“Republicans draw few contrasts in governor debate”

by thoughtfulconservative

Republican candidates for governor Scott Walker and Mark Neumann drew few contrasts on Friday in the first of three debates before the Sept. 14 primary.

via Madison.com.

There’s a reason for that–they’re both conservative!

The rest of the crap that’s happened in this campaign is because there is basically no ideological difference between Walker and Neumann.

So it’s degenerated, for the most part into “You do this.” No, I don’t.” kind of campaign.

Distasteful to many (mostly in SE Wisconsin) who would simply like to anoint Scott Walker as the Republican nominee, I’m sure, it will be invaluable should Walker (yes, he still has to win the primary) win the nomination.

The only question is if such bitter campaigning leaves the winner without the support of the loser.


4 Responses to ““Republicans draw few contrasts in governor debate””

  1. It wasn’t a debate, but an interview by a conservative commentator. No follow up questions, never challenging the candidates.

    I started recording the program, but decided this talking point “debate” of positions can be just as easily found on each of their web sites. A liberal or non-political host would have been a bit more challenging.

    Since the Repbulican Party got us into this recession, wouldn’t it be nice to see what they’ll cut to pay for all the tax cuts they’re promising everyone in the state. Can you imagine cutting your income when you can’t pay your bills with the money you’re already making. No business or household would do that, not until they have already balanced their books and are willing to downsize from there. Backward as usual, they’re promising tax cuts with a $2.4 billion deficit. The idea of the “fiscal conservative” is a cruel myth.

  2. It’s true it wasn’t a debate. And Jeff Wagner is a talker not an interviewer, at least when I’ve heard him.

    Ah, the “Republican Party recession.” I love it. Political parties can no more cause a recession than can a political party get us out of a recession.

    I will agree that some policies may have deepened it and some may lessen the depth. But the economy is pretty well impervious to all but the most injurious of policies.

    The comparison between government and business breaks down on the subject of tax cuts. While I’m not a supply-sider, there is a benefit to cutting taxes in respect to income of the state.

    Whether the Republican proposals would do that is a question. I think there’s a limit to how much tax cuts help.


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