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January 4, 2009

Waukesha Carnival – Happy New Year

by thoughtfulconservative

Welcome to the first edition of 2009.

Let’s see which posts made the cut for me.

New Year’s is the time of year when we review stories, check on last year’s predictions and predict for the coming year. James Wigderson does all three in three posts. You can find his prediction results, his look back, and his predictions for the coming year all at Wigderson Library & Pub.

On that theme, at Practically Speaking, Kyle Prast shares what she feels were her best posts of the past year.

Cindy Kilkenny is also reflective of the past accomplishments and future directions over at Fairly Conservative.

Huckleberry Dumbell, publisher, editor and writer at Spring City Chronicle, gives his opinion of what the Packers need.

Food is always popular this time of year and we have Scott Feldstein giving a thumbs-up to downtown Waukesha eating places.

We also have MommaBlogger over at Homemaker’s Guide to the Galaxy, talking about something called Iron Cupcake. No, you’ll have to click the link to find out.

As to that web site for the Wisconsin GAB that has the Minneapolis skyline on it, The Asian Badger says that’s not the real problem.

Tom Gehl at Brookfield Basics reviews the book Flowing Streams by Stuart Briscoe, minister at large, at Elmbrook Church.

Alexander at A little off Main gives us Reason # 247 to love mass transit…

Bryon Houlgrave got up early New Years morning (stayed up late?) to give us Good Morning, 2009.

Trisha (Mrs. silent E) over at DaBubbler reposts an old article entitled The Green Conservative which is still well worth reading. Her blog was formerly named “life artist,” so take note.

Speaking of silent E, he gave a report of the Bloggers Christmas Party at silent E speaks. You can see the predictions they made for the coming year and some pictures at Fred’s place.

Finally, Dad29 comments on one of those little-heard economics items, M1 the multiplier. He’s got a chart, too, and says,

The period from ‘the end of 3.2’ to 2008 was kinda ‘sticky-gooey’ economically, come to think of it…

In fact, it looks to me that “the end of 3.2” corresponds to Alan Greenspan becoming head of the Fed. Coincidence?

That’s it for this week. You can always add your choices in the comments. You can also submit a post for next week’s carnival in the comments also, or you can e-mail them to me at thoughtfulconservative [at] yahoo [dot] com.  Past editions can be found on our here.

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December 29, 2008

Waukesha Carnival – between Xmas and New Year

by thoughtfulconservative

The “Xmas” above is intentional because I do like to be provocative.

But onto the matter at hand, the best posts from the Waukesha section of the Cheddarsphere as decided by me. Feel free to add links to your favorite posts in the comments or e-mail them to me at thoughtfulconservative [at] yahoo [dot] com.

Let’s start with posts with a local theme, Josh at Blog Waukesha is anticipating the opening of the Menard’s across the street from Home Depot.

From his spot at Wigderson Library & Pub, James Wigderson compares all the openings in downtown Waukesha with the “dead in the water” Pabst Farms development. James Rowen would be proud. I think.

In general political postings, Dad29 gives us his observations of DUI checkpoints.

At A Little Off Main, Alexander  gives us a 23 minute flash post.

Kyle Prast, blogging at Practically Speaking, was glad to see the word Christmas in some retail advertising.

In the custom of the New Year, Scott Feldstein gives us his ten favorite posts of the past year.

Huckleberry Dumbell, editor and publisher of the Spring City Chronicle, gives us a politically correct Christmas poem.

Wisconsin state senator Mary Lazich (Aide Kevin Fischer?) who blogs at Conservatively Speaking wonders if Santa is conservative.

Lastly, non political posts. Cindy Kilkenny shares an interesting dream she had recently. You can read about it at Fairly Conservative.

Tim Rock is giving us the Top Ten Canadian songs in no particular order at The Other Side of My Mouth. Suggestions are welcome. I trust the pause in posting more has been due to Christmas activities.

That’s it for this week. You can submit a post whether you wrote it or someone else wrote it. I will accept posts written by Waukesha county bloggers or about Waukesha county activities/politics. There are several ways you can get these to me. You can put the link in a comment on this post. You can send an e-mail to the e-mail mentioned above. Or you can use this submission form. Past posts and future editions can be found here.

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December 15, 2008

Waukesha Carnival 12-14-2008

by thoughtfulconservative

It’s been a couple of weeks since my last roundup of significant posts in this section of the Cheddarsphere. First there was Thanksgiving and then a busy weekend, but here we are.

In state politics, Wisconsin state Senator Mary Lazich (chief aide Kevin Fischer?) writing at Conservatively Speaking reminds us of the obvious consequences if the QEO is done away with.

At Fraley’s Daily Takes, Brian Fraley notes the last WisOpinion: The Show for 2008.

In national events, Dad29 finds a state with a budget surplus!

Scott Feldstein is on the other side in the “Christmas Wars.”

The Asian Badger reminds us that you really can find everything on Craig’s List.

Concernedcitizen at Skeptics Anonymous notes that online retailers will be the next to seek a federal bailout and gives anecdotal evidence.

James Wigderson at Wigderson Library & Pub has some questions for the president-elect.

Cindy Kilkenny discusses airport security and specifically the TSA at Fairly Conservative.

Closer to home, Josh at Blog Waukesha gives a personal report on last week’s snow.

Dan Diebert asks why any business would want to go where it’s not wanted and why in this economy a community would want to stop one. You can read it at The D Spot.

In miscellaneous posts, at Spring City Chronicle, Huckleberry Dumbell remembers his Uncle Kelly, who spent his early time in the Navy recovering bodies at Pearl Harbor.

Tom Gehl, writing at Brookfield Basics, recommends a book for getting healthy.

Kyle Prast highly recommends Penzeys. So do I. She has her reasons and some pics at Practically Speaking.

That does it for this week. Tune in again next week for more of the best of Waukesha blogs.

November 24, 2008

Waukesha Carnival – 1,000th post edition

by thoughtfulconservative

Yes, this is my 1,000th post–on WordPress. Combine that with 278 on Tripod and 1,000 or so on Google (I don’t know how many since I have no access to it).

Enough nostalgia. Let’s get on with the posts.

In posts dealing with national issues, we have The Asian Badger, a pilot who flies many places, shares his thoughts on the FAA lowering the security of David Ben Gurion Airport.

Dad29 informs of another possible indicator of the economy’s “health”–something called The Baltic Dry.

Huckleberry Dumbell spent some time at the library looking at the Waukesha Freeman archives reading about the Great Depression. He shares his findings with us at Spring City Chronicle.

Alexander at A Little off Main gives his scenario of how a war between Israel and Iran takes place.

Turning local, Scott Berg gives a report on the Brookfield Common Council meeting of Nov. 18 at 359 Degrees.

Waukesha mayor Larry Nelson shares another Mayor’s Memo with us.

Jeff at Five Points Blog notes his lack of posting lately and “Sweeps the streets of Waukesha.”

Leaf riots in Waukesha. James Wigderson reports at Wigderson Library & Pub with not one but two posts.

Over at Conservatively Speaking, Wisconsin state senator Mary Lazich (aide Kevin Fischer?) posts on Wisconsin and the New Economy.

In miscellaneous posts, Josh at Blog Waukesha reviews some of the Digital conversion boxes on the market.

MommaBlogger at Homemaker’s Guide to the Galaxy lists blogs she reads. Let’s see. Nope. Not on the list.

At Practically Speakng, Kyle Prast looks at class sizes then and now.

Scott Feldstein says don’t look at the calendar. It’s winter.

That completes this week’s post. If you have a post you would like to nominate, whether yours or someone else’s, just put a link in the comment of this post.

November 16, 2008

Waukesha Carnival 11/16/2008

by thoughtfulconservative

Let’s jump right in to this week’s posts.

Where to begin?

OK, general stuff first. Land Savers posts on what is called a farmer’s last crop, disappearing farm land. You have to get through some messed up code to get to the post.

Tim wrote a very moving post at The Other Side of My Mouth for Veterans Day.

silent e does the public a service by giving driving lessons at silent e speaks. Here’s lesson 2.

In case you didn’t know, concernedcitizen tells us at Skeptics Anonymous that Dish Network Subscribers Get Screwed.

Nationally, we have Huckleberry Dumbell starting off Thursday Morning Coffee Time with a nice little rant about the credit crisis at Spring City Chronicle.

Alexander at A Little Off Main comments on Laura Ingraham’s interview of Rep. Paul Ryan on O’Reilly.

The Asian Badger contends that the markets are not too impressed with Obama.

Scott Feldstein gives us his suggestions for the GOP.

Closer to home, Josh has a post with pics on the Christmas tree at Bayshore Mall at his place, Blog Waukesha.

Jeff at Five Points give his thoughts on downtown Waukesha developement and apartments.

Statewide, Sen. Mary Lazich (or aide Kevin Fischer) posts at Conservatively Speaking that TABOR survived another vote in Colorado. I guess some people (Hmmm, 55%) think it’s beneficial.

Dad29 informs us that Gov. Doyle hopes to take care of the $5 billion (with a “b”) “structural” (Don’t you love political speak?) deficit by telling agencies to flat line spending. He gives some suggestions for cuts.

Cindy Kilkenny notes it’s tough to be a girl in this business of political opinion making. You can read about it at Fairly Conservative.

James Wigderson writes at Wigderson Library & Pub that the Wisconsin Government Accountability Board disenfranchises everybody.

That concludes this forty second edition of the carnival. If you’d like to have your post or someone’s else’s post included, submit using our this handy form. Or you can simply e-mail me the link at thoughtfulconservative [at] yahoo [dot] com. Past posts and future editions can be found here.

November 10, 2008

Waukesha Carnival 11/10/2008

by thoughtfulconservative

Here we go!

Let’s start with something light. Bryon Houlgrave has some photos from a recent excursion to Wirth Park (skateboarding for those unfamiliar).

Locally, Mayor Larry Nelson‘s blog is still just posting the mayor’s memos detailing his activities. Of interest may be point 5 the upcoming schedule of meetings through the beginning of the year.

Alexander is closing Hobo Springs. Don’t despair. He’s still posting at A Little Off Main.

Curt Otto at Maple & Main gives us the conclusion of the missing tree saga.

Kyle Prast attended the Republican “Victory” party at the Country Springs Hotel and has posted pictures and thoughts at Practically Speaking.

In cooking, MommaBlogger has found a recipe for lasagna humbly named The Best Lasagna Ever. You can see pictures of it at Homemaker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

In state news, Senator Mary Lazich (chief aide Kevin Fischer?), writing at Conservatively Speaking, spotlights an initiative that would put a data base of state government spending on the web.

Huckleberry Dumbell at The Spring City Chronicle disagreed with Jessica McBride’s article in Milwaukee Monthly on the deaths of several college students in La Crosse.

Of interest to bloggers, Cindy Kilkenny shares a tool at Fairly Conservative for editing those YouTube clips that all the cool kids are posting.

Then on national items, The Asian Badger links to an article in Forbes magazine on the financial mess.

Dad29 had a couple of items on the recent campaign that could use attention.

The Family Guy looks at Obama’s challenges in Nation United? Hardly.

JJ Gravelle, newly appointed community columnist for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, posts about “big food” over at The Daily Scoff.

Scott Feldstein has some suggestions for the GOP.

silent e thinks Gov. Sarah Palin scares the Left.

Finally, James WIgderson mirrors many of my own thoughts in this post at Wigderson Library & Pub.

That’s it for this week’s carnival. Tune in next week for another edition of the best of Waukesha bloggers.