Ann Coulter and Michelle Malkin

by thoughtfulconservative


We’ve known that Ann Coulter’s chosen candidate in 2016 is Donald Trump. She makes no bones about it.

Ann lost her luster for me long ago. The red meat she’s into is not my cup of tea. But it makes liberal heads explode whenever I link to or quote her.

Clean harmless fun. She’s wrong about Trump, but she’s wrong about other stuff, too, in my opinion.

None of this makes her not a conservative.

Apparently Michelle Malkin, at the least, thinks Donald Trump is right on immigration. This has led some to say she’s not conservative, even though Trump’s position is not that different from many Republicans.

Which shows itself in the polls.

Just because people support Trump , it doesn’t make them liberal.

But it seems that it’s not enough to not support Trump in this crazy election year, you’ve got to condemn those who support him. Heck you might even have to condemn those who don’t say negative stuff about those who support Trump.

I believe I’ve read both ladies enough to know they’re not liberal.

And I’ve already been blocked. Oh well.

Single issue voters. All other issues hinge on one single issue. And if you don’t agree, you’re a pariah.

But hey, what do I know…

I’m probably not a “real” conservative myself.

One Comment to “Ann Coulter and Michelle Malkin”

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