Health officials unveil graphic tobacco warning labels

by thoughtfulconservative

Dead bodies, diseased lungsand a man on a ventilator were among the graphic images for revamped tobacco labels unveiled on Tuesday by U.S. health officials.Proposed in November under a law that put the multibillion-dollar tobacco industry under the control of the Food and Drug Administration, the new labels must be on cigarette packages and in advertisements starting in October 2012.


I’m just wondering what good these warning labels do. They have become more and more strident over the years. Is it because smokers become accustomed to them and quit paying attention.

Campaign for Tobacco Free-Kids,

“The current warnings are more than 25 years old, go unnoticed on the side of cigarette packs and fail to effectively communicate the serious health risks of smoking.”

Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius said, “This is really aimed at making sure kids don’t start in the first place.”

Will this really stop a kid from starting to smoke. I remember seeing a gross video in 8th grade and it didn’t stop me.

I don’t smoke anymore and am glad for smoking bans in Wisconsin, but what does this warning label really do? Make it more expensive for smokers to smoke by forcing the makers to put these labels on?

Because I don’t see any benefits from warning labels.


3 Responses to “Health officials unveil graphic tobacco warning labels”

  1. “I don’t smoke anymore and am glad for smoking bans in Wisconsin”

    So you agree that a business owner hasn’t the right to decide he wants to allow smoking in his establishment? This simple act has snowballed into legislation banning transfats, toys in McDonald’s meals, what we can and cannot send in lunchboxes for our children, and the list is ever-growing each day. I’m sure you meant to say that you enjoy a smoke-free environment decided on by the individual business/restaurant owner.

  2. And you are right. That is what I meant to say. I enjoy a smoke free environment, but business owners should be able to decide whether to allow smoking. Thanks for catching that.


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