, or leave a link to them in the comments.

Here we go, in no particular order.

Our neighbors to the east, Brookfield this time, not New Berlin, shows the nature of blogging. The “thread” starts here (picture and comments here), goes here, continues here and winds up here, for now. Blogging about politics, like politics itself, is a full contact sport.

In happier news, Scott is getting married. He also posted pics, although if you’ve browsed his Flickr stream you’ve seen her before. Scott is definitely marrying up 😉 Congratulations to both!

Fletch raises an interesting point about the Milwaukee City Hall renovation (yeah, you’ll have to scroll down),

The facelift that was supposed to cost Milwaukee taxpayers $44 million now is estimated to cost some $76.4 million. However, even these inflated figures ignore the well-known (at least among local politicians) fact that because of rotten pilings the structure is actually sinking, just like the Big Easy. Nobody really can offer what an “internal facelift” to correct this long-standing problem will cost, thus, the entire refit might eventually reach close to $100 million. Although the project almost certainly would have proceeded anyway, because it is an impressive historical monument, it would have been nice if the engineering team had been more upfront on potential costs that have too long been ignored.

Yes, why weren’t the contractors more upfront?

Jeff at Five Points Blog wonders if Waukesha should wait on hiring a city administrator until we see what Delafield does with theirs.

Jessica McBride had several thought-provoking posts this week, but the one that struck me the most was when she asked an interesting question and posed a possible solution.

Silent e rants about the way we fund government.

Lisa at Sequentially Speaking links us to a site where we can find out how many episodes of our favorite shows remain. Meanwhile Pete posts about a return to negotiations in the writers strike.

Sancho republishes an email he obtained about the Wisconsin Way meeting at the Waukesha Expo Center. James Wigderson had some thoughts on the organization.

Remember the Journal Sentinel article in Sunday’s paper about “Dipping twice on the state dime?” Dad29 explains that it might not be the problem we think it is.

Fox Head had a nice little summary of the Minimum Mark-up law, why it was needed when it was enacted, why it’s not needed now.

The Asian Badger had two posts on the Wisconsin Air Services.

The Spring City Chronicle summed up the Plan Commission’s suggestions for the proposed Wal-Mart Supercenter,

“We love your store but hate your signs. We don’t want any reference on your signs of who you are or what you offer. What we’d really like is if you’d change your name altogether from Walmart to … say … Olde Tyme General Store Shoppe. Is that OK?”

Sums it up for me, anyway.