Mark Neumann needs to take a chill pill

by thoughtfulconservative

Last week, I criticized Christian Slater Schneider (I promise I was sober when I wrote this post. Thanks Badger Blogger) for being too harsh on Mark Neumann, now I’ll agree with him.

Most of my readers have heard of the unfortunate accident of a section of the O’Donnell parking garage falling and killing a teen and injuring two others. Playground Politics posted about it and noted,

After giving family and friends time to mourn, it’ll be interesting to see how and when Mark Neumann and Tom Barrett approach this, and more importantly, how the Walker campaign addresses what could become a very thorny issue.

Well, it seems Mark Neumann couldn’t even wait till Monday. Today Christian tweeted, “Boy, I’m totally fooled by Mark Neumann’s attempt to make look like he isn’t blaming @ScottKWalker for killing people. He referenced this press release, which said,

“First and foremost, our thoughts and prayers are with the families of the victims.

“Government’s legitimate functions include providing safe infrastructure for its citizens. This concern must be paramount.

“It is clear that along with this latest tragedy, the county courthouse, the Zoo Interchange, and the Hoan Bridge, a number of structures in Milwaukee County are in various stages of disrepair. A full investigation and safety review is absolutely warranted, particularly for structures and facilities that have already been flagged for critical problems.

“This is heartbreaking. Sue and I are deeply sorry to hear of this terrible loss and the families are in our prayers.”

This press release could have been done just as effectively without paragraphs 2 and 3 and should have been. There is plenty of time for recriminations after the investigation. It’s extremely callous and in poor taste to use this so early for political gain.

Interestingly, Mayor Tom Barrett has not released anything yet, perhaps proving once again that Democrats are more compassionate than Republicans (No, I don’t believe that so no nasty comments please).

I’m pretty much neutral at the moment, but, Mr. Neumann, your desperation is showing. Yes, it has to be frustrating that you lost the endorsement by such a wide margin, but chill. Really. You’re not gaining yourself any friends by such displays of overeagerness.


3 Comments to “Mark Neumann needs to take a chill pill”

  1. Paragraph 2 is the unnecessary one. The Zoo Interchange and the Hoan Bridge are solely the state’s failures, and Neumann’s attempt to link Walker to them is beyond the pale.

  2. I agree that the press release could have easily waited until next week, but it was not that far out of line. Methinks that the right is a little too defensive about this. For Heaven’s sake, Walker even lashed out at Lee Holloway for saying that all the buildings should be checked out.

    Steve’s comment is a perfect example of the defensiveness. In one fell swoop, Neumann pointed out the problems that the City of Milwaukee (Barrett), Milwaukee County (Walker) and the state (Doyle) are having problems keeping things in shape. Yet, he perceives it as all anti-Walker. Why would that be unless he also sees Walker at fault (even though he might not admit it) or Walker is a weak candidate (which I have pointed out all along).

  3. That waste of lake space should never have been built and was falling apart the day it was completed!

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