Redistricting fight begins!

by thoughtfulconservative

It’s redistricting time. The Wisconsin Republican controlled legislature has redrawn the lines for Assembly, Senate and Congressional districts. (Here’s a nice map to see current and proposed Senate districts and current and proposed Assembly districts).

Of course, practically since the Republic began, once the lines are drawn, the opposition cries, “Foul!” It’s already happened and the Democrats are hoping for gains during the recall elections next month to gain control of the Senate so that they can have some say in it.

No doubt the courts will be the final arbiter in this as well as many other redistricting plans being drawn across the nation.

Gerrymanders have long been a part of the redistricting and opposition. The term “gerrymander” comes from Elbridge Gerry who was responsible for oddly shaped districts back in the early 1800’s.

In recent years, gerrymanders have been used to give certain voting blocs (whether political or demographic) a reasonable chance of representation. Look at North Carolina’s 12th district; a district that stretches almost completely from north to south through the middle of the state in order to set up a majority African-American district.

File:NC12 109.gif

But most of the time it’s used to secure seats of representatives. No doubt it’s happening this time; Republicans and Democrats both desire advantage in representation…

I’ll leave it to others point out those things.


One Comment to “Redistricting fight begins!”

  1. As much as I commend the Republicans for being brave enough to finally rein in reckless government spending and get this state’s fiscal house in order (a promise that the GOP, for all its talk, has not traditionally lived up), this seems to be more of a political power grab than anything. Then again, the Democrats have used redistricting to their advantage for decades. I heard there’s even software that legislators use to help them draw out and shape districts to the benefit of their political party. It’s not exclusive to one party or the other, that’s for sure. While I’m not fond of gerrymandering at all (don’t get me wrong), my hope is that the outcome of all this is positive for the future of genuine conservative/small “l” libertarianism in Wisconsin. We need more politicians who, like Barry Goldwater in the 1960s, are more interested in preserving individual freedom and upholding the Constitution than doling out the bacon, transferring wealth from some groups to other groups, handing out baskets of “free” government goodies in order to buy votes, and signing checks emblazoned with their names on it, as if it were their money to spend. I’m really sick and tired of the whole modern political climate, you know? When people get some sort of benefit or handout from the government, they just assume the money comes from some magical treasure box stashed away in a tower somewhere or a glimmering fountain hidden deep within some mystical forest. At least that’s how people act whenever some politician proposes taking away their benefit. He’s “cutting” my “assistance!” I can’t live, or breathe, or go about my daily life as usual without (insert freebie here). My boss is only paying me so much. I’ve got medical bills to pay, children to feed, a mortgage I gotta make payments on … (endless rant). These bumper-sticker slogans, of course, take volumes to refute because they’re so simplistic, yet make such broad and sweeping generalizations about anything and everything under the sun. It’s so freaking annoying. The landscape of American politics is just so … stupid. People think in terms of “what is this politician going to give me” and “how am I going to helped by this or that legislation” or “how are these policies going to affect me in the short term,” but never “what kinds of effects, even if they taste like sweet candy at first, will these programs and projects have on the long-term, on all groups of people, and in what degrees?” I don’t think these redistricting lines will have THAT much of an impact on how people think about these issues, but maybe it will start moving us in that direction. I don’t know. We can only hope. :/

    Fortunately, though, we’re starting to see a turning point here in left-wing, “gimme what I’m entitled to” Wisconsin. The Republican Party has been too wishy-washy in the past. Way too moderate. Still is in many aspects. You still see conservative legislators groveling before the feet of private sector unions and going on about the evil “monopolies” of the 20th century, and how the unions back then fought for workers’ rights, etc. They do this because they don’t want to be known as anti-union, since organized labor is so politically powerful and, I admit, POPULAR, here in this state. Ughh, I hate this union fetishism. I felt compelled to write a whole dissertation on my “Culture Wars” blog about the unions’ and their appalling history of state-sanctioned violence/scrambling for privileges at the expense of everyone else, and how their exorbitant demands (which they are only able to win from employers because of special government-granted laws weighted in their favor) have bankrupted entire industries, thrown people out of work, starved the economy… yadda, yadda, yadda. Anyway, I keep getting off-topic. xD What I’m trying to say is that the Wisconsin GOP is becoming more radical with each passing day, and it gets me so excited because this party is finally starting to grow a spine and stand up to all of these tax-and-spend, welfare-loving, Nanny State socialists. I would actually be SAD to see them lose in the recall elections! So if they can re-draw the lines to their advantage, maybe that’s a good thing. We’re not gonna get rid of these tactics any time soon, so… you know the old saying: If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. I think these legislators are smart enough to figure that one out.

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