In which I write the obligatory Year in Review

by thoughtfulconservative

Was it my imagination, or did 2012 suck? Of course, for Democrats it sucked less than it did for Republicans because at least Obama got reelected. That was probably the big story.

Another story was (and continues to be) the shootings at Sandy Hook School in Connecticut. These kinds of things have the ability to shake one to the core. In Wisconsin, we also had the shooting at the Sikh temple and the one at the Azana Spa in Brookfield. On Christmas Eve, we were greeted with another shooting of the on-duty police officer, Jennifer Sebina, in Wauwatosa by her husband.

And of course, politics dominated here in Wisconsin and nationally with the recall elections and the presidential contest.

The conflicts in the Middle East continued to dominate the news. From the continuing conflict in Afghanistan to the uprisings in many countries in that area, people continued to die.

And then there’s the #fiscalcliff.

Many are glad to see 2012 in the rear view mirror.

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