Scott Walker, college dropouts, and media coverage

by thoughtfulconservative

Two friends (at least online friends) posted recently on remarks Scott Walker made to reporters after the debate in Oconomowoc. They based their posts on this article in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel which “quoted” Scott Walker as saying,

Walker said he didn’t graduate because he got a job and he suggested that in the current economy college students close to graduating might consider doing the same.

Pretty plain and they drew their conclusions.

Might not be as simple.

At least when you look at the report on WITI channel 6  locally, which seems to have the entire quote. Here’s what Walker said,

“Bottom line is, I was offered a job. Like any person going into their senior year, right now particularly in this economy, if they were offered a job their senior year of college, I think most people these days would take it. That’s what I did at the American Red Cross.”

Kinda different to me. And I don’t necessarily blame the Journal Sentinel reporter although I would encourage him to work on that. But the quote in the Journal Sentinel, if read alone, is misleading.

Therefore my conclusions would be different from Chris and Cindy (although I don’t presume to think I’m changing anyone’s mind here).

Here’s my paraphrase of what Walker said:

In this economy, any senior who got a good job offer like I did at the Red Cross, might consider leaving school, since their prospects are dim even if they stay in school.

It goes without saying that it’s up to interpretation.

The Left’s other concern is voiced by Xoff,

Scott Walker, the degree-less candidate for governor, continues to describe his college career in ways that are terribly misleading if not outright fibs.

Xoff, in a magnanimous moment, says something I’ve been thinking about since this issue came up,

I don’t care whether he has a degree or not. Many dropouts, from Bill Gates to Lady Gaga to your truly (who falls somewhere in between those two) have had some success.

I don’t look at a candidate’s educational qualifications that much when deciding on a candidate. Certainly Mark Neumann and Tom Barrett are very well educated. Scott Walker does have experience running a government with a legislative body of the opposite persuasion. He’s won elections in a county that usually votes overwhelmingly Democratic.

I haven’t decided between the two yet, but I certainly wouldn’t rule out Walker because he didn’t finish college.


9 Comments to “Scott Walker, college dropouts, and media coverage”

  1. There’s two issues you don’t address. One is the fact that unemployment is much higher, three to four times higher, for people without a college degree.

    Two, the nagging question of why did Walker leave school? Did he leave for the job like he claims? The little bit we know would tend to indicate that there is more to that story as well. Schools do require students to maintain a certain grade point level or they give them the boot.

  2. Can you prove something here Capper? If not you are just mired in your usual baseless attacking ways.

  3. I did mention Xoff’s mention of Walker’s description of his college record, albeit in passing. It would be nice if he released the transcripts.

    I haven’t checked the unemployment numbers, yet so that’s why I didn’t deal with it. And I didn’t feel it was particularly germane to the discussion of what Walker said. Perhaps in another post.

    No doubt a college education is no doubt beneficial, but not everyone can afford one.

  4. It’s funny that the folks who are so afraid of catching a glimpse of Barack Obama’s original birth certificate can’t wait to get their hands on Scott Walker’s college transcripts.

  5. I have a degree from Marquette and one from Carroll. Doesn’t make any conservatives on the net take me more seriously. In fact, it’s quite the contrary. I’m frequently mocked for being some kind of egg-headed liberal elitist. I say embrace your lack of education. The right generally digs it.

  6. Scott, you are funny.

    Dean, thanks for clarifying the quote. While I don’t entirely agree with your paraphrase, I do see how the MJS version is different from the WITI version.

    I still think finishing a college education is important.

    (And that means, Scott, at least this right of center gal is impressed.)

  7. Coming to this post a little late to the game, but found it interesting.

    And this:
    “There’s two issues you don’t address. One is the fact that unemployment is much higher, three to four times higher, for people without a college degree.”

    would actually only further support the point that given the unemployment and difficulty of getting a job, being offered a decent job even very close to graduation is worth considering more now than ever. It would be foolish and arrogant to criticize someone for making either decision right now.

  8. Seriously old post, and hoping it sends you all an email to let you know. I’m just curious how you feel about Scott Walker now? Do you support what he’s doing? Do you regret voting for him?

  9. In general, I still support Walker. I assume you might be referring to the collective bargaining parts of which I disagree with.

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