Todd Kolosso is running against Jim Sensenbrenner

by thoughtfulconservative

Yeah, it took me awhile to quit giggling also. Democrats have been throwing themselves on their swords ever since I moved here (and probably before that) trying to unseat the long serving Republican congressman. You’d think they’d learn.

Mr. Kolosso put out a press release recently (h/t which declared,

“When the people of the 5th Congressional District vote for me in November,” said Kolosso, “they can be confident that I will honor my pledge to conduct myself according to the highest ethical standards and that I will not put personal profits over the interests of my constituents or my fellow citizens.”

I don’t want to tell Democrats how to campaign, but the last few challengers have tried to nail Sensenbrenner because of his stock holdings and it hasn’t taken.

Come to think of it, pretty much any thing any challenger has thrown at him has managed to unseat him.

Oh, well.

Now Nick Schweitzer says he would vote for Kolosso over Sensenbrenner, and Nick’s a very smart guy, but I don’t see the majority in the 5th CD doing it.

Kolosso for Congress site.

Sensenbrenner for Congress site.

14 Responses to “Todd Kolosso is running against Jim Sensenbrenner”

  1. I’ll be writing more extensively on Kolosso in the near future. But that Twitter post was based off of a pretty long conversation I had with him personally last week on many issues. We didn’t agree on all of them, but his passion, his interest in doing right, and most importantly, his openness to hearing ideas that might be different than his and willingness to potentially change his view were most impressive.

  2. He is just another left wing hypocrite.

    Calling for Sensenbrenner to recuse himself as he holds some BP stock yet Obama leads in political cash from BP, not a word about that.

  3. Well Fred, he’d be replacing Sensenbrenner who is a political hypocrite himself. I don’t see the difference on that point. Politicians almost by definition are hypocrites… its just a matter of on what and how bad.

  4. Well, having looked at Kolosso’s issue pages on his web site, I don’t see any that I agree with him on, except perhaps immigration. I know how Sensenbrenner has voted and I agree with him on many issues.

  5. Sensenbrenner hasn’t done sh*t for the 5th District or Wisconsin. The only time he speaks up is if it benefits himself directly. ADA, FAA most recently.

    @Fred – “Obama leads in political cash from BP” No, you are incorrect. All of that money came from BP employees, not BP the company. the $71,051 that Obama received during the 2008 election cycle was entirely from BP employees and represents less than .01% of his $800 million campaign book for the 2008 cycle.

    ON the other hand, Sensenbrenner would be on the investigative committee to investigate whether or not BP is criminally culpable. Clear conflict of interest there.

  6. Amazingly enough, Mr. Roby, I don’t elect my representatives to “do something” for my district. That’s not their job and I don’t like the idea. They are elected to govern the United States.

    The amount of stock that he owns or the amount of money given to candidates doesn’t bother me, as long as I know it. Again I agree more with Sensenbrenner than I do with Kolosso and I expect, as usual, about 60-70% of the voters in the 5th CD do too.

    Democrats are never as conservative as when they are running against a conservative….

  7. Todd Kolosso For Congress in 2010.

    While some people may celebrate right-wing extremists completing their take-over of the Republican Party, Todd Kolosso is doing something about it. He is running for US Congress, against 30 year right-wing incumbent Jim Sensenbrenner, in Wisconsin’s 5th Congressional District.

    Now he is on the ballot!

    A Google search on “Todd Kolosso” will quickly bring you to his web site where you can examine his moderate and sensible political ideas. We are recruiting and gathering volunteers every day.

    Ten years ago, under President Clinton, we had a balanced Federal budget. Our 30 year incumbent’s contribution was to stab Bill Clinton in the back over a sexual affair. What a waste!

    Now we are mired in two wars. War is serious business. It means thousands of people coming home in coffins or living out their lives in wheelchairs. It means massively expanding the government’s spending. Our 30 year incumbent’s contribution was to vote for the wars and to give himself a tax cut. FDR did not order young men onto Omaha Beach or Iwo Jima while pandering to the home folks with tax cuts. What a stab in the back for our soldiers and devastation to our economy. Even John McCain knew better.

    Competency and character. These things matter.

    Todd Kolosso for Congress in 2010. We have an sensible alternative for moderate Democrats, Republicans and Independents and we mean to win.

  8. Quite the campaign post there, Mr. Palmer. Sounds familiar. Like I read it in a Kolosso e-mail.

    Anyway, unless Mr. Sensenbrenner does something uncharacteristic, he will be getting my vote.

  9. (if u care about the environment ) sensenbrenner has the lowest rating in the state delegation with the league of conservation voters. one year it was a 20 versus feingold’s & kohls’s 90. there is never a war or a weapon system he won’t vote for including star-wars a 150 billion failure. when asked why he supported sdi ? his justification-he said it was a success as it signifigantly helped defeat russia per the cold war as a bargaining chip in rekavik iceland. debateable. at any rate how did he know 30 years before when he voted for it it would even be a bargaining chip?he also voted for the b-1 & b-2 bombers worth their cost per ounce in gold at the time as a stealth attack means against russia. everyone knew at the time that missles were totally invulnerable to begin with. well have these bombers been worth it.? if u think the iraq-afghanistan wars have been worth he supported those at a cost of $4 trillion. ////he hardly ever answers my letters. when i confronted him verbally he said the computer must have deleted my emails and when he does answer the respones is often silly. responding to why he is against raising the cafe standards he said that would encourage the use of small cars which would be unsafe in accidents with the remaining large cars. our whole agricultural production is based on energy. how many people would die if we cannot farm.? i guess he prefers buring 60% of our gas in 3500 lb vehicles where 90% of the time 2 or less people are in them. on his own he made the following statement ” the united states does not support dictators” on his own he said “it is wrong for the us to have a law against cow gas (per global warming)” well we did not & still don’t but we should as cow gas contributes 18% to global warming. at any rate the cattle industry has other huge costs environmental & other & should be eliminated anyway. there is so much more i could say about him./////sensen always complains about the cost of government. have you conservatives every wondered how much urban spawl contributes to this. it is signifigant. u & sensen supported sprawl.

  10. Thanks for that, Mr. Sherman, you just articulated the reasons I am voting for Mr. Sensenbrenner.

  11. so u think sdi is a good idea as are b-1 & b-2 and reps should not answer to their voters. if sensen can’t support his case on these issues maybe u can. lets hear it from u on the above & whatever instead of a general meaningless statement..

  12. that is a meaningless statement. lets c u attack my position on sdi & b1&b2 for starters.

  13. Oh, I don’t know. All the tests I heard about were successful. Should I deem it a failure because you do. You given no proof of failure. Nor of the failures of the B-1 and B-2 bombers. Sensenbrenner holds regular town hall meetings. He has to listen to all his constituents not just one. And have you had contact with Mr. Kolosso? How do you know he wouldn’t have supported those things? Many Democrats did.

    Many Democrats supported the Afghanistan and Iraq Wars including the current president.

    There. That’s more time than I should give to barely readable rants with no proof.


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