No one to read?

by thoughtfulconservative

Want to guess who said this?

“Some have asked if there aren’t liberal sites I read regularly. Well, no. I will read anything I’ve been informed about that’s either interesting or revealing; but I don’t know of any economics or politics sites on that side that regularly provide analysis or information I need to take seriously. I know we’re supposed to pretend that both sides always have a point; but the truth is that most of the time they don’t.”


Answer later.


3 Responses to “No one to read?”

  1. I was on anohther blogger’s post who thought that the Christian conservative had no place in politics. I encountered a black guy who walked in on a private conversation I was having with my teacher during break. We were talking about politics and I said that Obama would want to over tax me if I go into business. The black guy told me to shut up and not talk about politics in school. I said, this is break time and I can talk about anything that I want to and you are not my boss.

    This is America and we ALL have freedom of speech.

    Blessings on you and yours
    John Wilder

  2. Wow, strong words! I don’t know, Brit Hume?

    I’ve been meaning to blog about whether liberals or conservatives are more informed—thanks for reminding me!


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