9/11 victim Scott Hazelcorn

by thoughtfulconservative

As I have for several years previously, I honor Scott Hazelcorn, a young employee at Cantor Fitzgerald who perished in the attacks of September 11.

I quoted a New York Times article on the 7th anniversary.

At a memorial service for Scott Hazelcorn, his father learned that there were at least a dozen people who considered his son their best friend. This was not the result of duplicity, Charles Hazelcorn said, but rather a function of Scott’s open heart and sunny nature. Each eulogist put it differently: your problem was his problem; he made each person feel he was the only one in the room; he taught people to hug each other; he was the one who made work fun.”

In a New York Times tribute 5 years ago his parents talk about the week spent at the camp they founded in Scott’s name, which was his dream,

“My wife and I almost feel selfish because we’re getting so much out of it,” Mr. Hazelcorn said. “It’s our only therapy.”

Yet the relief, as always, was fleeting. At the end of the week, the couple turned to each other and said, “He’s still not here.”

Each year about this time I go back to read tributes left to Scott, especially the ones left on his birthday. I always tear up. I have a son who just turned 30 and wonder.

I don’t know exactly what happened to folks in that tower that day, but I pray that what happened to some didn’t happen to Scott.

My continued prayers for those family and friends of Scott.

2 Comments to “9/11 victim Scott Hazelcorn”

  1. Good Morning. I wanted to thank you for your posts on the life of Scott Hazelcorn. Scott was a friend of mine in high school and his loss has been felt all over the community, even by people that weren’t close to him. He was a kind, smart, upbeat, positive and hilarious gentleman who had a large group of very close friends. The posts left are not over-exaggerated…. it was just who he was. So again, thank you…. it brings people comfort. God Bless!

  2. Thank you for your kind words, Kirsten. He does sound like he was quite a guy whose passing left a big hole in many hearts. If my little part can bring people comfort, I am proud and honored to do so. God bless!

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