Republicans in Legislature may try to make recalls harder

by thoughtfulconservative

Republican leaders in the Legislature said Monday they would consider introducing legislation this fall to make it harder to recall state officials.

Assembly Speaker Jeff Fitzgerald (R-Horicon) said the upcoming recall elections had launched the state Senate into “full campaign mode” and was slowing down the legislative process.

via Republicans in Legislature may try to make recalls harder – JSOnline.

Of course the more cynical think the GOP are trying to protect themselves with this bill. I doubt the bill would take effect soon.

But this is not new with me. I complained about the ease of recalls long ago, but I can’t find the link 😦 .But it might be too hard to correct. One man’s malfeasance is another’s governing style. But it shouldn’t be recallable unless there’s criminal misconduct. Like Anthony Weiner, David Vitter or similar.

Not just because we disagree with their policy.


3 Comments to “Republicans in Legislature may try to make recalls harder”

  1. having to get 20-30,000 signatures in 60 days to recall a senator/legislator is easy? having to get 540,000 signatures to recall Scott Walker is easy? If it was easy we would have 16 recall elections. If it was easy the people like Vanderleest would not have had to hire felons and forge signatures. It is exactly how it should be, hard but doable when a legislator wrongs the people.

  2. I agree with Jeff. However, I’d have a lot more sympathy for your line of thought if we had a “citizen’s veto,” similar to Maine, South Dakota, Ohio, and many other states.

    If we had a citizen’s veto then Democrats could put collective bargaining (and possibly voter ID) up for a vote and delay implementation until that vote took place. My guess is that we’d win on collective bargaining and lose on voter ID. Right now, though, we have to use the blunt instrument we have, not the more finely tuned one we wish we had.

    With a citizens veto both parties could delay and potentially reverse objectionable legislation but save recalls for situations of criminality. Also, a statewide referendum would clear the air and everyone would truly know where the public stands on these issues, rather than just assuming that everyone that voted for Walker necessarily agrees with all of his half-baked ideas. Here’s one Walker voter that doesn’t agree with those ideas, who wishes we had a citizen’s veto, but will gladly sign the recall petitions since that is the only tool available to us at this time.

  3. And, since my previous comment might be confusing: Yes, I used the word “we” when referring to Democrats. Yes, I voted for Walker.

    In November 2010 I considered myself an independent, and voted for Walker because I thought Barrett ran a terrible campaign, and wasn’t very strong on the issues I cared about. Whereas Walker was strong on a couple issues I care about, even though I disagreed with him on budgetary matters. Right now I consider myself much more of a Democrat than I did in November.

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