“Les Miserables” a review

by thoughtfulconservative

The wife and I went to the theatre on New Years Day to watch “Les Miserables.” I have never read the book but we had seen the previous one starring Liam Neeson (a marvelous film) before, so was familiar with the story.

This movie, however, is based on the musical version, which is based on the famous novel by Victor Hugo. This means the actors are singing most of their lines (even Russell Crowe!). For some, this detracts from the movie, since the main characters are actors, not primarily singers. And there are times when the actors seem to be stretching for their notes. Maybe they could have been helped by lowering the score a note or two.

But it does not take away from the powerful story of the movie, an illustration of grace and law. Jean Valjean after his parole is shown grace by a man of God which transforms his life. He is relentlessly pursued by the policeman Javert, who has a firm belief in the law.

I thought all the actors did a great job in communicating this fascinating story. And musically they were more than adequate to the task.

Highly recommended for viewing.


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