Consequently I’m voting Walker, Johnson and Kleefisch

by thoughtfulconservative

[UPDATE (09/12/10) Brian Fraley…]

Leave it up to liberals to entice me to blog again.

Thanks, guys, for making up my mind for me.

Deke Rivers, [Barry Orton at ]Paul Soglin[‘s blog], mal, and best of all Jay Bullock.

Your support for their opponents shows me how much you fear these three.

Could you show me which other Republicans you’re afraid of?


Scott Walker

Ron Johnson

Rebecca Kleefisch

[I can add Sheriff Trawicki and Kurt Schuller to the above list.]

12 Responses to “Consequently I’m voting Walker, Johnson and Kleefisch”

  1. You can take thoughtful off the title now. If you are that easily persuaded, thoughtfulness has nothing to do with it anymore.

  2. Not this time, my friend. Your friends have taken a sacred trust and made it a game. Well, game on, then.

  3. Did you forget the 2008 presidential primary already? Remember Limbo’s idea for R’s to switch over to vote against Hillary?

  4. In case you hadn’t noticed, I don’t do everything Rush says to do….

  5. Two other points:

    1) What you are upset about is no worse than the Walker backers who say they won’t vote for Neumann because he is too hypocritical or because he went negative (even though all he did was point out Walker’s record), but go blindly along with Walker who is the personification of hypocrisy and has been negative since day one.

    2) You are choosing to vote for people that you can’t even articulate where they stand because they can’t be consistent on anything, i.e. “I was for this thing when I wasn’t against it” and vice versa. By choosing to vote for someone that can’t be defended or promoted just because you don’t like snark is not thoughtful. It is cutting your nose off in spite.

  6. Your points assume that this is the only reason for my choice. You haven’t been paying attention to the blog, Twitter (like this one, for example), or comments at Fairly Conservative.

    I’m choosing to vote for people who are conservative and that would have been either Walker or Neumann. There’s not a bit of difference between what they want to do, except in some details. It’s more a matter of leadership styles and Walker’s is OK in my book.

    I know you’re vehemently anti-Walker and see everything through those glasses. but not everyone does.

  7. Capper,

    Walker has a pretty darn good track record with the county. He’s reduced the debt, reduced the county workforce (sorry if your pissed about that), increased the bond rating, improved the Mitchell Airport, fights for tax cuts, and produces surpluses every year.

    Neumann, however, has not jack squat in the public sector even during his four year stint in Congress. In fact, one could argue that we were better represented after he lost to Feingold. The only thing of note that Neumann has done was run a good business.

    When referring to Walker, you said, “I was for this thing when I wasn’t against it”. What are you referring to?

  8. He didn’t reduce the debt, he merely shuffled it. Remember the $400 million in risky pension obligation bonds? The nearly $300 million in deferred maintenance, including O’Donnell Park? The $20 million deficit he has parked in section 1972 of this year’s budget?

    The workforce was reduced mostly through attrition when Walker allowed everyone to leave, union or not, in 2004 with their big backdrops. The result of the depleted workforce includes a series of sexual assaults at the mental health complex and the state having to take over entire departments in order to avoid multimillion dollar class action lawsuits.

    Mitchell Airport was improved due to stimulus dollars that the Board had to bring in because Walker was too busy flip-flopping on the subject.

    And the best surplus, from 2007, came when he tried to veto the entire budget that the Board had to create when he muffed his proposal so poorly. The Board overrode his veto, and their budget was the best one we had in eight years.

    So if you like women being sexually assaulted, people hurt and killed by falling buildings, loss of local control and higher taxes due to state takeovers, and nearly $1 billion dollars in debt, yeah, then you would say Walker did well.

  9. Hey there right wingers, I’m a lefty and it’s crossover time. PN will be easier to beat tnan Scotty. Scotty has too much conservative BS history with the county compared to PN. So, you can count on us in defeating Scotty in the primary and finally putting this uneducated, thoughtless and arrogant imposter back in college so he can finally get his degree.

  10. Since Storyhillbrewer brought it up, I really don’t think Democrats will crossover that much. Milwaukee area Dems have Sheriff Clarke and Jeff Plale to try to unseat. Those are just too tempting for Democrats to resist.

    Madison has at least on competitive race, although it’s an assembly race so wouldn’t involve the whole city/county.

  11. Though I think Clarke is an imposter there are bigger rotten apples like Walker to toss out. Walker has said he will not run for County Exec or should I say County Hatchet if he loses the election. The Sheriff job is a puppet position anyway. Can’t wait to vote for PN.


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